Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gen Xer sadly attempts to recapture her 15 year old self.

Camera died so I didn't have much choice today.

I was asked to get more into my inspirations. Well today I have lots! This is a modern version of an outfit I would of done in 1993.

Shirt Target
Slinky black dress H&M (the back is low cut and beautiful but its VERY fitted. More so than I am ok with on its own
Grey tights Hue Super Opaques Macys
Boots Merrell LL Bean
Bow necklace Dominique Cohen
Hoops H&M
Red glass earrings AHT fair
Scarf street vendor in NYC

Onto the inspiration. Dave saw them first and we went over and laugh and said things like "oh I wore this trend the first time around" "Oh I hope grunge isn't coming back" Then we BOTH bought one. The same pattern but he got his in the men's department. This morning he said "I didn't know today was plaid day"

When my mom was my age I was in middle school and she would say such things to me and I would roll my eyes and think YOU ARE SO NOT COOL. I now say these things. I actually did this trend already. I need to scan more old pics. I have one of me in this EXACT pattern shirt. I would of worn this with my knee high combat boots in high school or Chucks and the dress would of been one of my mom's homemade ones I stole from her closet. I wouldn't of worn tights because I went to high school in Miami. I don't actually remember ever wearing tights in high school. I must of at some point?

I also feel like Janeane Garofalo. Slightly Daria too. I loved/hated that show. It came out when I was in college and EVERYONE called me Daria.

I probably would of had in 4 pairs of earrings. Big hoops and 3 other pairs in all my earholes was typical for me. I only wore one extra pair today. I have on silver eyeshadow and clear lipgloss which is pretty much what I would of done. I might of had a thin white line of eyeliner too. I have to say myself I looked great with that trend. It worked on me. (Julie eyebrows are all you)
or dis
These would of been rubber instead of bangles but I wanted to make it more modern me.
Me in 1993 those are combat boots and yes I am trying to get on point?
Typical highschool me
This is more how I would of been if I had posed in highschool. Sad stare and curtain of hair. OH hey someone should turn that into a song lyric.
The undone cuffs are SO Dave in high school. When he wasn't at school he would wear flannels with the cuffs undone and folded up once. I gotta say that KILLED me. I thought that was so cool.
Not the best for it but you can see his cuffs!
Slept in for first time since December!


julie mack said...

I was going to say that your eyebrows looked pretty damn fabulous even before I say your parenthetical statement! <3

Sal said...

HOW can the 90s be back already? Well, you're rocking the buffalo plaid, doll!

anna said...

love that plaid. I myself have been drifting towards it recently, but am stalling out at creative ways to put plaid together. This is a good inspiration!

In high school, I was slightly grunge, but gravitated usually towards skater chic. That means lots of fresh kicks and gigantor jeans that would probably fit me perfectly now!

hillary said...

I was only grunge maybe the first two years. But my grunge involved dresses and such.
Then I was a men's thrifted clothes girl. Lots of men's jeans that were worn out maybe ripped a little (which my mom despised) and lots of babydoll t's with slip dresses.

Kelly said...

Well, I was required to wear some sort of hosiery in high school so I wore it almost every day. Actually, I was such a fan of unusual tights (printed, designs, etc.) that after I graduated they put a clause in the student handbook that said all hosiery had to be solid-color nude, black, navy, or brown. I thought it was a coincidence but when I saw one of the deans one day about a year after I graduated, he said it was because of me :-p

BF is really into plaid/flannel now too, I will have to hint to him at how good the upturned cuffs look on you and Dave ;-)

Tina said...

Ahhh the good old days of lots and lots of tiny silver hoops in my ears, flannel everywhere, and combat boots with dresses. So comfy and easy to "look good" while putting forth zero effort.

Courtney said...

