Monday, October 19, 2009

And now back to our regularly scheduled program

Oh boy what a week!
Tomorrow I return to work after missing almost a week.

Thank you for your emails of concern about what happened to me. I am fine. I went in for what I thought would be a few hours of jury duty. A week later... yeah I got picked for the jury. Lets just say please don't commit a crime because man sitting on a jury is not something I ever want to put someone through! (That and you shouldn't be committing crimes anyways but I digress...)

After I had my camera confiscated the first day I left it at home and I have a lot of really bad unpostable photos that tell me taking my own pictures in my apartment is just a bad idea. Oh and I broke my tripod. OR Waffle did. Yup the kitten did it. No innocent until proven guilty with her. Anyone will believe she did it. It had nothing to do with me placing it precariously in the stacks and it crashing to the ground taking a book or two with it, one, two or elevendy times.

On with the lackluster show! So today for the 4th day in a row I ATTEMPTED an apartment photo. As small as it is I can't really get the camera back far enough and take a photo without 10 tons of schtuff in the picture. Oh and a kitten that INSISTS it is her show.
Yes Waffle I put that stool there for you.

erp. Let me place a disclaimer on this look. I dressed very BORINGLY for the past week. Mostly because I didn't want to stand out in the box and and and...... I just didn't want to waste the nice on the court room. Is that terrible of me? You might not believe this either but I wore pants SIX days in a row. Not a skirt or dress in sight. Tre tragic.

Shirt Target
Cardigan Target
Necklace Target (shit um yeah I don't like Target)
Jeans Banana Republic (see I branch out!)
Detail of necklace
Boots Durango birthday gift from Mumsy
They apparently still sell the boots. My mom gave them to me as a gift a few years ago and they just never made it in the rotation. As I mentioned before I have been trying to wear all my clothes and trying not to add to the collection.
I still remember my mom calling me from a cowboy store saying she wanted boots and did I want some too. (I think she was validating her getting boots by getting some "for hillary's birthday") I remember her asking some guy how she took a picture with her phone. ha.

This weekend was pretty relaxed. Well except for Saturday night when I got sick at my birthday dinner with my inlaws. All I wanted to do all night was throw up. gah. But I can't. I am broken. (no really) Sucks too because it was soooo good. Mister man and I also went to Target to replace the iron Waffle pushed off the fridge onto the wood floor last week. The part Dave leaves out of the story was it was TECHNICALLY broken already she just broke it permanently.
I found a sutible replacement
Dave didn't agree. Actually I should give him proper credit. He was going to buy it but wanted me to validate the extra $20 it was because it was pink.

D "Are you going to actually iron?"
H "Are you actually going to let me iron and not rip it out of my hand and say 'you don't know what you are doing give me that, silly'"
D "No"

4 years of Catholic school and he thinks he is some iron expert. I am ok with that. That was how it was in my house growing up. Exmarine stepdad slamming the iron on the ironing board in the morning next to my bedroom. ha.

Oh and Dave fed the kitten Pepsi
Worst nightmare
Ok no we didn't. I.can.not.imagine!

What did you do this weekend?

I have to apologize I am a week behind in my rss. I probably will read everything but start fresh this week in showing you love on your posts. Sorry but I have SO much catching up to do. You guys have been busy!


FashionAddict said...

Cute green sweater, and that necklace is divine!

Clare said...

I actually really like your "boring" court outfit. It looks really polished, and the colors are great! Oh, and your hair looks marv in those pictures.

ShopKim said...

I like the court outfit too! I couldn't imagine having to sit there all day in a skirt. Pants were a good choice!

C Lo said...


Did he put "Happy Birthday Pumkin" on a pumpkin!!???

I did nothing this weekend.

Lorena said...

WOW jury duty !
that's a tough one.... I love your cardi !

BAM said...

Ahhh...You did your civic duty, good for you.

I got to carve a pumpkin (need to post, argh).

Went to a soccer game (saw Becks, but from far away and he had horrible mutton chops)

Rode bikes in crazy fantastic Houston weather!

Didn't blog b/c well, the weather was just too nice :)

Heather said...

I wondered! Yuck on the jury duty. I've been called 3 times (unusual) but never actually picked for a jury. Digging the boots.

hillary said...

I have been called over 25 times and sat in room once and now sat on jury once. When I lived in g'ville my home address was miami (6.5 hours away) there was a stint for over 2 years where they were calling me literally every month and my mom got so tired of calling them and saying "she is a student she can't come back" and every month a new one would show up. I am not even exaggerating.

Emily B. said...

I like your boring court outfit, too. Please feel free to dress me any time! But I am trying to shop out of my closet, too, so I understand completely. And I think a pink iron is totally and completely worthwhile. It would be even better if it had Hello Kitty on it.

I went to see Coco before Chanel and Where the Wild Things Are this weekend.

Kelly said...

"I didn't want to waste the nice on the court room"

I do the same thing sometimes, but it still made me laugh!