Friday, September 25, 2009

*Review* Poshe' Super-Fast Drying Topcoat

It is fantastic. Go buy it.
No seriously shoooo!

Image Courtesy of Poshe'

I was out of topcoat and stopped off at CVS on my way home yesterday. I went to go grab my usual one when Poshe' Super-Fast Drying Topcoat in its little purple box with line drawing of a girl's face on it caught my attention. It claimed to dry your nails completely in 5 minutes. I said you are ON.

After painting my nails I slapped a coat on (with no wait time between polish and topcoat)
Within 5 minutes my nails were DRY. I wouldn't do pressing down really hard on them just in case, but they were dry to the touch and I could do things with them instead of sitting there like an idiot waving my hands around. (You know EXACTLY what I am talking about. The ooh ooh my nails are wet dance)

The best part? NO BUBBLES. I always get bubbles when I put on a top coat. Sometimes more than others. I have looked up how to prevent this. (Don't shake the bottle, Don't do it in front of a fan) but I can't seem to stop it. With this? No bubbles at all. My husband was witness to a really bad top coat I bought last week that literally destroyed a salon manicure. I put it on after 2 days after manicure to keep it from chipping and shine it up and all 10 nails looked like bubbling lava within minutes. It was a nightmare and a wasted $12! First thing he said when I showed him was "No bubbles!!"I actually plan to return that other one to the store because it was obviously defective.

From a distance they have a nice glossy shine.

Up close. Don't look too closely though. I did paint them myself and I am kinda shaky handed. (I know I have mentioned it before but I always clean up the sides in a hot shower)

Now I can't speak to how long lasting it is. But what I can say is I ALWAYS chip them within a matter of hours. The photos above was taken about 20 hours after painting.

At CVS it retailed for $7.99. I highly recommend it and will buy again. A+

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Kelly said...

Thanks! I always want my nails painted but the idea of wasting all that time not being able to do anything with my hands while they dry seriously kills it for me every time.