LOL! I've been reeling from the return of the Giant Neon and Black Gingham Check of Doom fashion that has returned from the mid to late 80s. Some of it has been reimagined into bags and shoes, but I have seen several large, unflattering camp shirts that look like they have been saved since I was in the 6th grade. Same shirts, same wide hip belts to wear over them. The only difference is that the leggings don't have stirrups this time around.

I can't do it again. I look at those shirts and realize that only teens and tweens can get away with wearing something so incredibly unflattering. If that makes me sound like my mom, oh well.

I was, however, pleased to see the return of silver mary janes. That's a re-trend I can embrace wholeheartedly. This time around, I want them with a chunky heel instead of flats.

anna said...

oh girl- the stirrup leggings are in FULL FORCE in some hoods in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

So funny........every time I walk into Target lately I think "Damn, if I would have kept everything I wore in High School, I'd be SO FASHIONABLE RIGHT NOW!"

I had my ears pierces 11 times on 1 side and 9 on the other.

hillary said...

I had 8 4 low on my left and 3 low on my right with one high. I don't have that one anymore because it ended in an ER visit. But I was never badass or into pain or cool for that matter so I stopped there.

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

LMAO at all of the high school/college flashbacks. When flannel was big, I was in my third and fourth year of college. I'd wear my red buffalo plaid big shirt, black leggings, and faux Doc Marten's to class. If I was feeling hip-hopish, I'd wear my big baggy jeans. :-)

I'm so over (like totally over) the 1980s trend, because I wore them in high school. They used to call me Punky Brewster in high school because I had neon everything from fingerless gloves with matching socks! My fav trend was to wear men's blazers pushed up to the elbow with my Levis and faux Reeboks.

Now, I'm just going for classic and unwrinkled. :-)

hillary said...

I ricochet between things as you can see. But OVERALL I am tailored and vintage feel and lady like. Ironing is all the husband. He even ironed the scarf for me today.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I had thirteen in one ear but the highest ones got so infected one time that my ear swelled up over the entire rest of my earrings.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure that I wore that exact same outfit you are wearing in the black and white high school photo.

Lisa said...

I remember Daria! I don't think I've thought of that in years. I remember watching it when I stayed up late at friends houses on the weekends.

I love how you updated your high school style. The plaid looks good on you. Next you should bring back the converse!

BAM said...

I almost wore plaid this morning and was thinking the same thing...wish I would've kept some of that around. Although I think I wore everything all loosey-goosey in those days. Not sure why I wanted to look bigger!

...love Maegan said...

lol. fabulous and hilarious ...from one gen xer to another.

hillary said...

Thank you everyone for stopping by and commenting! I really appreciate all the tiny bits of love!

love maegan.. eep I LOVE your blog. It is like a mini celebrity stopped by. I talk about your blog often. :) Thanks for stopping by

BAM there is always tomorrow! Yeah I had a wears items too big problem as well!

Lisa. Yes I think it was a perfect show for late night watching!

CLO that is kinda what happened to mine. It was so bad it was swollen over the earring and the doctor have to PULL IT THRU from the back. gah it hurt so bad.

Brooklyn I think I am tired of the 80's except for my Marc neon stuff! I can't get enough HOT PINK gah its a weakness.

Anna I have stirrup tights! *mwah*

Courtney. Eep I wear a LOT of gingham. I mean a lot. You might want to divert your eyes. ha.

Tina I keep having moments where I think I want combat boots but I know I won't wear them no matter how much I think about them.

Kelly sounds like Dave's school! He went to private school. I went to public in Miami. Our rules were no shorts, open toed shoes, tanks.

Sal I dunno! These damn kids stealing our old looks!

Julie in the mirror this morning I thought I better get a shot because this is ALL JULIE but camera died very quickly into taking shots. I knew it was so I nabbed details before it went kaput but forgot one of just brows! I think I did good with them today too I wish I had!

Kristen said...

Loove the outfit. I currently have several outfits involving leggings that I love purely because my mother would never let me wear them when they were in fashion in the first place (I was in elementary school, it's tough to go against your mom then).