Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear Santa

I know I am a bit early in writing to you but I wanted to give you a heads up about what I want for Christmas this year.
The Nook.
I think I have shown I can and do read ebooks and quite enjoy the portability and ease of getting a new book the SECOND I finish the one I am reading. The Kindle wasn't quite right for me but this one is. I am telling you now because they are PRE ORDERING and if the cabbage patch kid craze of 1983 taught anyone anything. PRE ORDER!

PS my mom and dad totally would of bought it for me as a kid. NO QUESTION. They would of made us eat ramen for a month to buy it for me. We didn't have that kinda of money, nor did they spoil me, but I just know they would of LOVED me to have this. JUST SAYING SANTA.

PPS dear elves who read this before santa does, don't even BOTHER commenting about how you hate the idea and how there is nothing like a book. I am a librarian NO ONE knows better than me.For my lifestyle and tiny apartment ebooks are something my family has agreed works well for me. (see NO MORE ROOM) Comment as such and I will delete it.Thanks ;)


Megan said...

Oh man, I was totally ready to make a Christmas Wishlist, I don't think it's early at all!

That gadget would be great on the subway/airplane/doctor's office. And with the way you plow through books you NEED one.

Hear that, Santa? NEED.

hillary said...

comment forwarded!

IF santa doesn't buy it I plan to buy it for myself before new years. I NEED it.

Jess said...

Isn't it genius?? I have been waiting for it to come out before deciding on an ebook reader and I am so excited now!! I think Santa preordered mine tonight, because I cited the Cabbage Patch debacle too. I didn't get a real Cabbage Patch that year. Lol I wish I could have the Nook right NOW.

Heather said...

I so hear you!!

kendra said...

When I was 6 and wanted a cabbage patch doll my dad told me they were too expensive and if he bought me one we wouldn't be able to eat for a week. He was exaggerating but I didn't know that, I was six! So when Santa gave me a cabbage patch doll for Christmas, I thought we wouldn't be able to eat for a week but I had to pretend to be happy because my little brother didn't know there was no Santa. I remember this all very clearly.

Luckily we didn't go hungry, and I played with that doll ALL THE TIME so they got their money's worth!

I have no opinion about the Nook, though. ;-)

hillary said...

4 words
300 square foot apartment.

I got my cabbage patch for my 5th birthday (1983)(also day my mom walked out on my dad. it was my last joint gift) and my bday is october and that xmas there was the people like hurting each other in stores for them and my parents laughed because they got mine "early" people asked to buy it from them. NO DAMN WAY

Lorena said...

you beat me to the list!
I am thinking on what I can ask my H to get me and what I can ask my mom to get me... that is as far as my Santas go :/
You got me thinking on my Cabbage Patch ! I have her... do you still keep yours ?