Monday, October 26, 2009

I ate all the peaches off the shelf.

Dress Marc by Marc Jacobs department store in Vegas. Nordstrom?
Navy tights Hue Macys
Boots not sure brand. Bad purchase I can't return so I am trying to suck it up and wear them and stop obsessing.
Hoodie Target in LA
Earrings Gift

Didn't get a great makeup photo today. Mostly because my nose is peeling and no one needs to see that. Mah allergies they are bad.
Used my new tripod for the first time today. I think it will work out much better than my last one. My last one broke and the joints were all loose. This one has good resistance.
This is what I looked like when I bought this $400 dress for $70. I have already got it down to below $7.00 a wear in under a year of wearings. (and despite the fact I own over 80 dresses)
I should animate these
I really do have a review to post. I didn't get to it this weekend because I never turned the computer on. Saturday we did a job for family. The concrete floors, cold refrigerator section combined with not stopping to eat (not by my choice!) I felt AWFUL Saturday night and had a bad migraine all day Sunday. Dave never should of left the house this weekend. He is so up to his eyeballs in work that he needs every minute and then about 4590 more. He is clocking in 4 16 hour days out of the house, 1 10 hour day then working when he gets home until 2am and turning around and do it all again at 6 the next morning. And we wonder why he was in the ER friday with his first migraine. So my project this week is to work on my Dave robot. There isn't much more I can do to help him. Short of taking his classes or going to his work for him. December 2011, December 2011...5 years down 2 to go! Then licensing but we will tackle that then! ha.

I found a replacement winter coat last week.
Coat to be replaced
Buying a coat seems to be such an ordeal for me. I am petite but ahem curvy. Apparently when you are short you aren't meant to have curves. At least that is what coat shopping has taught me.

I liked these two but neither fit me well. One size was too big and the next too small. Both would of needed tailoring and for the price they were asking I decided it wasn't worth it to me.
Fwd: Coat I did not getAnother coat I didn't get
I love the colors of both but neither were THE ONE. (check out the sleeve on the orange! so long!) I have purple or orange on my fun coat wish list now though. Neither appeared to be very warm either.

This is the one I did get...
I played with the photo so you can see the detail. It is black wool and the sleeves are belled. The ends just below me bum. I have dress coats and "holy crap its a nor'easter out" coats but this is to replace my everyday, wear with anything coat that died last year. Riding the subway and having two dark haired cats black is usually my safest bet. I always buy my coats so they fit my bulkiest sweaters underneath but I was noticing today on my way to work people wear their coats VERY fitted it seems.

What do you look for in your daily coat? What do you look for in fit?

I can understand if the coat is closer to you it is probably warmer but don't you wear sweaters in the deep of winter? What do you do then? leave the coat open? It isn't just that lots of these people have grown out of them because when I was at Macy's trying the above ones on the girls were picking up WAY too small ones. One girl couldn't even button it without strainging and SHE BOUGHT IT. Why because it said 4? blargh. I don't know about you but I HATE sewing on buttons when they pop off and the tailor charges a ton for that!


Sal said...

Such fun details on the new black coat! I also buy my coats so that I can fit sweaters underneath. What's the point otherwise?

Lorena said...

That was a great pick for that coat !
I would have chose the same one...
I prefer to pick a coat that has some room.. it's awful when your buttoning it and you feel like you are in one of those white restrain jackets they wear in movies...

Kelly said...

1. Peeling noses suck. I always go for the lotioned tissues and sleep with vaseline slathered all over my nose (that is, when my nose is peely), but they still suck.

2. Poor Dave! I hope he feels better soon.

3. Your coat is awesome - in fact, I have problems finding coats myself and that looks eerily similar to the one I settled on last year (I think it was last year...I kind of poked around on my blog but my search function is broken so I gave up before I found the post where I talked about it).

Dapple said...

I buy my coats to have a touch of room. I should be able to fit at least a blazer under them and be able to lift my arms enough to make airplanes around the store if not to be able to reach above me. I do like them to be fitted too though so my next coat will probably be a "light fall" dress coat because so I can transition from sweaters to Stay-Puft less obviously.

ShopKim said...

LOVE the coat and the pose for the first picture!!

Lemondrop Marie said...

SO much to say about your lovely post, love the outfit and can see no reason to dislike those fab boots, keep wearing them. I am also shorty and curvy and feel the coat dilemma, though it does not stop me from scooping every vintage coat I can find. The orange was such a lovely color but I can see why you went with the lovely black- bell sleeves yea!

Kasmira said...

I buy my coats a LITTLE big, but not much. The belt is nice because you can cinch it in if you don't have much underneath. My coat is very similar. I don't wear bulky sweaters underneath, but I do add a puffy vest, with a hood.

hillary said...

thanks for your replies everyone!

Kelly I use elizabeth ardens 8 hour cream on my nose or diaper rash cream (it works!) but it doesn't stop it sadly. It doesn't help I am allergic to cats.

Kiki said...

What a beauty! I love coats, among other fahionishy things. I buy mine a little big so I can put a sweater underneath, but some need to be a little fitted. I has to button, be comfortable while moving around, high quality and I enjoy something colored.