Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Will you love me right again?

It was pouring and chilly and i only slept 4 hours. I literally grabbed this outfit in under a minute. The shoes were at the top of the shoe thing. There were people everywhere and this was my only solace. But now that I post this the sun is shining and gorgeous. BLARG

I took a cue from Artisterin and sat on the table because it was hard to get the camera far enough back in the cramped conference room!

Silk dressy shirt Gift from Gram for xmas. It has beautiful scallops and pleating down front and back. I forgot to get a detail
Navy brocade coat I paid about $5 for and it was retail $120 or so. (Remember that INSANE deal I got in jan at a loft sale?)
Shoes Clarks
Denim trousers with velvet on the pockets Banana Republic
Necklace gift from Becca of Ready set BAM
Bangles H&M

For my hair I did the lazy girls updo Kasmira posted about last year on her blog. I used a glass stick my husband made when he used to blow glass for a living.

This is my first remix as a 31 year old! I feel kinda empowered!
One side. (bad photo huh?)
Da other side.
IMG_5189clarks red mens oxford shoes shinyparis necklace made for me by bam
Si I had a lovely birthday. It was amazing and I plan to do a bit birthday post with copious amounts of photos.. Started out a bit rocky when Mike Doughty himself messed with a present. (See I need to keep you interested for later)

What are you up to today? What are you having for lunch?
I wanted to ask that FOREVER.

I don't know what I am having yet. I want a burrito but they are spendy and I had one Monday. I get it "naked" which means in a bowl and I get the wrap on the side and spoon bits into it and eat it that way. I can't hold the burrito and eat it. They make them too big.


Clare said...

Oh my gawd I LOVE that you asked what we're having for lunch, especially since I've been pondering that very question since I woke up this morning. Right now it's a tie between chips and salsa (the unhealthy yet satisfying I've-just-been-fired option) and a tuna fish sandwich (the delicious, and maybe a little bit healthier option).

Anonymous said...

Mike Doughty WUT!!????

I am working today and stalking yer blog to find out about this Mike Doughty thing.

I have no idea what I'll have for lunch, it's still two hours away. Quite possibly some lean cuisine lunch thing. Meh.

Becky said...

I had Progresso "Homestyle" chicken noodle soup. It was the job done. I love your little jacket and your updo!

Sal said...

Dude, what did Doughty do to you?

Also, that blazer/jacket dealy is DIVINE.

Ylze said...

That navy coat is absolutely beautiful!!! I loved it, and I like your clothing style, it's very similar to mine :)

BAM said...

I had leftovers from a Divisional meeting. We each bring in a breakfast dish for these one-a- month meetings. People went completely overboard this morning - there was a waffle iron! fresh blended smoothies! Egg casseroles! Chicken tostadas! Monkey bread! and fruit (ha, from me).

I had two more tostadas and a piece of an egg casserole for lunch.

I'm glad you like that necklace and wear it! I'm a little jealous of your mad photo skills. I think a new camera is officially on my Christmas list.

Kelly said...

OK - I love this. Especially the coat. And your hair. The style and the color and the highlights. I love it all.

For lunch I almost always have the same exact thing. Subway 6-in sub on Italian bread with turkey, shredded cheese, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, and onions. Lay's light chips and a diet coke.

Ms. B said...

Oh my I love that jacket sooooo much!!!

hillary said...

Posted a way too long birthday post explaining the Doughty thing!

Thanks so much everyone. I ended up getting a bbq chicken burrito. Rice, chicken, black beans NOM.

BAM I have honestly worn it at least 6 times already.

hillary said...

BAM I love my little point and shoot.I got a new 12 megapixel this summer. Its a Canon Elph. I have a DSLR but I hardly use it because I carry it around.
I went to grad school for photography (well I did until I dropped out) but to be honest I never use what I learned.
I set camera on auto timer and 3 shots and set it to auto focus and never use a flash and always try to be by a window.

I paid $250 or so for it but because I wanted the HD video but they had almost the same camera with regular video for 200. If you wait til xmas I get you can get my camera for 150. Canons are great and they have a good breakage plan.

Lorena said...

this has got to be one of my faves, blue looks great on you - i love everything about this outfit.