Thursday, October 29, 2009

Review Essie Nail Polish in Mink Muffs

I have been a fan of Essie for 8 or so years now. I first tried their polish in college when I won a free one from Mademoiselle magazine. The magazine is no longer but Essie still makes the color they created for them Mademoiselle. For my wedding I had their polish on. The color was Ballet Slippers which is a beautiful opaque soft pink. Essie is on par with OPI and they both retail for about $8.

I have been on the hunt for this grayish brownish color without shimmer for awhile. Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 purse line had a bag in this mouse color. I finally found Mink Muffs from Essies Fall 2009 line.

It is the perfect grayish brownish color. It has no shimmer. I find I am more and more drawn to colors without shimmer with a high gloss finish. I am NOT a fan of the matte trend. Been there, done that, didn't like it then, don't like it now. The glossier the better to me.

I have this Klean Kanteen I have the biggest crush on. Its short and squat and the sexiest brown color. When I bought it my husband and I had an entire conversation on how sexy the color was. Yesterday I noticed something funny.

Exact color of my polish. I am nothing if not consistent.


Becky said...

My nail place only carries Essie and OPI. I've tried this color before and I love it! I've also tried ballet slippers, and I like it, but not as much as OPI's sweetheart.

hillary said...

thats is exactly what I wore. one layer of sweetheart with a layer of ballet slippers on top. Ballet is much more opaque while sweetheart is more milky.
opi and essie are THE ones they shouldn't carry other crude because they just dont work as well. I also love chanel but not the cost. Its WICKED thick and it stays well and if you chip you can just add to it and because its thick it melds in nicely.

Megan said...

I totally agree- that is one sexy clean canteen!! (I love mine too, but its not a short or lovely colored as yours)

Clare said...

That is the sexiest Klean Kanteen ever! I love that nail color, too.