Monday, October 12, 2009

Tiny corner of my home

If you have read my blog for a week then you have heard I have a VERY time apartment. 300 sq ft. It is not my dream home but it is home for now while my husband is in school. A good friend of mine, Anna posts pictures of parts of her home each week called Sunday Open House. She has taken a short break and I told her if she posts then I would! (great friend I am eh?? what can I say I love seeing inside people's homes)

So I give you my bureau.
birthday present from my daddy

For my birthday (cough4yearsagbutjustfinisheditcough) my dad made me my very first bureau all my own. (see not someone elses hand me down or thrift) While my clothing would never in a million years fit in the bureau I have used 4/5th of it with things that don't mind being folded. Undies, Bras, Socks and Denim.

(erp I have twice as much but this is what fit. I need to cull the collection)

I took this as a chance to go through my socks. I had an obscene amount. Lots I didn't like. So I kept only ones I liked and paired them and folded them! Lets see what it is like in a month. ha!

Sorry but bra and undies are staying closed. They are perfectly folded and lined up that I will tell you.

The last drawer was given to the husband because I am nice like that.

I finally have a surface to put some of my goodies so I went nuts. My jewelry collection doesn't all fit,

Nor do my perfumes so I put the most frequently used items on top, easily accessible. The H cup is samples and the milk glass is solid small pots of perfume. The tin at the back left that says "Ginger Spice" (yes I bought it just for that and tossed the cookies so to speak) and that is filled with oils. They tend to smell and leak so the tin was a nice solution.

The red tree I got at Urban Outfitters this past week in the sale section for $5 I want to spray paint it either hot pink or brown to fit into our bedroom colors more. I have lots of little boxes. Something about me says BUY HILLARY TINY WOODEN BOXES. I don't mind, I love them! The Pyrex is full of cocktail rings. The white jar is buttons off new clothes. I rip the bags off and shove them in there and eventually they will move to my sewing box.

The rest of my jewelry and perfumes and goodies are stored all over the place in Rubbermaid drawers but even after only a week this is working VERY WELL. When I want an item that isn't here I grab something from here and swap it out.

For a change all photos except the full bureau shot are CLICKABLE!
And yes there are 4 drawings of lovely naked zaftig french ladies above this all. ;)


C Lo said...

We both wear the "G". :)

I got True Religion for Christmas last year and I adore it. I don't know why I just said that................

I want your Pyrex bowl there.

hillary said...

Gwen? I have the her and then the other one the main perfume. I LOVE HER and everything she does. Dave picked her out for christmas last year I believe. I am glad he picked her because she is the cutest.

Unless you mean the ginger perfume. Then I like that too. :)

C Lo said...

Oh no, I mean the Gwen. I adore Gwen. When those perfumes came out I was possibly unhealthily giddy that the G scent was the one I liked the best. I have G and Love, but I wear G the most. :)

anna said...

what a fantastic bureau- how nice to have a handy dad!

I adore the way you've organized your little perfumes and glosses- and I eyeballed a similar necklace organizer too! (but instead installed variety drawer pulls and such on the wall since i'm low on surface space).

I gotta start photographing my boudoir! (but first I need to do the great summer clothes switchout!)

hillary said...

I can't win with any solution. Waffle is just too curious. She already was batting at this red thing. I am hoping she grows out of it. Daisyboo never plays with that stuff.

Heather said...

I love to see inside people's homes as well so I really enjoyed this post. I may have to join you and Anna on this venture if I ever post on my blog again!

hillary said...

heather do it. I have another one all lined up to black mail anna next week so I include you in das blackmail.
is it blackmail?? I will show mine if you show yours? more like a 5 year olds game.

The Thrifty Stylist said...

loooove the word zaftig. thanks for using it!

Eyeliah said...

I need a larger dresser, would give me more storage. I really like how you've decorated the top, so pretty. I really want a tree like that UO one, the only ones I found stuck out far, I like how this is more streamlined.