Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Warning rant below

Dress Diane von Fürstenberg (don't worry darlings it was on UBER sale)
Cami New York and Co
Tights Urban Outfitters (more on that latter)
Shoes DSW
Necklace Target
Earrings H&M

On a positive note I love my dress and that it has pockets. Also I loved that the flower on tights is exact color of dress. Too bad they SUCK.
Iyesused this oneIMG_5479
I will NEVER buy tights at Urban again. I bought two pairs a few weeks ago and this was the first chance I got to wear them. The first pair I pulled out were FOOTLESS GAH!! The package did not say anywhere on it that they were footless and cropped and this pair is too damn short. I followed the package and actually went up a size JUST IN CASE and they are too damn short.

This is what the package said
* Medium/Large: 5'5"-5'10" (120-160 lbs)

I am 5'3". Middle of the weight. So shouldn't they be MORE than long enough???
They won't stay up! If I had my receipt I would return them in a heartbeat. The footless ones I am really mad about. They were grey with pattern and they are just below knee. I am too old for that look. I wanted them full length to wear with 50's heels and a pencil skirt. SO MAD. A complete waste of money. This pair I have to yank up in the conference room every 5 minutes. SO SO MAD. The funny detail pic of my leg in the window was to show the colors matching.
For makeup I have on purple brown and light pink eyeshadow and a purply pink blush with nude colored goopy lips.
took a quick picture of my card that goes with my blog. My husband designed the whole thing off of this dress.

Have you had a bad experience purchasing something lately?

I had one other thing go kablooey. I bought a bunch of Vickies undies a few months ago. I bought all 5 in the same style with two lines of lace down the front in a boycut. EVERY single pair fell apart with one wearing and if not during the wearing in that first wash. The lace is made in a way that it is quite possible I could be walking along and they break off. I WAS ENRAGED. Also because they are SO CUTE and the cut fits my behind well. I did not return them because I didn't feel comfortable bringing them in. (talking about it apparently doesn't bother me. ha!)
So I switched to a different style with different lace. I have to say I liked the other cut better!

Note I did attempt to contact Urban. I have not had a response yet. I might go in but I dunno the staff there makes me want to poke my own eyes out with a fake hot pink rayban.


BAM said...

Ugh. What a bummer. I hate that about tights/pantyhose.

The first time I tried to return something to Forever 21 I had a mini-flip out about not getting my money back. I refused to shop there for years, but I'm back in there. Just super super cautious about what I actually buy.


Kelly said...

1. You were made to wear that dress.
2. Your cards are adorable!
3. Yikes, I almost bought a couple pair of tights at UO a week or two ago and decided at the last minute to put them down because I had spent too much that day already. Now I'm very glad I didn't get them!
4. I know it doesn't really fix what happened, but maybe you could wear the footless ones with tall boots so no one knows they're footless?

Marianne said...

This is too bad, especially since they look lovely! I would have suggested you wear the footless ones with boots, but if they are below the knee, this might get pretty difficult... But I *always* end up with tights that are too small, because I'm 5'10". I usually buy whatever size is the biggest.

Last this I bought at UO was this purse: and it broke down in a week. I wasn't very impress, but the people at UO were very nice and I got a refund (he suggested I exchange it, but I didn't want to have another lousy broken purse!)


Becky said...

That dress is divine. ::sigh::

I know this is going to sound silly, but I used this trick with a pair of tights that wouldn't stay up: put on a pair of undies over them. It works!

hillary said...

Becky I DO wear extra undies with it. mumsy taught me that one as a kid. It does not fix this pair. They are just that much too small. I thought this morning "maybe it won't be that bad"

it is.

ShopKim said...

Love the dress, necklace, tights, shoes .. all of it! That totally sucks though about the tights. Hopefully you will get a positive response from them. That's terrible about the VS undies too.

Lisa said...

Love the dress.

I think I have the same pair of underwear from Victoria's secret because I have the exact same problem.

The Thrifty Stylist said...

hilarious~ loved the bridget moment with the tights and flower color especially :P

i would be very upset if i discovered my tights were footless or too short or whatever. tights are like THE fall essential for me and i hate when there isn't a good selection! lying to you is just inexcusable.

were the vicky's panties those new one-size-fits-all lace things? they looked suspect to me. i've had bad experiences with all-lace stretchy panties. useless.

hillary said...

Whose Bridget?

No the undies were all cotton with two strips of lace on the front.

Clare said...

That DVF dress looks marv on you! And sorry to hear about the tights disaster...I usually get mine from Target, and it seems like they make 'em pretty good.

C Lo said...

There is a whole industry surrounding making 14 year olds think they have adult sized clothing and I firmly believe UO is the master of this horrible plan and they didn't tell the rest of us.

You look amazing!

Chelsea said...

Ugh I hate that! I recently got a pair of argyle sweater tights that I was so stoked to wear, and the first time I pulled them on a huge hole ripped in the thigh making them unwearable. What kinda BS is that?!

By the way, I'm new to your blog (by way of Becky from Gilding the Frilly)and I love it! You have a fabulous style, and I'm excited to delve into your previous posts :)

Barking Dog Shoes said...

Sorry about the tights, but they do look spectacular ;-)

Lorena said...

Great look, everything is perfect !
sorry about the tights.. the same thing happened to me last week when i got a pair of hot pink tights... sucks.

Trish said...

How aggravating! How could they not mark that the tights were footless?! Without feet I don't think they deserve to be called tights anyway.

My recent bad purchase -- A cute pair of Clarks that were omigod sooo painful! After 5 blocks they were gouging my heels (in a really weird high spot, like my Achilles) and I had to walk all the way to work in them. Ouch! Fortunately, I had purchased them from -- shipped 'em back pronto for a refund.

Tina said...

I'm loving the whole look. It's very polished with just a bit of edge to it. Perfect. Bummer about the tights. I think you should take them back even without the receipt.

hillary said...

aww thanks everyone.

Trish If you got them from Clarks they will take them back even if you wore them. They are AWESOME about that stuff. (for future reference I know you got them on

Welcome to all the new people too! You guys make me feel loved!

I think I will wack the toes off and wear with boots. I don't know about the short ones. I don't know if my boots are tall enough. I will have to check that out.