Wednesday, October 28, 2009

zzzzzzzz what?

Been staying up way to late just so I can see my husband when he gets home. It makes for a sleepy hillary. Sleepy hillary looks silly in all her poses. So this candid while dave plays with camera settings is pretty accurate. Oh and it is pouring out.

Cords SJP for Steve and Barrys
Little amazing coat Gap
Turtleneck H&M
Pin from Hillary Clintons website
Earrings Heidi Klum
Hair stick Limited
Clogs Troentorp they are wood sole with steel toes

I got my hair caught in my umbrella on my way to work. So it doesn't look this this anymore. I think it looks a little better now actually.
I feel like I have an inner struggle between killer heels and ugly ass clogs. Clogs I don't know what it is I love them. I love these so much. My friend Erica had a pair and I used to stare at them and once I tried them on when she wasn't looking. I told her though. I can't keep little secrets. The cuff is coming apart though. I wonder if a cobbler could fix that? They are pretty expensive so it would be worth it.
bastad steel toe clogs
I wore similar look last year.

As you may of noticed I love stripes. Like LOVE them.
I like black and white stripes

The shirt in last years look died but I plan to replace is because it was definitely the most worn item in my closet. I love how French is makes me feel. (I mean I am French but not the fun Parisian kind)

So that friend I am looking for? Well I think I might of. It is all about putting it out there. When I put things out there I almost always get something positive in return. I guess its a good reason to keep a blog. I found some photos of me and her.

In our school stadium with my gram.

At Epcot. Yes we are dressed alike. It was Valentines day and we were each others Valentine. That is my gram again.

At Devil's Millhopper. That's gram again. She came to visit for an entire month when I was in college. I have the best gram and pop in the world.

Today lets talk about social networking.

Do you Facebook, Myspace etc? Do you like it? What do you mostly use it for?

Well I deleted my Myspace. I still Facebook. I talk to my mom on there a lot. I only have friends on there that I actually known. I keep an eye on my little cousins( by little I mean 16, 18, 22, 26). (One hid most her profile. Little brat.)
I like Facebook. It is a nice way to stay connected to people you don't want to email or talk on the phone too. (I hate the phone)


Kelly said...

OK - your highlights look awesome swirled up into that updo!

I just have Facebook. I like it because it's easier to keep in touch with people that I don't often see otherwise - friends who've moved away, etc. Maybe it's laziness but I do think it helps me keep in touch with people I may have lost otherwise.

Marianne said...

Yay, stripes! Everytime I shop, it seems like I'm only attracted to things with stripes... They're so fun!

And I have Facebook, and LinkedIn, but I really don't like MySpace... I think the layout isn't user friendly and I like FB more anyways! Now I've discovered all kinds of games on it and I can't stop playing...

Becky said...

I've been to all of the places that you posted photos of! I hope you can find and reconnect with your friend. I used to have Myspace, but it's just do kitschy unless you have a music page. I'm way overactive on Facebook though...I've been on there since its inception in 2004, which happened to be my freshman year in college, and only college students could join, and there wasn't even an option to upload photos, and someone could come along and erase your entire "wall" because that's how it's strange to think about how much it's changed-but I like it!

Clare said...

Your little amazing coat is amazing! Such a great outfit.

I use Facebook, but not as frequently as I did in college. I kind of keep up with people there but it feels weird having 15-year-olds on it too.

The Thrifty Stylist said...

i haven't deleted my myspace but can't get there at work so i never use it. facebook i use mostly for friends but i did set up a page for my jewelry biz and occasionally post an outfit from polyvore to try to promote my blog, which is linked on my page.

i like stripes on YOU but i'm pretty sure i don't own a single striped item! i used to have a green and white henley from vicky's that i loved but i felt kind of like a pirate in it. arrr!

hillary said...

Becky I have been on it since then too! We were one of the test schools I believe. (I don't want to say what school) It was really clunky to use then and when I left that job in 2005 I had a bitch of a time switching my email address because I didn't work at that school with that email anymore.

So what year did you graduate? Do I want to know? Le supah sigh.

Thrifty that is a damn shame I think you need a striped shirt!

clare marianne kelly thanks!

D'Et said...

Oh man I love stripes, too! Sleepy or not, you still look super cute! I love that coat.

I was on the Facebook wagon really early on, also. Hehe... the days when you had to verify your university email address and actually posted your class schedule! Hah! I stopped using it for a long time and used myspace... which I have a work account and a personal account. Neither get used any more. I like Facebook a lot better now. I've reconnected with SO many old friends and made some pretty new cool ones. I'm also a bit of a twittererer. :)

I never use my LinkedIn. I haven't figured out the point, yet.

I totally hate talking on the phone, too!! I wonder if that's a libra thing? lol

BAM said...

Love the Gville pics and the stripes! I'm a big fan of horizontal stripes even though "they" always say it will add width. I still like them.

I facebook. Kind of a lot. I joined last year this time and think it's a pretty fun way to kid around with pals during the day - plus it provides nice and short mental breaks.

I still like the phone, though don't make nearly as many calls as 5 or 10 years ago.

Becky said...

I graduated early in 2007. My normal graduation year would have been 2008. I'm kind of a youngin' :)

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

I like stripes too, it's the nautical look that gets me everytime.

I have facebook and myspace accounts although I rarely visit myspace. I love facebook because it keeps me in contact with all my friends and my brother. I don't like using the phone either, since I used to spend all day on the phone at my old job. It's also easy to share pictures of my kids, articles, and other helpful tips with my close friends.

Lorena said...

I deleted My Space too... now I am only on FB.
I use to post a lot of pics there but then I stopped, i use that FB time to blog.

Lorena said...

I deleted My Space too... now I am only on FB.
I use to post a lot of pics there but then I stopped, i use that FB time to blog.

Lisa said...

I used to have a myspace, but got rid of it when I was student teaching and students tried to friend me. I have a facebook, but it's set at a super private level so no one can find me. I'm not even sure why I still have it, but for some reason I can't let go.
I love clogs too. I have a Dansko pair that I love wearing for their comfort, but think they look silly with a lot of my outfits.