Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tickets procured

(Working on my .25$ words. Impressed? or should I say enthused?)


Sal said...


I got to interview him once and he was SO NICE. But it was over the phone. Durr!

hillary said...

I met him 4 times (well you see one here) emailed him twice (that he replied) and had a bunch of conversations on SSQ back in the day. And I have some photos I sent him on his blog. (if you google me its one of first things that comes up)

OH and my friend dated him and he SANG AT HER WEDDING. (jealous you bet your sweet ass I am)

Does he know I exist? NOPE

fanboy? you betcha.

D'Et said...

... and you're such a cute couple! *giggle*

Have FUN!! :)

hillary said...

Physically I have absolutly zero attraction to him.