Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I<3 Clarks

I get comments often "I can't believe those are Clarks" in regards to my shoes. I have a shoe problem. My feet are two different sizes (whose aren't really?) But for every pair of shoes I buy there is about 20 pairs I tried on. No really. When I find a brand that fits I tend to stick with it. Clarks are very consistent in fit and size. They are one of the only companies I feel safe ordering online. I can't even tell you how many shoes I have returned. (ugh)

While they aren't always the sexiest shoes... they are cute, I can walk a few miles a day in them and they don't hurt!

These are all my current Clarks (I think. ermm I am pretty sure.) My apartment is IMPOSSIBLE for taking photos in. I took these in a dark hallway with no lights with a flash on my greatgrandmothers old bookcase. It hasn't been painted in 40 plus years and I can't bring myself to do it. Sentimental for someone I never met.

I don't remember what I paid for most of them. I did pay full retail on some. They are worth every penny and Clarks has punch cards for frequent buyers. They do have great sales though. If I see a pair I want though I usually snatch them up because I feel I have a popular shoe size because it always seems to sell out first.

Oxblood colored boots. Jan 2008.
I paid $70 I believe but I think they retailed for $160
Clarks Jan 2008 Got for a STEAL!

Stitched boots. Fall 2005. $150. WORTH EVERY PENNY. These are probably my favorites I have ever owned. I have gotten a ton of use out of them. When I bought I actually thought I would dye the stitching black but I am glad I didn't.

Black boots. Fall 2007.
These are a bit "dressier" or I should say you pull off dressier looks with them because they are plain and have a large heel.

Red oxfords. 2006?
Red. I like them. That is all.

Red shiny. Fall 2008.
I HAD TO HAVE THESE. 10 Cent Designer did a video wearing these shoes and I STALKED Clarks and Zappos until they were available in the US and bought them the second they were. I don't regret paying full price. I LOVE THESE SHOES. People ask me where I got them every single time I wear them. (I also wore them today!)
clarks red mens oxford shoes shiny

Brown inside out looking ones. 2007?
These are their breathable line. They keep your feet cool. They don't weigh anything either. They are alarmingly light. You almost whip them across the room when you pick them up because you anticipate them to weigh more.

Black mary janes. Summer 2009.
uh I don't know where the other one is. I blame Waffle. Also from the breathable line. Cute and good sightseeing shoes. The inside lining is BUTTAH soft leather.

Gold flats. 2007?
Cute and work with black or brown. My only complaint is you can't polish them. Ignore the hair. I shed like crazy. erp.

Silver flats. 2008.
I should of bought these in bulk. When I don't know what to wear I wear these. I have easily worn them 100+ times. They are always cute, I mean they have a bow how could they not be. A male friend told me he hated them and they made him rethink me knowing anything about fashion. PISHAW. Also unpolishable. They don't look this nice now. :(
silver clarks flats bow

Black oxfords. Sept 2009.
Holy crap I love these. They are dowdy, 1990's and have a heel. My 8o year old gram called them nun shoes this weekend. They proceeded to ask where I got them because she loved them.
black oxfords clarks

Bronze sandals. Summer 2009.
Look equally as good with tights and without. Because of the wedge it feels like you are wearing flats. I like the vintage look to the cut.

So there you have it. I may not of changed your mind. Infact you might think they are more stuffy then you did before. To that I say..
BUT THEY ARE COMFY AND BREATHABLE. (Say no to plastic. Well unless its REALLY cute)


Mary said...

I love these! Especially the bow flats & the boots at the top-- I'm always shocked to see such cute Clarks since my mom is such a fan of the "traditional" ones. But I'm really starting to move away from uncomfy, cheap shoes & seeing a need for studier, more well made ones... love all of these!

Rosie Red said...

I love me some clarks, too! Do you happen to recall the line name of the red shiny ones? They are calling my name.

hillary said...

Rosie I do not. I went online recently to see if they were available because I got them over a year ago and I couldn't find them on the site. :(

Rosie Red said...

Also... re: the last pair. You don't mind wearing tights with an open toe? I can never decide if that's a fashion rule, or not...

hillary said...

I personally like it.
You can decide for yourself. :)
I have done it with other shoes but here are two looks with these sandals in particular.