Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Grandparents

I mention my gram and pop often on here. When I do I mean these two. They had a very big hand in my upbringing. I spent as much time with them as my own parents at some points in my life. Because of it we can disagree like some parents do with their children but I know they love me and only want whats best for me in their mind. (Even when they say "your hair was much cuter when it was shorter" hrmph) Gram and Pop have been adopted by countless number of my friends over the years. When I was in college they came to visit for a month staying a motel down the street from my apartment. Every night my neighbor Mike would come over and he and my roommates would badger me "When do Gram and Pop get here?!" Even my dad's girlfriend calls them Gram and Pop, that is who they are. This weekend wasn't the best of circumstances for a visit. My gram's little brother passed away rather suddenly. He wasn't just a "great uncle" to me if I said that people would assume some old man I barely know. I knew and grew up around each one of my grandmothers surviving 15 brothers and sisters.

So Uncle Paul you are in better place now and are with the passed on sibling. We all loved you and will miss you. Who will call me Hortence now?

Much love,

On a much lighter note. People ask me how long I have been into fashion. All my life. My Gram would constantly be putting me in a frilly fancy dress. My mom said I was the doll she (gram) never had. (She had two sons and as once of 15 she never had a real doll for her own) But she didn't shape my taste as much as someone else.
That was my Pop.

(click to enlarge. Its HOUNDSTOOTH)

Pop dresses for an occasion. He even wears dress outterwear, hats and gloves (as opposed to dress down coats and gloves). Pop shines his shoes, wears tailored clothing and doesn't believe in cheap fabrics.
Kinda give you an idea where I am coming from now? And yes I shine my shoes. Every sunday in the colder weather (In summer I mostly rely on sandals)


david said...

Sorry about Paul, I know how much he, and all of them, mean to you.
Gram and pop are always dressed so nicely, event or not, but when there is an event they go all out.

Kelly said...

I'm so sorry about your loss Hillary.

Your grandpa sure is dapper - I love old men in suits!

Mary said...

I'm so sorry for your loss-- it sounds like he was a great man & a big part of your life.

On a happier note, your grandparents look like such wonderful people! Your Grandpa sure has a great sense of style :)

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Not to change the subject abruptly, but your grandparents are adorable!

hillary said...

Not a change of subject! They are adorable!

Lorena said...

It's so good to know that you cherish your grandparents.... not many people have the privilege of growing up next to them... I did too, so I understand, it's a love like no other even though my grandmother keeps on telling me "bangs look awful on you"--- i know it's love :)

BAM said...

Great post. Everyone is dressed so smartly.

I hope you and yours are doing okay.