Friday, October 30, 2009

Howdy Pilgram!

You know those days where something is great in your head then you get in public and you want to hide in shame? well yeah. (Gah I am NOT complaining)

Dress Target
Tights Target
Boots Clarks
Ring gift
Earrings Tiffany's Elsa Peretti
Sweater Banana Republic
Necklace I made it from a pattern found here

I HAD to make one after I saw the one Clare had won here

I fear I look silly in it though. hrmph.

I have a bumpit in here.
likr?IMG_5749Clarks Fall 2005
The necklace was really quick to make. I used organic cotton my friend Emily sent me when she heard I was allergic to wool. (As long as it doesn't touch my skin I am ok. I can knit with it but not wear on neck or head) Let me stop you ahead of time before you say. Oh I wish I could crochet or something like that and let me refer you to the comic below. It is clickable if you can't read the writing.

Image courtesy of Natalie Dee

My husband taught me. My mom taught him one Christmas when we were trapped at her house with nothing to do. It is really easy and there are tons of tutorials and videos online to learn from. If me miss uncoordinated can do it, anyone can.

Do you knit or crochet?

I can do both. I taught myself to knit and as I said I was taught how to crochet. I am no master at either. I can't knit a cable or change colors unless it is a stripe at the end of the row. I don't do either very often because my wrist KILLS ME if I do. I can feel it today after making the necklace last night.


Becky said...

I LOVE that necklace! I've knit a scarf before, but it was my only venture into the knitting world, and I'd have to be retaught how to do it. You look very put together! (per usual, but that necklace just pulls it all together perfectly!)

Anonymous said...

You look adorable.

I can crochet shoelaces.........or barbie scarves.......or jumpropes. In other words, I can crochet one long chain and I've never successfully been able to "turn" and make more than 1 chain. I rule.

Kelly said...

It's awesome! I thought it was part of the dress

Clare said...

Your necklace looks gorgeous!!! Yay for necklace twins! I can knit, and do sometimes, but only large rectangular scarves. Can't really handle much else. Love that cartoon, though!

Ally said...

I'm wearing that dress today too :)

I knit and crochet but I'm way better at knitting than crochet b/c I've not taken the time to learn to crochet better.

Socks are about as complicated as I've gotten pattern-wise and I can do intarsia color work. I've not made anything really big (like a sweater) b/c I'm a selfish knitter and would only want to make stuff for myself.

Chelsea said...

I love the necklace, it looks like it should be part of that dress :) Seriously you should feel proud of it and your ensemble, especially those boots! Love the stitching.

As for me, I can kinda knit and kinda crochet... only problem being i don't know how to start or finish either. Oops!

hillary said...

ally I only made one sweater and it was wicked easy

I can do socks and mittens which are kinda complicated but my startings are always messy and loose.

I can do stripes. It is that mid row color changing I can't seem to master.

Oranges And Apples said...

I can knit pretty well but I will never make a big thing ever again. This is because of a story where I was making a triangular lacy shawl for my mum, but it was cast on on the long edge and I made it too loose, but because it was all bunched up on the needle I didn't realise how big it was. By the time I worked out how big it was going to be it was so late I carried on. It ended up about two meters long and I spent about £80 on the wool. I gave it to my mum as a blanket thing but she doesn't use it. One day I'll unravel it and knit her a proper shawl. But its cured me of any desires to ever knit something big. At least if I mess up a hat, the damage is limited.

Dave's mum just taught me to crochet about a month ago actually, but I haven't tried to do it myself yet and will probably have forgotten by the time I do.

anna said...

Hey there pretty lady!
I know i've been super absent lately, but I HAD to stop working and make a few comments.

I love, LOVE that necklace (and all the other components of your outfit). Fantastic job!

Yes, I crochet and knit. My fave things to do are fair isle and selbuvotter color stranding!

BAM said...

I can crochet, but have only ventured into scarfs and one blanket. I used to love it, but all the counting over & over made my head a mess! I couldn't stop counting.

I like the necklace, but think maybe the color was too light for the outfit and that why you're thinking pilgrim thoughts. ??

It's pretty cool though, try it again.


hillary said...

BAM I was actually thinking clint eastwood when i said it because of the cowboy boots but now I will forever think of this as the pilgrim necklace.

hillary said...

I mean john wayne.

Beck At Her Best said...

You don't look silly at all! I love your dress & your necklace - My mom made a ton of crochet collars for me when I was younger, and I've been trying like heck to find them again and turn them into necklaces. She taught me how to crochet, but I lose interest in it once I start. I'm nowhere near as good as her anyways, so I make her do things for me and I make pretty jewelry for her. Even trade :)

Kasmira said...

The necklace is awesome. Wear it every day!

I can't knit or crochet, but I've macramed (is that a verb?) and I once made a latch hook rug.

I'm making a similar necklace with vintage doilies! I just have to sew them together.

Lisa said...

The necklace is beautiful, and the cartoon made me laugh.

I knit and crochet. My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was little, but all I knew was how to make blankets for my Barbies. I learned to knit when I was in high school. I've started knitting clubs at every school I've taught at, so I've probably taught ~50 people to knit at this point.

Lemondrop Marie said...

I love the necklace and probably need to strongarm my mother into teaching me how to crochet since I love` yours!Kickass boots, too~

Lorena said...

WOW necklace (i also like the dress)!!
I kind of knit but I am not that good at it....