Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I love Halloween. My husband does not. (well he didn't used to)
We don't go out on Halloween, we aren't "going out" type of people. We have never hung out at a bar or club or party.

BUT last year I talked him into dressing up for me. We went subtle enough that we could wear it to work.
He went as Chuck Bass
But I'm Chuck Bass

I went as Blair Waldorf
Queen B

We even got Daisyboo to dress up for 2.4 seconds before she ripped off her costume
why do you hate me?

This year since it is a Saturday I might be able to talk him into dressing up and taking me to dinner or something. We also have a vet appointment. I want to dress Waffle up for it. She doesn't take to the clothes too well though.

Some of you know the story of our stuffed animal collection. Each one marks a hospital visit when Dave was sick.(Minus the bear he is mine) We started making them costumes when he was really really sick and we weren't even leaving the house. We don't do it every year. Life gets busy but last year we did.

We have so much fun doing it. We never let the other one see what we are doing. The bear Calvin P Higginbottom is wearing baby gap. I may or may not of bought a little red riding hood costume one year and saved it incase I have a girl. I was there buying something for a friends girl and I ended up getting a second set for me.

What are you going to be this year?

OH in 2005 Dave sewed me a costume.... he made the whole damn thing. I wasn't even home that weekend. He called a few times for advice from my mom on sleeves but it was all him! You can give him any instructions for anything and he can do it.
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BAM said...

Blair & Chuck costumes are too cute!

I *think* I came up with my halloween idea this weekend. I bought a gray one piece top - you know the kind that button underneath. When I tried it on I instantly started doing my own version of Beyonce's Put a Ring on it song! I thought, maybe with some black tights I could make that work.

Friends are throwing a party, so I need a costume and I'm hoping tights will help me NOT feel exposed.

Oh Oh! I need a metal glove thing! Project!

Kristen said...

Last year my fiance made my costume and I made his. I went dressed as one of the droids (gonk droid) from Star Wars, but if Heidi Klum were dressing as a droid. He went all out and made a huge costume that caused me to bump into people all night but it was amazing.
(he went as a jedi, but if Tim Gunn were to dress up as a jedi)

Emily B. said...

I still love these photos. Dave is awesomely wonderful.

I was going to go as Where's Waldo this year, but I didn't get the hat knit in time. So now I don't know. My niece really wants me to dress up.

Lorena said...

OMG how cute.... love how you guys dressed up as the Gossip Girl characters!!
I won't be home for Halloween meaning no costume :(