Wednesday, September 09, 2009

No cat day? Screw that. ALL CAT DAY

Some idiot declared 9.9.09 cat free day on the internet. I say screw that. So instead I give you picture of my kitten. I usually try to keep them off of here as people don't seem to care about them. I have no issue admitting I am a SUCKER for my cats. Funny before I got them I would of said I didn't like cats. I have a theory people who say they don't never owned one themselves. (I am not talking your parents had when you are a kid. I mean as an adult owning one) My husband was pretty anti-cat before we got one. I was still grieving over the loss of our last pet and I really wanted something to love and cat seemed logical to me. He said yes to make me happy but he wasn't too excited about the idea. Now he is a self admitting crazy cat person. He is gooey over his furry daughters. The first thing he says when he calls "How are the girls?"
Now today I give you...
"gratuitous photos of my cat"
being the nutjob she is.

falling asleep after her pedicure and foot massage

kitten by the inch

in the window with her older sister Daisyboo

and now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Skirt New York and Co super sale
Shirt Gap factory outlet
Sweater Gap
Shoes Cole Haan
Bag Tory Burch
Flower H&M
Belt Gap
Tights Hue Super Opaques Macys

The only thing I am wearing that wasn't on super sale is my bag.
Last night I when Dave got home I attacked him with my shoe and bag idea. I am going to ATTEMPT to change my bag out and ATTEMPT to match my shoes. I have significantly less shoes than last week but I still got a LOT Of bags. He thinks I should sent the photo to my grandmother. heee. Even she thinks that is an outdated fashion rule! Swapping out bags is hard for me as I carry my life with me as I commute by foot and T to work everyday. So I always fear something gets lost in the transfer, like my T pass!

I really wanted to wear this shirt tucked in as this is a very highwaisted skirt but the buttons on the shirt are really thick. They are kinda faceted domes and tucked in, well it looked like I had issues.
closeupbag detailPlease make them stop
Today's question is kinda silly but....

What is your favorite color? What is your favorite color ON you?

My favorite color is Red. I love red. But my favorite color to wear is teal. I always feel so WOW in teal or turquoise. Consistently in all shades looks nice on me. (while red doesn't. Orange red is not my friend) A coworker figured out my "power" color once. It has so do with astrology and stuff and it was unsurprisingly Teal.


Ms. B said...

It's completely impossible to have a cat free day! Whoever came up with that is a freaking moron!!! Your cats are adorable!!

hillary said...


C Lo said...

I love your cats and you. xoxoxox

I may love that bag more OMG. Thank you for turning me onto Tory Burch!

Do you like Orla Keily?

My favorite color is blue. I wore it a lot as a kid because everyone said it brought out my eyes. In my twenties I went through this fashion rebelion phase of thinking "I'm not going to wear blue just cause my eyes are blue damnit!" but now I'm back to loving it.

hillary said...

Yes I love oral kiely. I have a purse and a bunch of home stuff of hers.

Becky said...

I just got that skirt in magenta the other day!

My favorite color is red, but my favorite color on me is green...b/c of the ole green peepers.

hillary said...

Becky I have green eyes too! But funnily I don't like green on me but it is other peoples favorite color on me

D'Rae said...

I look good in kelly green and pinks of all colors.

I like blue, but royal blue doesn't look too hot on me.

I like purple, but I don't like how I look in purple

Lorena said...

Daisyboo is adorable !!!

I love the teal flower in your hair.

I wear a lot of black. I like black
Although I am trying to hold back.

People usually compliment me when I wear turquoise or fuchsia... so I feel cheery every time I choose one of those colors.

hillary said...

This is waffle mcbutterpants. Daisyboo is my other cat.

Clare said...

I, too, LOVE to wear teal. That and purple are probably my faves to wear. You look adorable!!

kendra said...

your kitty is adorable. i love cats which has always been unfortunate since I'm so darned allergic and can't even sleep in a house that has a cat.

my favorite color changes sometimes. for a long long time it was sky blue (big surprise) and I decided that I needed to buy all the sky blue clothes I could (of course, my style is different from yours - that mainly meant sky blue tanktops and t-shirts). but a couple of years ago it changed to lime green and now i want everything in lime green. sometimes tangerine orange. the tangerine thing is especially odd because I hated the color orange with a passion for YEARS. Ask Tiffany. I seriously hated orange. but i love orange accents with lime green or blue, so... there you go. Oh yeah, and goldfish are orange.

Oh, and I realized that although I hated the color yellow FOR THE MOST PART, I was a sucker for tiny animated yellow characters. Tweety bird, Pikachu, smiley faces, you name it. If it's tiny and yellow I can't get enough. I'm aware that I'm a bit odd and probably too self-reflective.

I'm sure that's a longer answer than you were looking for.

hillary said...

Kendra you forever will equated to blue in my mind. Do you still have "I dream in blue?"
I am telling you on the cats its all conditioning. I am allergic to other people's cats. Mine as well if I don't wash my hands or are up in my face. But if I am at someone elses house with a cat I about have an asthma attack.

Do you think you didn't like Orange when you were blonde? The darker my hair is the more I love orange.

kendra said...

I do still have I will probably always have that one. One day a couple years ago Chris and I were staying at a friend's house for the night and I came out in my pajamas (all sky blue, with big sky blue slippers) and our friend said, "Wow, you really do dream in blue!"

Not sure about the blonde-to-orange ratio. :-)

I have gotten conditioned to certain cats but it's still torture that I can't pet and cuddle them so I'm better of without having one in my house. Sadness.

Sal said...

Oh my my, what a CUTIE that kitty is.

Loving how this outfit came together, and hurrah for matchy-matchyness!

KDot said...

I wasn't a cat lover until my husband convinced me that we should get one Now I ADORE my cats. They are my girls too.