Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On with the show!

My tripod broke today. It was mostly broken but you could sometimes trick it into staying. It died officially. So all my pics today are a bit crooked as the joint would no longer support the camera. I did get a picture of me from the timer running towards it trying to get it before it hit the ground. ( I did make it in time!)

Flickr is also broken today so I actually uploaded my pics to blogger so everything is click-able! yeah!

Dress gift
Boots Merrells from LL Bean
Socks with turquoise tops Target
Cardigan Gap
Belt off dress
Earrings Hilary Duxman (?)
Necklace I made it (I posted about it the other day here)

Bracelets from left to right Gift from parents, Pandora charm bracelet and heart one from Tiffany's wedding present from dave.
Amazing and so me dress Birthday present from the amazing Becky (or Beckdress as I now refer to her) She doesn't have a blog so I can't link you to her and flickr is down today. (boo hiss) She has an amazing vintage style that KILLS ME she is so damn cool. She probably would of been a senior when I was a freshman and I would of followed her like a puppy.
And not to talk about sizing because I hate that. So on the size... ha. well I always look at her as thin and tall and beautiful. This was her dress. It fits me. = I most not be as giant as my brain tells me! If I can wear beautiful thin Becky's dress then well I should tell my self doubt to can it right??!
It is a sun dress so I put a cardigan on to keep myself covered and warm.

Can you see the pretty eyelet flowers? If you click on it you can see it better. I had to tweak the picture a bit in potatoshop I was sideways.

When I met my husband I didn't know he liked me. One day before I flew home he took the left bracelet off me and put it on him and kept it. About 2 years later after having gotten back together after a hiatus he mailed me it back. I thought he was saying something. He just thought he was being nice because he found it in his dorm and felt bad. I hadn't worn it in over 11 years and recently found it and put it on and haven't taken it off since. It isn't really my style anymore but I like to think about 17 year old Dave and smile when I see it.

Has your taste in accessories changed over the years? How so?

I always wore lots of rings. Always silver. In high school I went through a phase where I had them on every finger. I even wore a poison ring. I still wear a bunch. I have 4 on at all times and normally average about 6. Yet people tell me they don't notice it about me. I think because I have very long fingers. Hides it some?
In my ears I used to wear lots of silver hoops. Now my hoops are enormous and I stick to the one hole. I have adapted into more of a bracelet and GIANT necklace person. I used to only wear delicate silver chains.
I am not into brooches. I have a lot but I don't wear them. I did in high school. My mom and I shared a giant collection of her grandmothers old ones. Now I can't get past feeling like an old cat lady when I wear them. I see it on others and love it but when I do it I feel like I have on a holiday sweater and matching pin.


Clare said...

Love the pops of electric blue!!

Sal said...

The crooked photos are very arty, Hillary. And I adore that story about your bracelet. Guys can be so LITERAL sometimes, can't they?

Kelly said...

I thought your dress was sparkly before you said they were eyelet!

My taste has definitely changed...I used to love chokers. Loved them. Thought I was gorgeous in them. Now I don't really like short necklaces much at all.

I always was uh...kind of tacky when it came to jewelry in my early teens. I remember I had this choker made of these little plastic flames or something, and it was my most favorite thing ever. I had a thing for flames in high school.

Dave77459 said...

My good tripod has a clamp-type joint. It is actually a cam, rotating around a pin. Sometimes, the pin wiggles out just a tad, and the cam no longer works. If I use something stiff, like a pen or screwdriver, I can push the pin back in and make the cam work again. This fixes the tripod. Maybe for you, too?

As per accessories, I wasn't aware I had a taste in them.

hillary said...

Dave this was my little gorilla pod. The ball joint part well the top part that goes over the ball cracked and broke. My dave looked at it and he said short of gluing it in one position there was no fixing it.

I don't take the big tripod places often because the base is as big as my camera and the gorilla slips into my purse and has a tiny base I just leave on camera.

Lisa said...

Your crooked pictures look unique and artsy, mine always look just slightly skewed enough that it's annoying.

I used to be really into hoop earrings and only wear silver jewelry. Now I wear other types of earrings, and I'm trying out the gold.

Dave77459 said...

Hillary, I have my Gorillapod in my hand. You are right, there doesn't look to be much hope of repair. :'-(

Heather said...

I used to wear alot of necklaces and in recent years have really paired things down to usually only earrings and maybe a braclet. I can never find rings that fit my hands properly - tiny hands and long thin fingers - I think they look strange on me. One thing I am starting to do is bring earrings other than just my silver hoops into rotation. I'm the same with the brooches but I always find them fabulous on other people. I had a jean jacket in highschool (is this dating me?) and the big thing was to cover it in different brooches - I did.

Heather said...
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hillary said...

heather if you are dating yourself then your dating me too. haa. But I was in 8th grade. 92 or so? I had TONS On mine. I used to like to put them upside down on the top of the back of my coat.

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

Oh. My. Gawd. I LOVE this outfit. If I hurry and shrink enough to wear it, can I just come steal it from you? This is an incredible look...I love it! :)

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

Also, the crooked picture looks completely artsy...I'm diggin' it too.

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

That blue color is wonderful. My accesories taste hasn't changed much now that I've thought about it. I've always been about the bracelets, the pin/broaches, earrings and necklaces. Now, I suppose, they are more sophisticated and age appropriate. I never follow Coco Chanel's advice of taking 1 accessory off.

In high school, I had my little clip on faux peal earrings and thin gold chain. Also, I used to wear New Kids on the Block and New Edition buttons on my jeans. (Yes, I was one of those 'round the way girls that LL Cool J rapped about.)

In college, I pierced my ears and went all big hoop earrings and silver rings on every finger.

Beck At Her Best said...

That's a very pretty shade of blue!

My accessories have stayed pretty much the same - although I dont wear gold anymore, and I used to.
I have a big thing for rings, too! I can only stand to wear them on two fingers of each hand, though in high school I had a pinky ring or two as well.I also had a poison ring (2 actually), and would still wear them if they hadn't broken :(
I have a thing for "statement" jewelry, but I try not to mix, so I'll have a funky bracelet or a big necklace or some shoulder duster earrings, but not all at once. Nowadays since I'm making stuff, I try to wear it but mostly I get into a phase of wearing a certain "set" of jewelry every day.

Tina said...

I can't say that I have any signature jewelry styles. I pretty much followed the trends, I guess. Friendship bracelets in the 80s, lots of hoops in the 90s, and big statement necklaces now. :)

BTW, I am digging the socks poking out of your boots. I'm going to have to check out some socks next time I am at Target. I love socks.

Beck At Her Best said...

I forgot to mention ear cuffs - I used to wear one of those all the time, too.

Lorena said...

I love the blue peeking out under your skirt.
I am still trying to incorporate colorful tights, it's difficult for me !
Before I NEVER accessorized, now I try more, but mu H is very simple minded and he looks at me funny.
Like "where are you going with all that stuff?" which usually makes me rethink the whole thing :/