Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Site stats brokkkkken

So some how my Google Analytics broke on or about September 5th until Today September 16th. It says I had 8 visitors in all that time. According to google the code is still working but I am dubious. I have had much more than 8 comments in the past week so that means more than 8 visitors correct?
If you wouldn't mind taking a minute and taking a quick poll located on the left. Maybe if I can SHOW I had more than 8 visitors in 1o days they will admit the code is broken? *fingers crossed*

To be honest the reason I love the tracking is to see all the insane things people google to find me.
Michael Hutchence
Staying up until 3 in the morning.

But this is broken for the past week as well.

Thank you in advance, I appreciate that and to you I say WORD


Bianca said...

Did you change your template recently? When you change your template, it erases the code you have for tracking. Go into your HTML and make sure your tracking data is still in there.


hillary said...

Yeah that was first thing I did but thank you.

Lorena said...

Those 8 hits is probably just me.... and tons of people come by....