Thursday, October 08, 2009

Just call me Chuck

I feel like Chuck or Charlotte Charles from Pushing Daisies in my awesome new Birthday dress from Becktress. I think she should change her name to Beckdress. She has an enviable dress collection and I was gifted two gorgeous dresses that are SO ME. I felt so much like Chuck I was being sneaky and trying not to get caught sneaking around the stacks. heee.

Dress Gift from the amazing Becktress
Tights Hue Super Opaques Macys
Shoes (nun shoes according to my gram) Clarks Read more about my Clarks here
Necklace gift from old Craftster swap. I added the bow
Sweater with ruffle Ann Taylor Loft
Hello Kitty ring gift from old coworker

Its so expected of me to wear this with red shoes and my red cherry necklace and black tights so I tried to push myself (baby steps) and instead go with grey tights and black shoes. But I couldn't resist the red sweater. What can I say its my color combo!

For makeup I did a strong black eyewing with pink shimmer in corner. I am biting my lip in the detail. Its a nervous habit.
IMG_5273IMG_5282black oxfords clarksred glass ball earrings

You can see the dress cut a bit better in this photo.
dress detail

In my hand photo you can kind see how my hands are a bit lumpy on my knuckles and joints. They are very small now but as a kid I put my hand on a gas grill on Easter. I was sweeping the driveway in my Easter dress and I called for my uncle Chris and made a big gesture of beckoning and stuck it smack dab on the grill. I kept touching my booboo so they have in a bandage up to my elbow. I luckily didn't need surgery and the scares are pretty small now. You can really see them when you compare my hands.
That lovely line on the bottom of my hand I fear will be a scar. Waffle was doing a skateboard trick off the back of the couch and got me. She didn't do it on purpose. I have lots of scars with fun stories. I am a very BIG klutz. My dad calls me Grace. I kinda dig scars. Is that weird?

Do you have any fun or interesting scar stories?

Side note. I kinda don't like the one I picked but if you wanted to vote for me on Lucky Style Spotter I would be forever grateful!!
I don't know how I get into these things not knowing it's a voting dealy. I thought I was uploading a profile photo as an Alpha Shopper but it appears it is a contest. I would of chose better. blarg.


mamichan said...

my favorite scar is from a childhood immunization, a series of perfectly spaced circles in a square formation on my left bicep. apparently it is a japanese thing from the '70s since none of my american friends have it, and my brother's don't either. when i first met aaron he thought i'd gotten them on purpose, like a tattoo. my parents have one big circular scar from the same immunization (they got theirs in the 50s).

hillary said...

My mom has one!

Jess said...

So cute! And I love your birthday purse from your previous gorgeous and ladylike! :-) I have a happy birthday mix CD for you that I am hoping to get in the mail this weekend, if work can manage to give up my soul for a few hours.

I have a scar on my left shoulder, two 2 inch thin stripes from where my cat exited the back of the couch via ME during a very loud rainstorm when she was a kitten. She managed to get me deep and I bled like a stuck pig, lol. Good thing they're cute right?

Beck At Her Best said...

I'm a fan of scars, too - they are a mark of life experience. I have scars on my wrist from falling through a glass door when I was five (ow), and a mystery scar above the knuckle on my left middle finger - no idea where it came from. Plus lots of scars on my knees and ankles from rough and tumbling through the woods as a kid. One of the joys of being a country girl.

Kimberly said...

I love that dress! What a fantastic b-day present (girl, looks like you got a lot of those!).

As for scars, I have a few, but . . .
I have one on my head from when I hit a window sill at daycare which resulted in stitches and no hair growth for the past 26 years. Also, I have a burn mark from the first time I made Dave dinner over 4 years ago. That is what I get for trying to play like I am domestic!

Kelly said...

That dress is such a dream!

I have a scar a couple inches long on my right forearm from a fight with my little brother when we were young. I forget what he scratched me with, and the cut wasn't that bad or deep, but for some reason it left a scar. I don't really remember how I got the rest of my scars, although I do have a lot of little ones on my arms and legs. Just regular kid stuff I guess.

I had a book called "Paquita" when I was like 8 years old, and in it the hero had a big scar down his cheek from one day when someone threw him in a well and a rock cut him or something. So for a while after that I would scratch my face in the same place every day hoping to create a similar scar for myself. I'm glad I didn't succeed in that!

But I LOVE facial scars on man. They are heart-melters. BF has one on his forehead that I forget about when his hair is long, but that I get to see again after he gets a cut. Yum!

hillary said...

kelly I DO TOO!!!!!! Dave has a ton of little pox scars that kill me. If you make this big you can see some on his forehead

Becky said...

I'm diggin this outfit! Are those tights like a heather gray? I have some solid gray ones, but I really like the heather effect.

The only scars I have are from having moles removed (gross, but necessary, can't be messin' with possible skin cancer, right?) If I have any other scars, they're not noticeable enough for even me to see them. Maybe I should be living more dangerously? ;)

Kelly said...

Ooh la la! I tried to compliment BF on his scar once but he got all self-conscious about it and didn't really seem to believe me when I told him that I liked it and I wasn't being sarcastic. So I don't mention it now, I just look at it and quietly melt.

Clare said...

That is a fantastic dress! So youthful and fun!!

Lorena said...

That's an A+ dress and of course I dig your HK ring...
i have a favorite scar, it's a pencil scar on my right thigh my high school friend stuck it in me... every time I see it I wish I could go back in time...