Tuesday, September 29, 2009

People are people

People were EVERYWHERE today. This was a super sneak attack one.

Shirt It has a panel in the middle where it comes up in chevrons. From a distance it looks wrinkled. Poor design. See below for better. Ann Taylor Loft
Skirt Banana Republic
Tights Hue Super Opaque Nordstrom Rack
Ring Marc Jacobs
Shoes Naughty Monkey DSW
Necklace gift from Becca
Magnifying glass Marc Jacobs
Earrings I made

use purple suede heel naughty monkey shoe
Shirt It has a panel in the middle where it comes up in chevrons. From a distance it looks wrinkled. Poor design. Ann Taylor Loft
paris necklace made for me by bam
For makeup its all from Mark Flip For IT LA. Champagne on entire lid, brown in corner. Plum eyeliner up under top lash line, Peachy blush from kit and a mix of the lip glosses in it. For my brows Mac brow kit in Auburn.
this one>?

Last week Sal of Already Pretty asked to see me in a mini skirt. So this one goes out to you Sal
I liked this one picture that didn't work for remix today so I played with it in photoshop. I kinda really dig it. I like how creepy my hand looks. Also that I look a little Cousin IT.

I have the ipod on repeat today and it has an old Depeche Mode keeps coming up. I am having the HARDEST time not singing along. I remember when I first bought this album in particular. I was 15 and had just met this guy Jason (*waves*) He was this cool and VERY tall Junior who was one of the few people who talked to me my first week at my new school. (We still talk today. Well more like I still annoy him to this day. 16 years later!) He was listening to it before school one day sitting on the floor outside his Science class. So I sat and listened with him until school started. That weekend my parents and I went to Key West and I bought the cd second hand in this crazy music store on Duval st and listened to it on repeat the entire weekend, memorizing the words. Now I can hardly listen to it without singing the entire thing OUT LOUD (don't think people at work would appreciate) So I usually skip it, but not today.

Is there an album you can't listen to without singing along?
(did I say that right?)

The other one that does that to me is Steve Miller Bands Greatest Hits.


C Lo said...

Albums I have to sing along to:

"Feeling Strangely Fine" - Semisonic (this album got me through my first pregnancy which was, in true white trash fashion, a solo effort)

Self Titled - Duncan Sheik
(I listened to this album every night when I lived in England, and it was playing the first time I laid my eyes on Ireland from a ferry very early in the morning)

"Rabbit Fur Coat" - Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

"Rockin the Suburbs" and "The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner" Ben Folds/Five

"Greatest Hits" - David Gray

BAM said...

I tend to sing-a-long pretty often to a multitude of albums. As I'm listening at the office, people will catch me mouthing along and bopping my head up & down.

It's tough to narrow down to a couple must-sings. Hmm..Right now I like singing along to brits. I think the accent part in songs is funny, so Lily Allen & Kate Nash right now. (I also like singing along to country sometimes b/c of the singing accent).

Heather said...

There are a bunch of madonna and sade songs that I cannot help singing along to. Which DM song was it? Which album?

hillary said...

People are People off of Some Great Reward (the title of post)

Somebody was the song that hooked me in and broke my heart off that album.

mamichan said...

i sing out loud all the time, regardless of whether i listen to music or not. it's hard to censor myself at work. if there is music playing, i know i'll sing along so i don't listen to a ton of music anymore.

Lisa said...

You look great today! I'm love the skirt.
I'm a very shy singer, and only sing alone in my car, but when it comes to that, the cheesier the better (case in point: Journey).

Tina said...

I must demand more fitted skirts on you b/c this looks amazing. And the pose may have been a sneak attack, but I love it.

Clare said...

LOVE the chevron pattern and you are ROCKING that mini! Love this outfit soo much. My singalong tendencies are more about my mood then the song. If I'm in a really playful mood I'll try to sing along to almost anything.

chunkstyle said...

Ya look fab as usual! Great job.

Mary said...

Those shoes are to die for! I agree with Clare-- if I'm feelin' it, I'll sing along to anything :)

FashionAddict said...

OMGosh, I loveth those pink shoes!

hillary said...

clo I love jenny lewis!

Fashion addict. The monitor might be screwing with them because they are purple. Thanks you!

mary I am kinda the same way. If I am in the mood WATCH OUT

Chunkstyle I always wonder if you think "Oh thats the 4th floor copy room" or thats the oversize stacks. ha. I should tap you to take my pics. I feel like a schlub 95% of the time so thank you! Not like I ever got any reinforcement here! You know how that goes.

clare I tend to be the same way.

Tina I wear a lot of fitted skirts. On flickr I just nabbed a bunch in my comments. I just am not the biggest fan because I feel my front is too obvious in them and I have a very large bottom.

lisa ain't nothing wrong with a little journey!

masami I do that and dave goes "where'd you hear it?" oh no where I just started singing it.

bam love kate nash and lily!

thank you all so much! I appreciate each and every one of you.

Emily B. said...

I know the words to pretty much every Simon and Garfunkel song they ever wrote and I sing along loudly and off key to every single one. I even sing along (more quietly) in the grocery store. Ditto John Denver. My mum was the S&G fan, my dad the John Denver fan.

Sal said...

Hurrah! You look MARVELOUS in a mini!

Lorena said...

I usually sing along to Aerosmith anything...
Love that new "setting" you were forced to use!
I get you on the shirt, skirt rocks.

fromsneakerstostilettos said...

I love this outfit! It is super cute.

I can't not sing along to anything Garth Brooks!