Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Missing one dear friend.

Cardi Target
Shirt Target
Denim flare trousers Gap
Shoes Naughty Monkey DSW
Necklace Gift
Earrings bought in Mexico

For makeup I did a bronzey eye with purple liner under top lid and on top lash line very close to lash line.
IMG_5667naughty monkey shoes
You can see the fit of the pants better here

Ok so this is kinda a big question. I have a missing friend. Well not missing missing but I don't know where she is. She got married and moved away and changed her number. (ugh I know. LONG STORY) I miss her SO MUCH. I haven't talked to her in 8 years (Nov 2001 was the last time) She is and was very important to me. She was actually my freshman roommate in college and she became family. My whole family still asks about her. I have looked online for her and found one lead but it didn't pan out. Now I am wondering if I should post her name on here so if she googles herself maybe she will find this?? She means so much to me and I have been looking for her for years. Hell I almost put Veronica Mars on the case.

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions for finding her?

I tried all the biggies, myspace, facebook, friendster, google, white pages, yellow pages, googling all incarnations of her name. Literally FOR YEARS.


Sal said...

Do it. I had the same situation with a friend I lost touch with about 8 years ago, and I am SO GLAD I FOUND HER AGAIN. I had to write to her former employer and swear I wasn't a stalker. Worth it. You could post her name in a post dated a year ago so it doesn't pop up front, if you are worried ...

Beck At Her Best said...

The curls look very nice on you!

Good luck in finding your friend - if she was your college roomie, maybe your alumni association might have her current info? Not that everyone keeps those up to date, but you never know.

BAM said...

Ahhh, I hope you find your friend. It's tough when a relationship ends before it's time. Good Luck!

Ally said...

I hope you find her. I had trouble finding a friend and she popped up on Facebook out of the blue a few months back. I about cried when she wrote me back.

Love that necklace ;)

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

Hillary, I hope you find your friend. I had a childhood friend who I lost touch with and I wish I could find her.

One of the things you could do is pay to publish an open letter in the local newspaper of her last known address.

If you know her birthdate, you could also search vital records of the last state she lived in. (It's legal, vital records are public.)

Also, some colleges have alumni directories. You might have to buy it to see it though. Good luck.

mamichan said...

College alumni office?

I went through a similar thing with 2 college friends. They turned up on facebook within weeks of each other. There is hope!

Tina said...

Good Luck, Hillary!

I almost bught that cardi today but at the last minute I thought the print was too bold. But seeing it on you, I see that I made the wrong decision. argh.

Lorena said...

great look, you know i love houndstooth... naughty monkey has some cool shoes...are they comfy?
on finding ur friend i can suggest looking for her through her husband's last name or maybe writing her parents?

hillary said...

Brooklyn shoesies

my mom and I LOVE public records. We sit there for hours looking up what people we know paid for their house, who we grew up with has criminal records etc! Ha!

fromsneakerstostilettos said...

Good Luck!!
ooohhh and i love Naughty Monkey shoes!

Megan said...

I really hope you find her and I'm glad you took this step to do so. And I believe in gut feelings so maybe today was another step towards finding her!