Friday, October 02, 2009

Thank Unicorn Its Friday

(click to enlarge. This is the only click-able one in post)
Long day ahead of me. Right after work we are leaving for NH for the funeral so I wanted to be comfy and I know it will be colder there tonight when we get in.

Turquoise shirt Gap (its one of those really long ones so it makes cardi appear cropped even with it pulled up a tish)
Brown Cami H&M
Cardi New York and Co
Denim trousers Gap
Books Clarks

Makeup. I have on Young Punk eyeshadow all over lid with Shroom blended on it to soften it out. I have V a purple greasepaint stick on top and bottom lash line and a LOT of Plush Lash mascara. and lips I have Nude Rose its GORGEOUS. It just gives my lips a healthy pink glow. Normally my lips are very very light. For blush I have Dolly Minx, all makeup by MAC. Oh and I added a soft pink on the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them up.
For foundation I have N1 by Loreal and concealer is N15 by Mac.
I can't even tell you how quick this was. It maybe took 5 minutes from start to finish and that included washing black eyeshadow off my cheek when I accidently smashed my brush into it.
Full Face makeup but necklace is cut off. (doh!)
Not as good for makeup but you can see all the necklace! I am not angry its my normal face. It was also REALLY bright next to window.
use for something
Clarks Jan 2008 Got for a STEAL!
Bracelet (but not wearing that ring today)
turquoise bracelet glass ring powder blue

What are your plans for this weekend?

Other than my uncle's funeral, I think we might celebrate my birthday a little. I happen to know that a dozen mini lemon cupcakes with pink white chocolate frosting and candied ginger have been ordered for Saturday. We are going to grandparents tonight after work. Its fun visiting them. They love me and Dave so much and the feeling is mutual. The only thing thats funny is they have two single beds in the guest room from when me and my cousin were kids. But no one punches me my sleep there! ha. I miss my girls when we are away. Waffle sleeps under the covers with me usually.

QUESTION what is your favorite breakfast?
My gram makes us crepes and homefries with onions and bacon when we go there. (She is french). Her trick is she uses the bacon fat in the homefries. OMG you haven't lived until you've had gram's breakfast.


Anonymous said...

I hope the little trip goes as smoothly as that kind of thing can go.

I have no major plans for the weekend, although my husband is trying to get me to go to San Fran. We'll see.

My favorite breakfast is an omlette with tomatoes, avocado,cheese, and mushrooms with a side of country potatoes and toast.

Kimberly said...

We are total twinkies today!! I love that necklace - where that be from??!

Sorry you have a bit of a bummer part of your weekend 'specially since your b-day is quickly approaching.

As for the weekend - one of Dave's friends is staying with us so he will be manning it up with him. I am doing a bit of shopping tomorrow and hopefully seeing The September Issue since it just opened in Indy, lunching with my Aunt, pulling some fall/winter clothes out of storage. I'm sure the weekend will fly by.

As for breakfast - I love the battered french toast from LePeep's. Its French Toast with Granola batter. Yummo!

hillary said...

The necklace is AVON! insane right?

zomg I want that french toast. LIKE NOW.

Becky said...

Your and Kimberly's leopard cardis are making me jealous!

One of my favorite breakfast I've ever had is at this place called Eatery NYC in mindtown West. They have this sinful thing called stuffed French toast-here's the description right off the menu: Stuffed French Toast: with Chocolate and Bananas, Cream Cheese Filling, Vermont Maple Syrup and Vanilla Ice Cream

WHat?! I'm still working that off 3 months later :)

Besides eating pure sugar wrapped in fat for breakfast, I love just the basics: scrambled eggs, bacon, and grits (yes, GRITS!).

I'm also planning to see The September Issue this weekend (I've waited too long) and I'm interested in seeing Whip It, too, the new Drew Barrymore movie.

Becky said...

mindtown?...I just made up a new place.

Sal said...

Necklace = glorious.

Kelly said...

