Thursday, October 01, 2009

Your exits are located at the front and rear of the library.

Leggings (this is how they SHOULD be worn) Newport News
Cardigan Target (I might go back for another one)
Boots Clarks 2005
Hello Kitty Necklace the amazing Becky of Gilding the Frilly for my bday
Monocle Necklace Marc Jacobs
Earrings Gift High Gear

Dress Ann Taylor Loft $6 last year. It has a stewardess 1960's cut. it has a high boat collar and seaming down front with cap sleeves. You can KINDA (not really) see below
an ode to nubby
Clarks Fall 2005
Glass Ring gift from an art fair. It is black and white on sides and red on top.
For makeup I did silver eyeshadow in a wet line around top and bottom. Coral blush and pink glitter gloss. I know you can't see it well here. I can do another if anyone is interested. I had a migraine and was being rushy.
this one?
Its finally cold enough to wear that F21 coat I showed you last week. I promised to show you the heart lining so I included it below.
I am ready for this week to come to an end. Parental surgeries, a death and incompassionate (is that a word) bosses are just a bit too much for me. Oh and being in the hole sick time because you actually get sick, really suck. I would love to take mental health days but I am so lucky as to get sick a lot.

I am trying to think of happy thoughts. Tell me about one of your favorite birthday memories. Please. Thank you. :)

I have had some BAD birthdays in the past. I have also had some amazing ones. I try to not let that affect my life but damn if it just wants a trend! One of my best birthday memories was

We had moved across country just weeks before my 15th birthday. It was scary and new and my dad wasn't local anymore. We had bought a hurricane home and we had no roof and only a few walls. I remember sitting in the kitchen with no roof or side wall talking to my dad on the phone and him saying he was coming for my birthday. So surreal. I need to ask my mom if she has pics of the house back then.
Dad was coming to visit and taking me to Key West. Mom and Den took me down the week before so they could show me around and get to know the lay of the land. (Yeah right of course my 34 year old mom wanted to go to Key West! for any reason! heee) So my daddy flew down to Florida (only his second time on a plane ever!) and we went down to Key West and he took me to a Seance!
Back in Miami mom and Den took me to see Phantom of the Opera the traveling Broadway version and mom sewed me an outfit for the occasion. If you know my parents all this is hilarious and awesome.


Anonymous said...

lol @ how leggings "should be worn". :D

My 30th and 31st birthdays were pretty awesome. Nothing special, just hanging out with friends drinking.

Kelly said...

I love that cardi on you and Ally - I need it!

I don't usually do a whole lot for birthdays so I don't remember many of them. I do remember that my cousin got married on my 16th birthday and it was the best - traveling to Minneapolis and hanging out with my family! They played a song for me at their wedding and my dad and I were the only ones on the dance floor.

This year BF and I went to Mammoth Cave and I loved it! We got a cute little cabin, took cave tours, and ate way too much delicious Mexican food.

Lorena said...

Hello Kitty + Houndstooth = can it get any better ?
Let me think.... i have had bad birthdays, but since you need a good one:
One of my faves was when I was 7, it was an HK birthday, FULL HK....
Also when I turned 15, it was soooo exiting because they guy I was falling for came !

ShopKim said...

Sorry to hear your week has been so bad! I hope next week is much much better.

As for good birthday's, my first thought was my 30th when my husband and friends "surprised" me with a trip to Key West. Unfortunately it wasn't so much of a surprise since someone unknowingly let it out of the bag. Oh well, it was still fun and there were still surprises.

Becky said...

Yay! Hello Kitty makes everything brighter!

I have been fortunate enough to have quite a few amazing birthdays. I would have to say my favorite ones were my 16th and 19th.

For my 16th, my mom got adjoining rooms at a hotel on St. Augustine Beach, and I invited 6 of my girlfriends for a beach weekend (chaperoned by my mom, of course). It was so much fun!

For my 19th, my suitemate in the dorm told me to pack a bag for a weekend and to bring a bathing suit. 3 hours later we were on the road with 3 of our other friends and I had no idea where we were going. We ended up at Panama City Beach and had an awesome time! I'd never had someone do a surprise like that for me.

Not all of my bdays have involved the beach...the majority of them involved going to see shows on tour, like you did! I've always been a sucker for a good musical :)

hillary said...

Becky did you happen to notice one necklace had a B and one an H. I liked to think it was on purpose. :)

Becky said...

I didn't notice, but what a cute coincidence! I've noticed with the pendants that I have, that the letters correspond with what's on my Alice in Wonderland has an A on the back, and my peacock one has a P...maybe B for Boston and H for Hello Kitty?

We'll just say I planned it and that the B and H stand for our names :)

Lemondrop Marie said...

Fabulousness in that red dress and coat! And those boots are tres cool.
What interesting bdays you have had, my dear. This last bday I found a hole in the wall thrift store in a small Texas town and spent hours and loads of money on vintage clothing I STILL haven't had time to get cleaned and pressed! It was an unexpected boon and I love the weird and funky fashions I found- one of which I am wearing for tomorrow's blog post.

BAM said...

My 16th was great. I got my drivers liscense on my actual birthday and was soo soo excited.

The funniest part: I couldn't drive the car I had. It was stick shift and my drivers ed car was an automatic. So my first drive was about 3 blocks away where I stalled probably 5 times!

Just remembering that little car makes me laugh. I was so happy to own a car, it didn't matter that I couldn't drive stick, it had no A/C (in florida), and the hatchback leaked so it smelled like mold.

Sorry to hear you're having a crummy week.

Mary said...

Gah love that dress! Such a great cut. You look fantastic!