Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What you got there? Yeah that. Let me see it.

I might have gone overboard with the detail photos today and I even left out the coat one because it was just that much over the edge of too many.

Dress Anna Sui for (*whispers* Target. Let me pretend I can afford her ok)
Purple satinlike shirt H&M
Super Opaques Hue Macy's
Shoes Clarks
Purse Liz Claiborne Macy's
Headband H&M
Necklace handmade Birthday gift from Becca

I like how my bangs kinda make me look like Anna Sui here. I really liked a lot of her collection mostly except for the Jessica stuff. It was all VERY expensive. But some of it that I looked at was very nice quality and some was even silk. This one was the most expensive of the collection (I paid less for 2 of my marc jacob dresses) but I was pretty damn smitten. I thought hard about it and wasn't going to get it (going by my advice I wrote in that article) but my husband knowing how I am said
Buy it take it home and try it on with a few things and then decide.
The problem wasn't that I didn't love it but the money. He knew I would kick myself if I didn't get it and as it was they'd released it a day early at ours and there was one. I tried it on with a bunch and found it versatile in my wardrobe.
danna sui black lace hem detailblack oxfords clarksparis necklace made for me by bamLiz clairborne black purse gold hardware
Makeup I used 3 purples and a oyster pink. I put them on my hand today to really show. Admittedly I used the same brush but I promise they are different shades. Coralista blush by Benefit and a raspberry gloss
Most gloss is nibbled off in this picture.IMG_4651
Thanks to the people that filled out my poll. As of right now more people have said they visited then my stats said. Grr. I need to know the weird shit that people google to find me and the random sites that link me. I am NOSY like that.
OH OH so there is today's topic.

Are you nosy? Do you peek in people cabinets? Anything you are dying to ask me? :P

I am nosy as hell. I totally peek in cabinets. I'd go through your purse if you let me. BUT I won't cross the line and actually ask you those nosy things. I like to be polite, doesn't mean I am not damn curious though! I even log into my husband's email. Not because I don't trust him. I am just NOSY. He doesn't care AT ALL. (Which admittedly bothers me a bit, I dunno why. I should be glad I have a husband who lets me snoop) I have a friend who I never can quite gauge what he will think and where his line is. He is English (British? I know I asked which you are supposed to say but I forget) Anyways, I totally looked up his ex-girlfriend and a few of his friends flickr streams and I told him, mostly because I am a very honest person. He said "its not snooping if its public on the internet" oh GOOD ANSWER.


heather said...

4 of my friends tried that dress on and couldn't get it zipped without a LOT of help. once it was on, it was tight under the boobs, but fit perfectly everywhere else! i am impressed that you are able to wear it.

hillary said...

Impressed because I look too big to fit into them? I don't understand what kind of comment that is meant to be.

Kelly said...

Love how you layered it - I didn't realize that the buttonup was seperate until I saw the items listed out

Tiffani said...

I gotta check out her line! Love the detailing at the bottom.

Lisa said...

Love the dress!

And to answer your question, I am incredibly nosy! However, I once read somewhere a way to catch nosy guests was to put marbles in your medicine cabinet, so if they open it they'll fall down on the sink and make a ton of noise. I become terrified someone might actually do that, and that has dulled my snooping . . . slightly.

Ally said...

I love going through stuff. I always ask or announce myself though. Like when I go to someone's bathroom I say, "I'm going to go through your cabinets!!" Tracey knows every time she sees me I'll sit down and go through her purse until I find her make up bag. I've seen it dozens of times but she gets new stuff and doesn't always tell me. haha That sounds so stalkerish, doesn't it?

If we ever hang out I'll just hand over my purse so you can dig :)

BAM said...

ha, you people are cracking me up with your snooping! I don't usually snoop, and I have put up signs in my bathroom cabinets that read "Caught ya!" before parties.

That being said, I am snoopy on the internet. I've looked up old friends, boyfriends, friends boyfriends,etc.

Oh, and you wore the blush that I didn't end up buying yesterday. Figure I'll get it next time I go for a makeup run.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love, love that dress- it is FABULOUS! You have such lovely taste. I am a little nosy too- especially about things open on the internet, totally fair game that is.

hillary said...

Bam you people nothing. I like to do it but haven't had the chance in years. You know what, thinking about I have been to only one persons house that wasn't my Parents since 2002. I went over 3 times and she didn't have cabinets.

I don't have friends. Not ones whose house I've been to since college. :(

ally we can trade. My friends used to love to go through mine in highschool. I do it to my gram now. I don't know if my mom would let me though. Maybe.

Clare said...

LOVE that dress! It looks fantastic!

Becky said...

Oooh is this the "Gossip Girl" line? If so, this is a total Blair dress! I love how you layered it with the blouse-very cute!

I'm sometimes a snooper...depends on if I'm curious about the person or not.

Lorena said...

The dress is amazing, it was a great buy.
It fits you perfectly and the color looks great on you.
Yes, I am nosy too. But, I pretend I am not. Mmmm, let me think of something to ask you....

Lorena said...

I know what to ask !
Are you left handed ? You look left handed....

FashionAddict said...

This looks fantstic on you!!! I love it, but I bet it would be too short on me. How tall are you?

hillary said...

5'3" and change

Stefka said...

Wow - killer outfit! I am definitely a nosy person - I think in my case it partly stems from insecurity. It's like lurking on blogs...getting glimpses into other people's lives because theirs seem so more interesting than mine (I want to "belong" but always feel separate.) Now I'm trying to put myself out there more and do more interacting, and being happy with my life just as it is!

hillary said...

Lorena. There is debate on that issue. I am right handed. BUT my bff who has known me since I was 6 SWEARS I was lefthanded, she said she'd put money on it. I use a left handed mouse, wear my watch on my right hand and do a few things left but mostly I am a righty.

stefka I feel you. I want to belong but I don't. I have always been a social reject. I still am in my day to day dealings but on the web not so much. IF they met me in life I wonder if it would be different.

Lorena said...

Sooo... you are a lefty ! By heart :)