Thursday, October 01, 2009

Who is byhillary? (yes preferably lower case)

Hillary is a almost 31 years old.
She lives in Boston in a tiny apartment. She loves it. (Boston, not the apartment.)
She went to college for video, computer and installation art. (or as they called it Electronic Intermedia)
She is almost blind in her left eye and must wear glasses or contacts. (She is self conscious about the one coke bottle lens and one no rx)

She has been married to the most amazing man for almost 7 years. They met at his 17th birthday. She hates when people call him David. She prefers Dave.

She has two cats. Strike that, She works for two cats. She loves them as if they were her real children.

She has a giant cowlick but now knows how to tame it and she has always had bangs.

She loves her a virgin Pina Colada and will take yours when you aren't looking and feel no shame.

She loves to twirl until she is sick.

She works in a library but that doesn't define her, she thinks of it as trading her time and service for money.

and she loved Marc Jacobs and Robert Downey Jr with a passion. She wants Marc to adopt her and RDJ to.... read to her.


Becky said...

Ah! I had that Brownie uniform! I also had a lovely orange neck tie that just overlapped and snapped to really set off the brown. Do you know what I'm talking about? It matched the orange tassley things that you wore with your knee socks. Oh man. I NEED to get my mom to send me a pic of that head-to-toe outfit.

Sal said...

You are so cute. When are you coming to the Twin Cities so we can shop and hang out and do each others' nails?

Kelly said...

I loved this! Especially that adorable picture of you in your brownie uniform. I had one but never wore it, sadly - no one else wore their uniforms to anything so I felt dumb wearing mine!

Tiffani said...

Love this! I have a cowlick too :(

hillary said...

kelly no one wore them at mine. But I was always a bit of odd kid. I REALLY wanted the whole uniform.

Becky I think when I was a brownie. ahem (fuck it was before you were born I think. damn.i.feel.old) I think ours was brown.

Sal you will be the first to know! It would be a BLAST

tiffani did your parents tell you it was cause a cowlicked you?

thanks everyone!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I just came across your blog, and I think I will be back by!

hillary said...

thanks for reading!