Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween costume ideas (or an excuse to show you some photos)

Sometimes I have things I want to post but don't really know how to do it without saying
"look at this photo I took of myself and I like" I mean I have no issue with that but there are only so many times you can do that.

On with the costume ideas! When I did these back in January (they were part of my now defunct 365) I only bought two items the rest was all done with things I had. (If you are wondering I bought the wig and the false eyelashes)

If you are drawing a blank on what to be for Halloween this year you can always go as...

Someone who only puts in half the effort

It is kinda hard to keep the two halves of the outfit on if you don't want to hack it up. But the makeup yeah its worth doing just to take pictures you won't be able to stop laughing at yourself in the mirror. (OK maybe it was just me.)

Andy Warhol

All you need is a black turtleneck and a $10 wig. Look uncomfortable and weaselly and fidget.

Alex from A Clockwork Orange

A hat and a very large fake eyelash. OK so this one creeped myself out but that is why it was fun.

David Bowie

Might I suggest doing a patch test with your makeup before you do this? Might I also suggest you not use MAC lipstick. OY.

Mary Tyler Moore

All you need to do is throw your beret in the air. Er maybe that isn't a good costume. Your arm might get tired after awhile.

Audrey Hepburn

Cliched I know. I actually took this photo for a friend who is a very big fan.


Tiffani said...

haha i love these. i really like you as audrey, but i love audrey!

katrina said...

Definitely Bowie!

ShopKim said...

Those are great! I love the half the effort one. How did you do the clothes?

Sal said...

Damn, ALL of these are amazing, Hillary! You're like a chameleon.

Becky said...

My faves are David Bowie and nailed both! My Halloween costume is elaborate this year, so I probably won't post pics til after,m it would just take to much to do a full version for the blog, and then do it again for Halloween. THEN I can just re-post it next year around Halloween tim!

Tina said...

Wow! Those are all so good. And I can't believe you used all that MAC lipstick for Bowie.

hillary said...

Tina it barely made a dent in the tube.

Shop kim. I just did it for a photo so I folded half the pajamas over the silk top. I was wearing silk top them half the pajamas over one side.

Thanks everyone! I have more on my flickr but these are some I liked best.

Andrea said...

oh, i like Alex from clockwork orange. You'll need that machine however that holds open your eye lids!

BAM said...

Ziggy Stardust rules! That is a super great idea and I might have to lift that one next year.

BAM said...

Ziggy Stardust rules! That is a super great idea and I might have to lift that one next year.