Friday, October 09, 2009

Girls are soft and they smell nice.

I felt REH this morning. I was up way too late getting upset over stupid people who don't know shit about shit (you know who says that? If you do I love you) My goal this year is to be more like a duck and let things bead up and roll right off me. The year of the duck?

Amazing merino cardigan Ann Taylor. It retails for $90 and it is on sale right now for $29.99. I mean look at the detail and buttons and its merino! So it doesn't make me rashy. (tmi?)
Short sleeve turtleneck sweater H&M
Denim trousers Gap (You know them I wear them ALL the time)
Shabooties Target
Earrings High Gear
Bracelet Target

It is overcast and I didn't have time to go find a spot this morning as I had an early morning meeting and if I don't take pics early morning I am all wrinkled and my hair all messy and basically just not good.
OHOH I need to take a pic of back of my head I found a pearl hairtie that I had forever from the kids department of H&M.
I also have in a bumpit. Can I say that is the EASIEST hair do ever? Put in Bumpit and make a ponytail. DONE
booties targetIMG_5306big pearl crystal bracelet flower
So I have more than one question today.

What are your plans for the weekend?

What do you do for a living? I realized I don't know that about a bunch of you and I want to know you better.

My plans. Well I am hoping to squeeze a bit more of birthday time out since it was a TUESDAY after all. Birthday time is my way of saying... Can we have WHATEVER I want for dinner because its my birthday? Can you go get me a Tim Gunn special from the kitchen? Can you go get Waffle I am cold I need my little furnace?

We are going to do a Corn Maze too (corn maize hahahaa) And there will be LOTS Of homework on the misters part. He missed two classes this week because he was sick so its crunch time. Maybe I can go to the bead store!!

For a living I work at a school library. I have a new position kinda and I do a bit more interesting things but I am still behind the scenes.


Kelly said...

I love the pictures where you're sitting down, because it's an unusual pose - stands out in my reader!

plans for the weekend - go see The Invention of Lying, sweep the driveway, bake pumpkin dog biscuits and muffins, eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I don't know what else. I have other things in my mental "to-do" list but I seem to have forgotten them. oops.

what I do for a living - basically, I proofread or write all external documents (user guides, customer newsletters, press releases, etc). I'm the last stop to make sure everything is polished and correct before we print it up.

ShopKim said...

That sweater is super cute! I love the earrings too.

My plans for the weekend involve me driving out of state to go see some friends I haven't seen in about 18 years. Yea!! Just me - sans hubbie and little people.

As for my job, I'm a software developer by day and a jewelry maker by night (and sometimes day too).

v said...

I love your sweater :) I don't comment often, but I am an avid reader and I run to your blog everyday on my googlereader.

I am a graphic designer and jewelry maker :)

Dave77459 said...

Very comfy looking outfit! I'm sorry you got upset over stupid people. :-(

Weekend: up in air because of the weather uncertainty. The highlight will be having my son home from college for a few days. Yay!

Work: you know what I do, so I will spare you the tedious detail.

Beck At Her Best said...

Happy belated Birthday Hillary - weekends can be better for celebrating anyway :).

This weekend I'm visiting with from friends in from out of town and making a baked apple dessert for Saturday dinner (my boyfriend and I host for our friends every weekend).

I work in the engineering dept. of a machine shop handling all the prints and models for the parts made at my company.(Technically my job description is "Engineering Assistant").

mamichan said...

tomorrow a friend and i are going out to my CSA farm to get punkins and see the animals.

if i get around to it, selling my old clothes to the thrift store and looking for new clothes and tights, studying for the gmat, writing essays.

i work in a museum, fundraising and putting on events.

Becky said...

I like that you call them shabooties instead of shooties...sounds like know, the song from The Music Man (and from that one episode of Family Guy).

I work in a law firm as a receptionist/assistant. It's very boring, but "I'm thankful I have a job" ad nauseam. Ideally I want to get into publishing, but that has been a shit show lately...blargh!
Oh, and I'm working on writing and illustrating a children's book for my mom (she requested it be done by her 60th bday, which is sept 2010)

Clare said...

