Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuesday that feels like a Monday

Dress INSANE sale at NY&co this is a dress I stalked all summer. I FINALLY got it for less than 50% off. They just weren't marking it down for the longest time. They knew I wanted it badly.
Blue lace tights no idea. Target??
Shoes Clarks
Earring gift from husband
Ring MFA store
Bangles one set from my mom one set from my husband

long circle earrings bobs york mainesilver banglesgreen silver and blue glass ringmwebe2IMG_4477
So I have a hard time with shoes. I have(had) plenty of cute shoes to put on once I get somewhere and i have fine flat commuting shoes but what about when I got out at night or on weekend? I can't carry shoes in my purse to go to the store. So I wore Danskos most the winter. Because they are comfy. But they look like shit with a skirt (on me at least, others I like it) So I was on the hunt for a pair of shoes that
I could wear in the winter
wear with skirt
wear with pants
go with my style (danskos did not)
have a heel because flats make me feel ugly and fat
black oxfords clarks
I found them! I almost described them exactly before I found them. That happened with my wedding dress. Before I tried on a single dress or went into a store I said what I wanted. Something I had never seen. First dress I see in first store was what I drew on a napkin. Same deal with these shoes. Couple hours before I said what I wanted exactly. Dave said I should of wished for something fancier. he. I love that they are men's wear influenced too. I am really into mixing the men's wear with UBER girl items.

So on the sentence I (had) lots of shoes.
Rage is a good emotion if your my overflowing closet
Shoes are one thing I never got rid of. I kept things since highschool (uh think mid 90's) and I just couldn't part with any of them. I was on a rampage of cleaning yesterday and I pulled over 50 pairs of shoes (I stopped counting at a point) and I donated them last night. I had to get them out of the house. I then spent the rest of the night obsessing about them and thinking I needed them all. But to be honest I didn't wear them. I go back to the same shoes again and again. Mostly because I hate having hurt feet. NO MORE CHEAP SHOES unless there is a very very good reason. My clothes need to be tackled next. I donated a bunch earlier this year and gave a ton to a friend. But I still have more stuff than space. The purging felt good but the guilt felt terrible. I had a backpack my dad bought me in highschool. I haven't used it in oh 8 plus years and I donated it. But I am sitting at working thinking "BUT MY DAD PICKED IT OUT".

Do you need to do a purge? What do you need to go through? Shoes, coats or clothing?

Do you get the regret after? How do I make it go away faster. I hate the feeling. I try to live my life without regrets so when I have it, it makes me sick to my stomach.


Lemondrop Marie said...

I always need to purge because I have a hard time doing it and never get enough out at a time! I do hoard shoes terribly too, you are right to say no more cheapies. It's amazing how comfy a heel can be in a well made shoe. Love those! Clarks are one of my FAVES.

Sal said...

I keep trying to purge, but I really do USE what I've got ... even though there's gobs of it!

The blue dress is fantastic, doll. Glad you nabbed it.

Becky said...

You look stunning in blue!

I'm actually mid-purge myself. Right now I have two garbage bags filled with clothes and shoes. There will probably be more once I start bringing my cooler weather wardrobe out from hiding. It feels really good!

BAM said...

The goal of my Sunday was to PURGE, but I got distracted by a happy hour (eh, it was a three-day wkd right?)

The purge has been rescheduled for next weekend. I think the change of seasons is making everyone itchy for change and purging is a good way to kick start.

I almost always regret one item, but mostly forget about everything else a day later.

Lorena said...

That dress was sure worth the wait, it looks marvelous with your hair !
I pick stuff out all the time, but have the hardest time with bags, shoes and mostly paper.
I have tests from high school.... from my favorite teacher... so you can only imagine !

Jess said...

Love the shoes! I am in the market for some black ones because I am in LOVE with my pair of very similar brown ones...wearing them for the first time today with a dress and they are so cute and comfy! I got them (Enzo Anglioni, nice leather!) for $5 at Goodwill. SCORE!

I just did a major closet purge and threw out everything and anything that was too small, holey, in bad shape, etc. I feel so much lighter now.

Anonymous said...

I have a bad habit of buying and hanging onto items that either were SUPER cheap when I bought them OR are some sort of "staple" that I have a strange feeling I should have even though I never wear them. Both of these categories are usually things that aren't' comfortable or flattering. I generally purge this stuff every few months.

And omg I know what you mean about that sale! I went to buy that short sleeved cardigan you suggested (however, it was the wrong shade of blue for the dress I wore to the wedding...ugh) and so I went to return it and the day I bought it, it was $40, and then the next day it was $14!!!! I was in a huge rush the day I returned it but I was dying over how on sale everything was. Hopefully I can get back this week.

Kelly said...

Hooray! Just on my lunch break I got some shoes with very similar requirements - winter shoes I could wear with skirts or pants, have a heel, and are comfy. It was weird to have "comfy" on my list because that has never been in my shoe vocabulary before!

I'm pretty good at purging as I go (if I put something on and think it's old/worn/doesn't fit/past its prime, I put it in the bag I keep in my closet. When the bag fills, I donate). But I have the hardest time purging shoes, and I don't know why. I did some a couple weeks ago. Put all these shoes in a box to be taken to Goodwill. Not two days later, I was digging through the box for some shoes I hadn't worn in two years, because they were the only perfect shoes for my outfit. So that makes me nervous to drop the rest off at Goodwill.

Lisa said...

I adore the blue! I need to purge shoes and clothing. I have a bad habit of buying things just because they're on sale/look pretty/I can think of a highly unlikely situation where I may wear them . . . hopefully they will make someone else happy.

Kasmira said...

Oooooh! Tights!

You are so lucky to have found your shoes in the stacks! I am going to have to check my library for a pair. ;)

Clare said...

That is a spectacularly GORGEOUS color on you!