Thursday, September 10, 2009

I shall be the one in the corner

I know I am a big DARK denim person. The darker the better. (darker blue. NOT black) but when I am going for a French vibe I feel only light gets the look I want.

I am not NAUTICAL. I am from the land of boats and Kennedys. Nautical is so done. We are doing French think Francoise Hardy

Sweater Gap outlet
Red cami H&M
Pants SJP Bitten Steve and Barry's
Shoes Cole Haan (note fun odd heel)
Necklace Marc Jacobs Gift from husband
Bag LAMB Gwen Stefani I bought it for myself. (when you've had a joint account since you were 19 buying yourself something all on your own is liberating in a silly way)
Headband Forever 21

Except for the cami $4.90 full retail and the headband $2.99(??) full retail I got absolutely everything else I am wearing on sale. You can get designer items at a HUGE discount. You just have to be patient. Get last season things. (this bag) Or end of season like these shoes. Cole Haan does these great 30% off sale prices sale. You can get the Nike Air (which are SPENDY usually) for about 90-100 bucks!

On the matching my shoes attempt I am doing. While I have red purses (3 at least) none of them went with red patent so instead I went for a bag with red IN it.
IMG_4457red cole haan heelsmarc jacobs cherry watch necklacebill and bobs big long circle earrings
I am not good at the bedhead look. But I tried a little in the bangs. A little. I admit I went over it with a flat iron about 12 times.
use this one
I am a wallflower. I am painfully shy. Shy to the point I have a hard time commenting on other people's blogs. I feel like doing so, I am walking up to someone's table at lunch and they are already talking and eating. Once I am OK in a situation I am open and talkative. But at first. I get vomity.
For example:
Yesterday I walked through the set of the Ben Affleck movie filming in Boston.

I got out a few pictures then ran like a fool before I said something stupid or vomited. I was TOO SHY TO EVEN SEE HIM. (Man I have a thing for boys with southie accents. I am not attracted to many men but Ben is one of them, RDJ, Ryan G and David B are the others but that is another post)

Are you shy or outgoing? Have you always been that way?

People who know be don't believe it about me. Because as I said once I am comfy I am ok and they forget in the beginning when I looked away and twirled my hair.


Becky said...

You look adorbs (yes, I stole that word from Gala).

Looks like you have quite the impressive collection of bags from what I've seen! I've been thinking about investing in a good bag...they're just not my thing.

I'm outgoing and I've always been that way. I think people can sense that about me...people stop me in the subway or on the street all the time (at least once a week) to ask for directions...I guess I give off a friendly vibe. I can get shy, though...very rarely, but sometimes it happens...actually, speaking of Ben Affleck, I totally shied out when I was 1 foot away from him and JLo (remember when they were an item?) at a Pottery Barn in Jacksonville...I think they were shopping for stuff for a house they bought in Savannah?

hillary said...

Becky thats just the thing EVERYONE stops me. People stop me to ask for directions, what I am wearing, tell me they like something.AND I GET GRIPPED.
I get stopped at lot because I look Irish in an Italian Neighborhood.

hillary said...

Me again. I was 29 before I invested in a bag. Maybe as you get older you will want to? I am surprised as a city girl you aren't. I look at it as my car. :) haaa well I don't spend THAT much. My limit was $450 and that was something I pooled all my bday money on (actually it was my first one on my 29th beday the red cole haan one)
I liked to keep it under 300. I always save up for them too. I have a ladies nice things account I have my work put $20 a week into and buy them from that.

Anonymous said...

oh I want that bag so much.

as always you look amazing.

SweetTorts said...

Hmmm, I'm pretty outgoing though I wasn't quite so outgoing as a kid. I wouldn't say that I was shy..I just had moments..

I chat with strangers most days in NYC, but I still have occasional moments in which I clam up a little.

I adore the outfit today..

D'Rae said...

shy, very shy. I always feel intimidated by everyone else. I usually just sit and listen. Many people think I am stuck up but I'm not. It is hard for me to make small talk.

Becky said...

Haha I like the idea of a "ladies nice things" account! I'm still relatively new to the city girl thing, but I'm realizing I need better bags...I did get my roommate a gorgeous bag for her birthday that she loves and she calls it her "big girl grown up purse" I'm thinking of getting one for myself, but in wasn't horribly expensive, but a bit pricier than what I usually spend on bags (got it from Naturalizer).

Kelly said...

I guess I'm in the middle. I'm shy by default but I'm getting a LOT better lately about being outgoing. I finally got it through my head "hey, I want to talk to this person, they probably feel just as awkward as I do with me standing around here all silent and ignory" so I try to just get up the courage to say "HI! I don't think I've met you before, but I'm Kelly" and I don't think anyone I've done that to so far has been unfriendly! Of course, if someone seems aloof to begin with I rarely pick them to greet!

Plus I think of how much I like it when strangers say things to me, that I try to tell myself that other strangers will like it if I say things to them.

Beer helps.

Marianne said...

You are *so* cute! I do admit I have a thing for stripes, so I might be biased, but I also love the idea of a headband with flowers! Lovely!

Lorena said...

I use to be shyer (does that word even exist?) !

But, through time I have taken baby steps to overcome it.

For example in the elevator I always say hello and try to comment on something, anything.
I would not want to pass as someone rude.

But, when I meet new people I do get nervous and my hands go into a "fist" position where my nails begin to mark the palm of my hand...

But, I try.

I totally get you on Ben Affleck... I would have nothing to say but stare... and stare.... nervously stare.

Kimberly said...

Super fantastic look today, lady, and that purse is ah-MAZ-ing!!

As for the question - I'm outgoing and since high school have been. I like to make small talk with people while out and about and with my job and Dave's business we have to be social/networking type people. There is no way I could do my job if I had an ounce of shyness since I have to meet and talk to new people daily.

It always amazes me that you say you are so shy because you have such a presence about your self online.

Fashion Girl said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your headband! soooo cute

But yeah, I am the biggest wallflower ever... I completely agree with you about the shyness. People who first meet me think that i am completely quiet... but those who know me wish I would shut up.

Clare said...

Love the outfit and LOVE the bag!

chunkstyle said...

J'aime bien Francoise Hardy! Carry on with your French self.
I used to be silent like a statue, but have changed my ways because of the number of people who told me "I would have talked to you, but you seemed so aloof" So I started talking to people. Fin.

hillary said...

Becky I can feel your outgoingosity. Its a good thing. I think its the smile.

C LO the bag told me it wants you too.

sweettorts oddly I talk to strangers a lot but it has to be me who starts it.

d'rae shyness power (but quietly and shyly)

kelly I can talk if I initiate it. But once I am comfy they want me to stfu.

marianne stripe have an odd allure to me.

lorena I am BIG on the random compliment. I feel it will get people to like me and then its ok to talk if they like me.

kimberly I can feel it and you draw me in like a moth to a flame.

fashiongirl I see us wallflowers expressing through clothing

clare thanks

annie I get the stuck up thing a lot about myself. I thought you were aloof at first like a cat but you were wicked outgoing to me when you met me. You chatted me right up that first lunch day. I was like "oh I dig this girl"

thanks so much everyone!