Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday, yup Monday again.

Houndstooth sweater Target
Skirt Banana Republic
Shirt Banana Republic it has funny sleeves that are curved and overlap
Ray-Ban Wayfarers Sol Optics
Necklace Dominique Cohen
Lace tank Forever 21 This shirt is INDECENT without a tank. The front is low and the overlap does not stay closed.
Shoes Aldo
Socks My Crooked Hem

This skirt is one of the few things in the past few years I paid full price for. (though I think I got a little money back when it went on sale but its been awhile and I am not 100% of that but I kinda remember doing it) Its uber highwaist,sailor buttons, wool and lined with pockets. Worth it to me. I just wish it didn't open when I sat. I have lovely pettipants on but still..
For makeup I did a white gold, oyster pink and jewel teal eye with baby peach lipgloss with gold sparkle gloss over it with a coral blush.
use this one
Oh what is with the sunglasses? I have been campaigning for a pair and I finally got new ones! I have a tortoiseshell pair and I know exactly where they are it will just take a few years to GET TO THEM. My new ones are fluorescent orange on the inside.
keep this one raybans
I even have matching little lacey socks on with little white skulls that My Crooked Hem got in china!
My weekend was pretty quiet. Husband was working all weekend pretty much. My daddy came on Sunday to bring me a long overdue birthday present. (2005. no seriously) My dad has only come to the city "to visit" once before and it was to drop off another piece of furniture he'd made me. My dad's older brother was murdered in Boston (before I was born) so that side of my family completely avoids the city and has never visited. They are pretty much live and let live people so they don't say so but I know me living here is hard on them.
But happy note here is my new bureau!

He made it. I kinda told him what I was thinking and he went from there.
its Cherry and entirely custom. He had the pulls made by a ironworker friend of his. they get smaller than bigger again. He made it to go with the hope chest and nightstand he had made me previously. When I was 10 I bought him a "New Yankee Workshop" book for Christmas and bookmarked a page of a nightstand. Subtle.
He also got me a monet umbrella (I will always love claude he was my first art love)
and a cat book

So how was YOUR weekend? What did you do? Any good meals?

PS I got some really bad news my uncle was diagnosed with terminal cancer. So please keep Paul in your prayers that he is without pain.


BAM said...

Sorry to hear the bad news.

happier thoughts:
The sunglasses look fab and the furniture is amazing. What a fantastic gift from your father.

My wkd was tiring. I volunteered at a bike ride on Saturday morning that required me to arrive at 5:15. I was helping with the snacks and couldn't stop munching on the goldfish!


Marlyn said...

I love the necklace and the little socks. Whenever I wear little socks like that, they slide down under my heels and it's very annoying and uncomfortable.

The dresser is fabulous!

Sal said...

WOW. What a dad! And I see that the felines approve of the dresser.

Still pining for that awesome bow necklace ...

Kimberly said...

Everytime I see this cardi in a Target ad I drool a bit - love it!

Awesome gifts from your daddio. I am in awe of craftsmen!

You are rockin' those sunnies!

So sorry to hear about Paul - lots of good vibes being sent his way.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Fabulousness in the whole ensemble, but I most love that skirt, those shoes and the sunnies. You are too fashionable for all of those books. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, it was my husbands birthday and so on Saturday, his mom and step dad took us all out to Joes Crab Shack. I'd never been to one of these places before and it was an experience, let me tell you. But, my shrimp was good and it certainly was entertaining. My 1 year old was absolutely amazed at the dancing. AMAZED.

Lorena said...

I love how you look today, I am a sucker for anything with houndstooth.... that cardi is too hot ! Ouch!
It's sooo good to hear you have such a great dad there are not many of those laying around, count him in as a blessing!
I am sorry to hear about your uncle, I will light a candle.

Gienah Ghurab said...

I've been a lurker on your blog for a few weeks. I am moved to post my first comment because OMG THOSE SHOES ARE FABULOUS!
I also like the houndstooth sweater and the shoulders of that indecent shirt.

I am sorry about your uncle and the past family trauma.

mamichan said...

I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. I'm thinking of you and your family.

Most of my weekend was spent taking practice tests and studying. For the math portion of the GMAT. Totally didn't have time to craft or work on my etsy store :(

Clare said...

Love the outfit! The colors are fabulous. My thoughts are with your uncle and family.

hillary said...

thanks so much everyone! I kinda felt ugly today so its nice to hear nice things after a long day.

Gienah Welcome! I see from your blog you are allergic to corn. I wonder did you find me via Celiac? My friend is allergic to corn, nightshades AND gluten so I feel for you as she says how corn is the hardest.

Inky said...

Shoes + skirt= me wantee!!!

I drank too much this weekend.

Thinking of your family.