Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fall wishlist item FOR MEN

Lets see more hats on you men mmmkay? It is a fact MOST men look amazing in a hat. I am not talking a silly baseball cap. I am talking a proper men's hat. They make you look instantly more dressed up and the ladies love a hat. (LLAH?)

My husband has one baseball hat. A Red Sox one. He only wears it when he is playing with the boys. His hat addiction all started with a skally cap my grandfather bought him for Christmas.

Everyone that day told him how great he looked even my cousin and uncle. (You have to know them to be impressed by that. They are incapable of saying something nice. You should of heard what he said when we said we were getting married!)
Then he got himself a military?ish hat. It is hard to tell here but it is definitely not a a baseball hat.

Then he adventured into winter hat territory (it has ear flaps! Its cute I promise)

He moved from there into fedora territory. He has more than are pictured here.

My personal favorite the green wool one.

The point is he looks damn FINE in a hat. Most men do if they get over themselves long enough to try it on and not act like Kevin Federline. Also for those with AHEM thinning hair it gives you a nice layer of protection from the elements!

But I ask if you are going to wear one be a gentleman and take it off at the table. (He does. I just like to take pictures of him in hats so I usually make him put it on and say "look away and look deep in thought")

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Heather said...

I agree with you - most men look good in hats. I really like the Fedoras on your man.