Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Ok as promised my birthday post.

The day started out by my mom calling to wake me up. She has a 6th sense to know when I want to sleep in and to call about 4 hours before I want to wake up. heee. She usually starts the conversation by saying "Wake up slug fest".

Since I already had my cellphone in hand I checked my email before I went back to bed. A friend of mine had tweeted the night before at midnight how he was going to tweet Soul Coughing lyrics in honor of my birthday and Mike Doughty's album coming out (on my birthday!) Well Mike EMAILED HIM asking him not to tweet Soul Coughing lyrics!! He can be such a bitch. I love him I really do. I am one of his biggest fans. But I also have been witness to him being a bitch to his fans. I know he is bipolar and is a bit emotional regarding Soul Coughing.. but dude THAT BAND FUCKING MADE YOU!! These fans followed you from then. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Don't shit where you eat and lots of other bad cliches. Basically don't be a dick to your fans. Without them you wouldn't have a job.
Best part? Mike doesn't even follow my friend or me so he wouldn't even see the tweets. (Even though I was 3rd person to follow him, just saying)

Dave brought me my presents in bed and he had a scavenger hunt already laid out for me. (Can I just say this is my FAVORITE traditon we have?) At the end of my hunt was this gorgeous purse.
used this one
He picked it out himself. He said he was going for a ladylike bag with a vintage feel in a modern color. He also pointed out it had a cinched waist with a belt. heeee. I also got some blind box items. We have a small apartment so it is one of the few things we collect.
If you don't know about them, what they are is small toys you buy in a series. You pick out a series and they usually have 6-15 different toys in a series and have little pictures on box of what you MIGHT get. It is fun and you never know what you will get. We are such wimps though we don't often buy two in a set for fear we will get duplicates. So one of a lot of sets. ha!
This time I got the little hunter, a dunny, a tokidoki, the pencil and a tiny popsicle with a bite taken out of it
I also got some astronaut ice cream ( I LOVE THAT STUFF) and ugly monkey finger puppets and some tiny Japanese figures.

See that tiny round lilac colored thing? Its a tiny lens to put on your cellphone camera to create pictures with starburst patterns!

I also got some Godiva chocolates. I am very picky and never like half the ones in a box so he just picks out the ones he knows I like from the case. He knows me so well. My favorite is the pumpkin truffle one. OMG I WANT A DOZEN.

For lunch we went to a NEW RESTAURANT! If you have been around awhile you know my husband is Celiac and we only have three restaurants we frequent. Due to places not accommodating and fear from so many years being sick. Dave doesn't really know Thai food. It is something I grew up with. On Sunday I proclaimed randomly how I had a hankering for Thai iced tea. So what does he find? A Thai restaurant west of the city that had a gluten free menu!!!!!!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It was honestly one of the best meals I ever had in my entire life.
Ambrosia. stirring.
I got pad thai and we shared chicken satay.
The best Pad Thai I ever had in my life.IMG_5153

Dave got a ginger pinenut dish. I couldn't try it because I am allergic to mushrooms. (we didn't know they were in his dish when he ordered)
Ginger Pine Nut something or other. I couldn't taste it because it had mushrooms. He said it was good.

We then went to a farm and got pumpkin pie soda.
Allendale Farms
Omg was this delicious
It's like something out of Harry Potter!

Then we went shopping on Newbury street. He bought me a polish at Chanel! We also put my name on the waiting list for Jade. (eep WHO AM I?)

Oh and best part of the day? I SAW BEN AFFLECK!
Only proof I actually saw Ben Affleck
I don't have any pictures of him. It happened so fast. We went over there knowing they were filming HOPING maybe just maybe we would see him. They let us walk right through the middle of the scene. (I think they were just blocking it) and as I was walking by the camera guy I heard him. My head snapped around so fast I think I pulled something. There he was 5 feet away with a machine gun to a guy in a nun's mask head. He is just as handsome in person. Also that accent? Yeah totally real or he is just always faking it. I love me a southie accent. I can't help it. Then as fast as I saw him I in typical Hillary fashion said to Dave "LOOK LOOK ITS BEN!!" in a very loud whisper. To which he did his typical Dave strained talking through his teeth face said "SHUSH!" and a PA yelled at us to "keep it moving!" damn! I think they were about to start filming. When they were here a few weeks ago they had blocked the road and everyone had a finger to their lips for silence.

So that was my birthday.

While we were at the farm I got a fancy gluten filled cookie.
I asked Dave if he thought it would be OK to give some to Waffle. It was just flour and sugar. He said he didn't see why I couldn't give her a tiny piece. I know I shouldn't but I only give her tiny pieces and I always check if its safe first. Daisyboo never showed any interest in any food. Ever. She looks at you like your crazy. Waffle? Complete opposite.
So while I didn't wait for him to be home I did remember to take a picture.
She loved it. She spent the next 5 minutes trying to smack it out of my hand. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all?

It was a fantastic birthday. I got lots of fun things from my amazing friends. (Do you want to see that stuff? People asked about the above in particular but do you want to see the rest?)
I can safely say I think my bad birthday streak was broke this year! Thanks everyone for making it so wonderful!


Clare said...

Yay, happy birthday!! Glad you had such a lovely time!!

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I'm so happy to hear that you had such a great birthday. And I'd love to see everything else, but the bag? If you want to come show me in NYC, maybe let me try it out on my arm then that'd be great. It's sooooo nice! Way to go Dave...serious props to him...
I want a cookie just like waffle. :) And pumpkin soda? That's sounds divine though I can't really imagine it.
Sounds like it was a perfect day. Yay!

Tiffani said...

What a great birthday!!

frazernash said...

Pumpkin pie soda sounds so wrong. Bet it's a nice colour though...actually, steak and kidney pie soda would be really wrong...

hillary said...

Crap you read it? So I have to stop talking about you huh?

ha. Actually the pie soda was REALLY good. I would say it tasted like pie so much as a nice soft pumpkin flavor with bubbles. It was so good dave drank his and half mine. I thought I would explode from the thai food.

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

Your hubby is super awesome! Picking out the candies you don't like, now that's just committed!

What does pumpkin pie soda taste like? How could they thin pumpkin pie enough to make it drinkable? Does sound yummy. I love pumpkin pie soup. I might try to make my own this winter.

hillary said...

Every had italian soda? Its like that with a soft sweet pumpkin flavor. Its delicate and yummy. I am kinda picky and I really dug it.

Kimberly said...

Fantastic purse - way to go, Dave! Glad to see you were able to add a new restaurant to your list!

anne said...

Asking Mike Doughty not to be a dick to his fans is like asking the ocean not to be blue.

hillary said...

I almost just spit water through my nose. So I assume you have been witness to his antics as well? sucks too because I am a LONG time fan and follower and he makes me not want to go to the concert in Nov I have tickets too!

Becky said...

That bag is AMAHZING. Sorry. Rachel Zoe speak sometimes takes over my brain when I get giddy over fashiony things. :) I'm SO glad you had a good birthday! Let's see ALL your loot!

Kelly said...

Seriously awesome birthday! I want a birthday again soon now! But goddamnit, I have to wait until June.

Lorena said...

I am so glad you had such a beautiful birthday :)
....your H is sooo thoughtful !