Thursday, October 08, 2009

I missed my offical blogging anniversary!

I have had a website for around 9 years (originally it was a portfolio site and store that is why the play on by hillary. It was art BY hillary and you could BUY hillary's stuff. eh I thought it was funny at 22 at least.) but I only started blogging in 2004. I was just checking my old blog(I didn't transfer the archives when I moved from Livejournal to Blogger)
But as of Sunday Oct 4 I have been blogging 5 years! Holy crap. I have been over sharing for 5 years.



Dave77459 said...

Thank you for sharing yourself with us so willingly.

Happy blogaversary!

heather said...

i recently moved my original blogs over to my new structure. these were pre that LAST structure. had to cut and past, but it was awesome to see what i had written way back in 1999!