Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday. hrm. yeah got nothing witty.

Lots of photos today. Mostly because I was having a hard time again with hair, makeup, necklace and jewelry in one.

Shirt (gingham) Gap
Suspenders Dorothy's Costume
Wideleg PLEATED denim trousers H&M (hemmed with cuff by loving husband! he even tutorialed it last year)
Bracelet Celiac Awareness from conference.
Flower in hair H&M
Star and circle earring gift from an art fair
Glass ring MFA shop
boots merrell
Hoodie H&M

Since I couldn't decide you get an alternate pose
I always get jealous of all the cool kids Hello Kitty clothing stores have. If they have adult its never as cute as the kids. Last night I was at H&M and I saw this hoodie and tried it on without really paying attention that I was in the tween department. The biggest size which looks like it says 12+ fit! (I know I hate people blahing about size) BUT my point is I never considered shopping in the husky kids department but I should! The have gold lame appliqué hello kitty hoodies with PRINCESS SLEEVES.
IMG_4976IMG_4974turquoise bracelet glass ring powder bluehair and earring
Boston scrabble necklace from the lovely Becky of Gilding the Frilly
boston necklace
For makeup white gold on entire lid, pink in corner, teal on outer lid and wet as a liner on top and bottom. Coral blush and my new Chanel lipgloss! I blew some birthday money on something I could never afford. I wanted to be frivolous with a little bday money after such a rough time summer with paycuts and what nots.

This is the house I grew up in.

Today's topic come from an IM conversation I was just having. I know my family is a bit odd. We dance to the beat of our own tambourine (see we don't even listen to a drummer). The house I grew up in was giant and unique and whenever I had friends over for the first time they were dumbfounded. We had two living rooms, one on first floor and one on the second. Our kitchen had brick floors. We had giant beams running through the house (that at points had a swing on it) We had a big loft and rooms with no doors. The rooms with doors were all handmade latch doors that you could NEVER sneak out of. My mom and stepdad designed and built it. The whole right side of the house was mine. The upper left was my parents. The green house was always filled with weird plants and it was always warm even in the dead of winter. We would open the sliding glass door off the living room and get some of the heat.

So the question. Do you save things for special occasions? Have furniture that is only for company?

My immediate family of mom and Den and I do not. We are all about using the crystal to drink our orange juice and putting out feet up on the fancy couch. Eat brownies off the china. I once saw an episode of Oprah where she went to her mom's house and showed how her mom had plastic on the sofa. Oprah said to her how she could afford to buy one everyday why did she make people sit on plastic slipcovers? Who was she saving it for the Pope? To which her mom replied
"The Pope can sit on the plastic just like everyone else"

Haaa I try to use my things. I wear cocktail dresses to work. I write grocery lists on letter pressed stationary. What am I saving it for? (I used to be a bad saver and honestly what did I need with 54 sets of stationary?) USE IT! You can't use it when your dead.


Dave77459 said...

First things first. The highlights running through your braid are teh awesome. It looks like fantastic wood grain or something even more fabulous, if that's even possible.

Now, as an Aging American, I have the right to have "Company Only" stuff. But I don't. My stuff, all of it, is a tool for my use. If I want to wax the bike with the good hand towels, I will. Nothing has a plastic cover except the screen on my mobile phone.

I will admit that there are things I don't use, like the dining room table or china. But that's a matter of convenience more than a sense of keeping it special for guests.

Aside: did you know the underline tag is not allowed, but italics is? Why?

hillary said...

I believe in using things AND keeping them nice. I polish all my shoes and bags. Plastic cover on cellphone. Etc. See you use roxy and keep her nice!

Dave77459 said...

I don't necessarily think that using things and abusing things are the same. I know that maintaining goods will extend their lifetime. I take care of Roxie because I want her to last a long time in top condition. When I stop maintaining her, she will rust and problems will creep in.

I reckon if I want to honor my guests, they get to use my good stuff. But my good stuff is not pristine, for the most part, because I too get to use my good stuff. Guests are not more valuable than I am. :)

Lorena said...

I am jumping up and down thinking about your HK hoodie.... OMG ! OMG ! KH Hoodie come to me !
Loving the suspenders... btw.
I use to "save" stuff more for later. Now, I have changed a bit. I also wear cocktail dresses to work, where there hell am I supposed to wear them to ??!!
It's not like I am a socialite with cocktails every evening...

Becky said...

I need to use my nice stationery...I have quite the collection that I rarely use.
You're wearing the necklace I gave you! Kind of a twilight zone're a real person...not just a blogger who lives in my computer for my personal enjoyment! :)

Kimberly said...

I'm with you, Hillary - I use my stuff. I've never been a saver, my mom and her mom weren't either. I like nice and pretty things in my life!

Gienah Ghurab said...

I have two gingham dresses. I now want a gingham shirt!

And to keep this on topic in regards to your question: I save CLOTHES. "Oh, no, that's too nice and new; I can't wear it (yet)."
We also have special occasion dishes (wedding china, but also some Friendly Village pieces for not-quite-china special meals.)

Kelly said...

I used to save things, but then realized it was dumb. I would save "nice" pens and they would dry out or get lost. I would save "nice" clothes and then gain weight. I pretty much use anything now. My parents moved into a brand new house with hardwood floors and when they first had people over they would always ask if they should take their shoes off to not scratch it. My mom just says, "I don't care about scratches. I live here, you know? Things will happen" and it's true. It's silly worrying about preserving things, IMO (not that you should abuse them, but use them for what they're made for). That being said, there are dresses I feel are too fancy for work and I do have a set of "nice" towels for the guest bathroom because the rest of my towel collection is a sad mishmash of whatever I liked when I needed new towels (hot pink, baby blue bath sheet, yellow towels with my initials embroidered on them).

Lisa said...

First of all, I'm so jealous that your husband can hem your clothes for you.

Second, I'm definitely going to check out the children/tween section. Cheaper, and clearly cuter.

Lastly, my mom and grandmother are really big savers (my grandmother's furniture is covered in plastic), and I try not to be, but definitely am a little. I recently realized I've been saving a nice box of stationary that has my full name on it (I'm getting married in August, so it will be incorrect then), but for some reason it seems to nice to use . . . maybe it's genetic.

mamichan said...

ur giving me a heart attack -- the hoodie! using your letterpress for grocery lists!

i'm a reformed hoarder-saver. i'm getting better, though. i haven't bought soap in over 6 months now since i decided to use the bars of fancy soaps that my friends have been giving to me as gifts for years. i didn't use it before b/c i preferred liquid soap.

Marianne said...
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Marianne said...

*So* jealous of your hoodie... I have to look at the stores around here to know if they have it!

Ms. B said...

I love your trousers!

Heather said...


Also I'm very bad for not using things - even for good because noone is good enough to use the good stuff with! LOL Bad. I vow to change that.