Monday, October 26, 2009

Review La Mer The Lip Balm (look who thinks they're fancy pants)

Hold your horses nelly. I know what you are thinking. The exact thing I would think if I saw this on your stream.
La Mer? I can't afford La Mer! wtf.

Well isn't that what birthday money is for? (ok so its is probably by far the cheapest thing in the line)

When I was on jury duty there was this pretty blonde who sat next to me. During court she would pull out her La Mer from her giant gorgeous checkered Louis Vuitton bag and apply it. I have to admit I was JEALOUS. Capital J eallllllous. I try to live my life not being jealous but sometimes it happens. Sometimes it is bad. I talked my husband into helping me find La Mer at Nordstrom the weekend of the trial just so I could "TRY IT" you know so I could try it and think PAH that is insane! No one needs that!

That didn't happen. I put it on and I loved it. It was amazing and smooth and had a french name. gah. I disgusted myself. But I walked away and proceeded to think of ways to make money in the car.

Then my inlaws showed up for dinner.
My birthday dinner...........
and they had a card that contained money in it. The exact amount of the insanely overpriced lip balm I had tried on just hours before.

I went online and ordered it that night. It was kismet.
Ok maybe it wasn't kismet but damn if it wasn't good enough validation for me! Hey I pay my bills. I keep an allowance and a budget. I have had the summer of frugality.I deserved to frival away my birthday money. If you order from the La Mer website you get to pick two deluxe samples for free!

(I figured it out. It was about 30 bucks worth of samples, be them ever so small) and free shipping! Oh and if you google like a mad person you can even find a code to get ANOTHER free sample.

There was an option for "free gift wrapping" so I wrote myself a note from my inlaws .I was laughing so hard at myself (because if I don't laugh who will really?) I didn't even notice my grammatical error.

So thank you Dave's mom and dad for my ridiculous over the top unnecessary present. I love it. (funnily if I had known I wanted it and asked for it they would be the ones to buy it for me. My mother in law agrees birthdays are about frivolity, if my family saw this I would get a lecture about blowing my money on candy and glitter and how I could of saved it. Isn't that why I work for a living? To save my hard earned money?)

We have a running joke at home that Waffle wears lipbalm. She has developed these beautiful pink lips and they just keep getting pinker. We accuse one another of letting her wear it and how she is too young. In typical Waffle fashion when I set up the photo she gave me a great photo op.

I couldn't of planned that better myself.


seenatsave said...

Your La Mer story makes me happy. What else is birthday money for??

Also your mailbox is full, so I'm unable to email you. Let me know if there's an alternate address I can use if you get the chance...
-Natalie from Shop It To Me

hillary said...

Oh no! Thank you so much for telling me! It doesn't alert me.

hillarymetmark AT gmail DOT com

is an alternate email address I have.

Kelly said...

YES birthday money is about using it on candy and glitter. I would get that lecture from my parents too but seriously, if you're paying your bills and you're being smart, you can buy a freaking pony ride with your birthday money if that's what you want. Birthdays aren't about being responsible!

Lesa said...

Good for you!!!!! I always buy something crazy and wonderful with my birthday money.

Enjoy your La Mer and think of me sitting here with my Burt's Bees Honey and Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker lol

Lorena said...

enjoy it ! that IS what money is for !
Ha i can't stop laughing at Waffle's well kept lips... that is sooo cute--- i actually put lipstick on my dogs, but only when they ask.

hillary said...

Thanks ladies. I totally agree. I still have a little money left I think I need to blow on something equally as frivolous!