Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tiny review of Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Gloss

After dinner last night Dave and I hit up Victoria's Secret next to the restaurant because they were having a 7 for $25 dollar sale on undies. I like their pink collection ones as long as there is no words on the bottom. There are lots of cute hipsters with hearts on them or stripey ones or just plain with lace. The other half say something stupid on the butt. Happens every time. I see a cute one pick it up and it says like Cheeky on the butt.

Oh so the lipgloss. Since we were in line for way too long they have all the lipglosses next to where the line is (hello candy and magazines in the check out lines) They were on sale 5 for $20 or 2 for $12. I really enjoy a squeeze tube angle applicator so I started going through the flavors.
I looked at the flavors picked out the ones I liked then picked the color. I picked up a few cute pinks but they were banana or fruit punch and well homey don't play that. I am more a cakes and vanilla person.

I ended up with one called Slice of Heaven it smells like cake. I personally don't mind a scented gloss as long as its like I said more vanilla or cakey or apricot. (Benefits)
Its a soft almost see thru pink with pink shimmer (not glitter, shimmer. There is no grit) Its slightly sticky and has a real good shine. Its a perfect don't have to look to apply gloss. I personally like it and can see me getting more of them. As much as I love mac I am not a huge fan of doe foot applicators. I find squeeze tubes much more easy to apply and easy to wipe off and clean periodically.

No gloss (I did it backwards and took the gloss pic first so my lips are a bit pinker than normal from wiping it off.)
With gloss. Its pretty right? Nice and subtle for everyday wear but packed with shine without being goopy looking.


Heather said...

LOVE. The last picture you posted is really good. I've now got a good idea of how this gloss really looks on. Thanks!

Becky said...

You know what's also good (besides cake smelling/flavored things)? Basic Sephora lipgloss is "Precious Pink". It's the same concept and color, but not sticky at all (and not scented/flavored-boo). It came in a 3-pack of sample sized glosses that I got as part of the "birthday gift" with Sephora Beauty Insider.

mamichan said...

I should've waited on VS! I went last week and got 5 for $25. Did we totally get the same undees? I got a bunch of stripey ones.