This is a really lovely outfit. I adore the grays and pearls throughout. So pretty!

C said...

Love, Love the earrings. Where can some? Sorry to style bite, but they are just that fab!

hillary said...

C I am sorry I don't know what you are asking. where can some?
If you want to know where to get the earrings it was a local boutique a few years ago.

The Thrifty Stylist said...

great outfit and pics. love the hair!
i'm a secretary (sigh) and also wanted to be in publishing but can't afford to live on the low salaries. sigh!

Lorena said...

Love the pic sitting down and what you are wearing, specially that cardi its A+
As of what I'll be doing for the weekend, I will be flying back home from Mexico.. yay!!

treesaw said...

First things first - your bangs are the bestest bangs in the history of bangs. I like your sweater very much too!

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving, so I shall be giving thanks by eating turkey and drinking too much wine and then lamenting my lack of self control. Promises to be a good one!

I am the Marketing and Communications Director for a private girls school. It is a fun yet stressful job.

Have a great weekend!

Eyeliah said...

my friends have a movie in the Vancouver I Film Festival so I'm going to that, then there is Canadian Thanksgiving (yum) and a Juliette Lewis concert! so excited.

Marianne said...

Hahaha! Like Becky, I also thought of the Family Guy song!

I'm an administrative assistant, but only part time now. I'm doing a master's degree in Library & Information Science. So I might be working in an environment similar to yours in the future!

Lisa said...

You look great today! I love the details on the cardigan. Also I don't know what it is, but your bangs look extra amazing today.

I'm a high school history teacher, and also a student, I'm getting my masters in special education.

LaurenSchoon said...

I love your jewelry and your shoes!

Megan said...

Your photos look amazing today!

I handle all of the mcd adv accounts for the us and Canada.

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

I LURVE that sweater, especially the detail around the neckline. You do a great job of mixing details and elements AND making them work well together. I wish I had that skill. I'm working on it. (My brother is more like that than me.)

My plans for the weekend is to work on Saturday, rest on Sunday and Monday. (My offices are closed for Columbus Day.) I plan to catch up on Gossip Girl and watch the DVDs I borrowed from my library--Jane Eyre, Kinsey, and The End of the Affair. I also hope to get some magazine reading in--InStyle and Glamour. 'Sides that, take care of my daughters and do their hair for the week.

What I do for a living? I'm a Young Adult Librarian.

hillary said...

thanks so much everyone!

dave77459 No I want details!

It is from a Mike Doughty song I can assure you I would not make a Family Guy reference unless it was me saying "This show I find insanely insulting...yet find I watch when I am too lazy to change the channel after simpsons"

ugh my bangs were so long they cut into my glasses and I wear trifocals so I had to trim them to see and I screwed them up. bah. Please be nice.

Dave77459 said...

Ah, well, I thought you knew what I did. I am a civil engineer by training, and work in the airport landside design business. That is, I help in the planning and design of everything at the airport that moves people, until they get on the plane. At this point, I'd say that half my work has been roads, curbs, and parking, and the other half is terminal pedestrian flow. You know, corridor widths and escalators and elevators and moving walkways.

I have much expertise in automated people movers, and for a while was one of the top experts in the analysis of personal rapid transit (PRT) systems. I probably am still one of the top experts, but there is not much work in that.

I have a lot of experience in computer programming, and worked for a while as an embedded system programmer... think about creating cable boxes. My current job is to design a vibration sensor package that will sit on buildings while subways are built beneath... hoping to detect shifts before the building falls.

Other than that, I don't do much.

Ally said...

I'm way late to this, but wanted to comment. I love that cardigan SO MUCH. I'm allergic to most wool but merino doesn't make me rashy either.

This weekend was our wedding reception so I celebrated w/our friends and families. It was awesome.

I work for a real estate development company as a property manager.

hillary said...

ally YEAH! congrats again!