Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday you know the start of the work week.

Blazer from Gap for an INSANELY low sum. I got the entire suit for under $20 in 2005 I rolled the sleeves for a more "little boy" look
White shirt Ann Taylor loft
Lace cami F21
Denim Trousers Gap
Shoes Target
Necklace Gift from Miss Ally Rae
Earrings Gift husband
Watch Gift Kenneth Cole Husband
Abalone shell hair clip Target

There were people everywhere today and my camera battery was dying so this is what I got before it went to sleep on me. Not too bad for sneaking them in my cube.
For Makeup I put a moss green wet on upper and lower line with some pink in the corners. I used a coral blush and a nude lipstick.
dis one?
My little one Waffle got some shots this weekend and she kinda had a reaction so I spent the weekend watching her and holding her. She had a fever and was shaking so I just bundled her up and snuggled with her trying to get her to fall asleep.
Now this is the life
As I had said on Friday we had plans with a friend Saturday and kinda structured the entire weekend around it. She forgot and bailed kinda last minute. Frustrating because we have to keep a schedule while mister is in school. So we went ahead with the plans by ourselves and went grocery shopping so it was nice.
I didn't win and we couldn't only do two games because of my wrist. I did much better than last time!
I also read 3 teenage vampire books and for the first time ever Waffle didn't sleep through Mad Men! ha.

What did you do this weekend? What are you wearing today? I always want to know for you non outfit posters.


C Lo said...

por vous:

basically. the shirt is forever 21 and has a lace collar actually. my jeans are the old navy boyfriend jeans. I'm wearing my urban hippie Mephitos, which are Hanels, and my heavy heavy rimmed black glasses. hair in a loose, low pony.

I had soccer bonanza on Saturday morning and after that we just decided to do nothing. We went thrifting a bit yesterday afternoon but otherwise, I stayed in and read "White Oleander" and that was about it.

hillary said...

oh squeee I love the polyvore! eeep

mamichan said...

I'm wearing a print! 2 of them even. Will post laters.

Lorena said...

What a great pair of heels.
I have to say, all your shoes look brand new !!!
I feel like I am a shoe destroyer every time I check out your shoes, seems as if you walked in clouds...

hillary said...

If they are leather I polish them reguarly. I carry them to work in a a cloth bag (sometimes) and they live in little cubbies. My grandfather instilled in me the need to take care of my shoes.

Sal said...

That bowling shot is classic. And I ADORE the funky necklace!

anna said...

Hiya! You look gorgeous in that morning light- and I love how playful all your pics are! Hope you are having a playful day, too.

I never knew there were different size balls in bowling. Are the pins different sizes too? I can't tell...

This weekend my lover (haaaa) and I went to Milwaukee. I expected a smoky, steely town. It was seriously awesome.

I am wearing a dress with dog heads all over it. Should be up soon.

hillary said...

This is called candlepin and yes the pins are a bit different. Many parts of the country haven't seen it. It was invented in... wait for it... Mass.

Becky said...

Is that a collage of monkeys on your cubicle wall?!

hillary said...


Lisa said...

I love those shoes!
I'm glad you had fun bowling, and I hope your poor kitty is feeling better.

Lorena said...

Hillary I have left an award for you :)
I am terrible with blogspot, but while I master it, you can pick it up here:

Mary said...

Ohhh my goodness your little kitten is absolutely precious! Hope she's feeling better soon :) Love those animal print shoes so, so much!

Clare said...

Oh my god I LOVE your victorious bowler picture!

Emily B. said...

I was wearing pink and yellow sneakers, jeans, and a blue and white striped tunic top. While I went hunting through the stacks for books that are in the library catalog but not on the shelves....

Now I am wearing sweats and eating ice cream. I am boring.

Tina said...

Your pics while reading with the cat and bowling really put a smile on my face this morning. And it made me wish my cats were that snuggley.

hillary said...

tina ONLY waffle is. I actually wrote about how not snuggly the other one is on their blog. Waffle has been held since birth. We made sure she is always being touched. Daisy was a rescue so we have no idea why she hates to be held.

Kelly said...

If you ever tire of those shoes, please drop them off at my house and I will take care of them forever.

Also, I really like what you did with your necklace. I will probably have to copy you in the near future.