Do you read Fab Finds under $50? Kimberly is wearing the same cardi today - great minds think alike! I wish I had it, you guys make it look great. I saw it in the store but didn't think much of it, if only I had seen it on one of you I would have snapped it up!

I loooove goetta. It's a regional thing around the Cincinnati area, it's a breakfast sausage that has oats in it too (and other stuff, I forget). It is magnificent and it always reminds me of Sunday morning breakfasts from my childhood because it was the one time of the week we got "fancy" breakfasts with goetta and orange juice and tea. And I just discovered turkey goetta which is almost as good.

Those boots are glorious, btw.

Ally said...

That cardi makes me all kinds of jealous.

I'm going up to Columbus, OH this weekend to KT's Swap 'n Shop, hitting Ikea on my way home, and working on the house. We're putting down the subfloor in the bath. WOO HOO. *sigh*

My favorite breakfast to eat is homemade biscuits and gravy but my favorite thing to make is a Refrigerator Omelet for Al. I clean out the fridge and use bits of this and that. He loves it!

Lesa said...

Never thoughtt about aqua and Leopard, but now I must copy you.

I love b-fast--all of it, especially for dinner. But I am addicted to "Power Bagels"

Lorena said...

Love how you brought color to that outfit...
I have to say my favorite breakfast is french toast or pancakes---- I'll just eat them both.
I will spend my weekend getting ready as I have a business trip coming up which means hair plucking, manicure, pedicure, yada yada yada

BAM said...

I know this may not be the ideal birthday, but you look fabulous! The makeup is really flattering, the outfit looks great, and LOVE that necklace! I don't remember seeing that in Avon.

This weekend, I'm most excited about tonight - we're going to the greek festival. I've never been and every year have to endure tales of it's awesomeness.

Fav. breakfast: Eggs floretine! yummy. yummy. yummy.

Have fun eating your cupcakes, they sound divine!

hillary said...

Thank you so much everyone.

CLO I can say I have never had anything like that for breakfast. Maybe this is the year I branch out some!

Kimberly I want to say January? I know I had it when the MAC hello kitty stuff came out because I have pics of me wearing it then.

Becky its from last year but when i was in there recently I do believe they had it. GET IT. I have the snow leporad one too. I have at least 4 animal print cardigans.
I never go to the movies (twice a year maybe) but I really want to see september issue too.

Sal so are YOU

Kelly I DO! she and I are good friends actually. This was completely on accident but I mean we gotta be friends for a reason! Those snausages sound nommy!

Ally I make those kind of dinners for dave. Random stuff from fridge all in one pan.

Lorena I LOVE pancakes from a diner all buttery and crispy OMG want now. I read you comment on my lunch break and because you said it I went and got my eyebrows done! Thanks they so needed it!

BAM Luckily I have tuesday off my actual birthday and I plan to do and eat whatever I want. (which is crazy because I do weight watchers and NEVER do that)

Clare said...

Super fun cardigan and great makeup. Joe and I have a weekly breakfast date at a local diner, that is my absolute favorite place in the city, if not anywhere. It pretty much makes my life.

Anonymous said...

There is a place here that does crepes but they have omlettes and other things for breakfast and you can put in whatever you want. And, you know, in California avocados are a staple of every meal. :P (kidding...sorta)

They make this pan fried country potatoes with a smidge of rosemary tossed and in ZOMG they are to die for.

You must search this out and find it. In the past year or two I've become a huuuuge omlette fan. So dorky, I know.

Marianne said...

My favorite breakfast is eggs benedict... I'm too lazy to cook them at home, so whenever we have brunch or breakfast at a restaurant, I always order that. My mom teases me about it! :P

Lemondrop Marie said...

As always you are a vision of cuteness, I love the eyeshadow colors and blending, and the necklace makes your eyes pop as a bonus. It is going to rain here this weekend so I hope to be lazy and read and sleep!
I love breakfast foods more than anything other than chocolate, so I would be happy with any nonmeat breakfast!