Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am wearing Haute Couture.....well kinda.

Copious amounts of detail shots today.
Dress Couture for me. :) My husband made it from a reproduction 1950's pattern to my measurements! (he made it 2 or 3 years ago during his summer break. He is MUCH too busy to even watch a tv show during the semester)
Purple sweater Gap
Belt Target
Bag Ann Taylor
Shoes Born
Coat Ann Taylor loft Its a swing pea coat but its stiff and photographs oddly it appears.
Earrings QVC and AHT fair ( no really it was called AHT fair. they were punny)

So today's bag matched the shoes I was GONNA wear but there was a bit of a kerfluffle between my heels and some shoes and its so bad I can't wear anything with a back yet. :(
ann taylor suede bag
My amazing necklace was my first birthday gift of the year. It was made just for me by Becca of Ready set BAM.
She needs an Etsy store don't you think?! I mean its genius! Funny too because I am a clasp SNOB and am so glad she realizes the need for a good clasp. When your hair is up people do see these things.
use this one?
The dress is all one piece (well the finished product is) and you pull it over your head button the front behind your back and pull the back to the front and fasten. So you have to be careful in strong winds. It is 5 yards of fabric so its not a lightweight summer thing. More early fall or layered in winter.
use dis
It twirls great too. I got a little too into it today and was stumbling like a drunk and Dave yelled "This is my favorite part!" as I stumbled towards him to see the pics.
use dis
For makeup today I did a very bright pink cheek that I then went over with a bit of foundation. Forest green eyeshadow Humid by MAC that I used a smudger and ran along top and 2/3 of bottom lid. The other 1/3 I used an oyster pink on bottom and smudged it a little on top. For lipgloss I have 3 minutes the Andy Warhol popgloss by Lipstick Queen. Dave treated me to it for going with him on a site visit. No he doesn't usually bribe me, it was more on the way home we saw it and he said "I'd like to get that for you for coming today" I can't say no to Andy. I have a long standing Andy thing. Also I have been on a makeup freeze. I haven't been buying anything for a few months and he knows this and knows I miss it. If only he could learn to tidy his messes and pick up his socks before waffle hides them, I would have the perfect husband
makeup detail
It is a complete coincidence that my nails match. Dave had said "something plumy" when I asked what color to do next. I like to ask his opinions on silly things like that. Makes it more fun to think "Dave picked this"
Ok today what do I want to know???

What is your sign? Do you think any of it really applies to you? Do you believe in it?

I am a Libra. I do believe in "that stuff". I am very much a Libra in traits. I grabbed it from this site.
My commentary in purple

Traits of a Libra:

  • Desires popularity Well not exactly but in a way yes
  • Loves art Got a degree in it at least
  • Neat yes
  • Dresses up for the occasion yes
  • Slight perfectionist erm I dunno. dave can you field this?
  • Narcissistic Aren't we all a little?
  • Charitable yes (though I keep that stuff to myself, I fear if you tell people then it doesn't count)
  • Bossy at times erm *head down* yes
  • Plans ahead YES YES a loud YES
  • Attention to detail what do you think?
  • Loves public service I wouldn't say loves exactly
Ok the dislikes make me laugh the most


  • Noise
  • Confusion
  • Sloppiness
  • Ugliness
  • Dirt ahahahahaaaa
  • Pressured decisions
  • Being rushed
  • Criticism
If you know me at all you will know why its so funny.
and the likes:


  • Beauty
  • Gifts
  • Debates
  • Attention
  • Intellectual conversations
  • Admiration
  • Credit cards (AH A BIG FAT NO ON THIS)
  • Mingling NOPE
  • Subtle colours, textures
  • Haute Coutoure
Ok I swear to GAWD I wrote the above post before I searched for the Libra traits. The Haute thing is a COMPLETE coincidence. Which actually proves my point in my being very much a Libra


david said...

Traits of a Libra:

•Neat - indeed
•Dresses up for the occasion - yes
•Slight perfectionist - depends on the task. "important" things yes, "unimportant" no, you are able to let it go.
•Bossy at times - lets call it "willful"
•Plans ahead - yep
•Attention to detail - same as above, depends on the task.


•Pressured decisions
•Being rushed
A RESOUNDING yes to all of the above


•Intellectual conversations
•Subtle colours, textures
•Haute Coutoure

Once again, YES. with the exception of "mingling" and "attention." You like being appreciated but you dont like being the center of attention.

Heather said...

1. why? what happened to your heels??

2. gemini. I am sooooo a gemini. the twins - two personalities/mood changes that are so swift it can make your head spin.

3. my fav detail from this outfit is the lovely little flower on your nail. your nail details are awesome - like when I notice you've painted them all the same colour except for one. I like that.

hillary said...

Let's just say they are both sporting a lovely hello kitty bandaid

Becky said...

Does Dave want to me a dress? cuz that is GORGEOUS!

I'm an Aries...and I don't really agree with it...I'm more grounded (more on the Taurus side) Yes I'm outgoing, etc...but I'm not aggressive and hot tempered, which is what Aries are usually associated with (My Gma fits this bill perfectly, and her bday is 2 days before mine, so go figure...). I love astrology, especially when it comes to compatibility (like what signs are compatible with which).

Anonymous said...

super in love with the necklace and your hair is very Zooey today. :)

I believe in that stuff too and I believe I am very like my sign, which is Gemini:
# Witty- I like to think so
# Restless- VERY
# Curious- VERY
# Gets bored easily- VERY VERY VERY
# Entertaining- I hope so
# Energetic- mostly
# Intellectual- ok, not so much
# Versatile- Yes
# Manipulative- well, I hope not
# Freedom-loving - YES
# Optimistic- ALWAYS
# Naughty- Ask my husband. :D
# Fickle-minded- Yep
# Conniving- If I have to be
# Cynical- At times (Geminis are very dual sided)


Have you seen this?

(work safe and ok to watch w/o sound)

Kelly said...

That is sooo cool that he made you that dress!

hillary said...

The only time I made Remixer of the week was the first time I wore this dress.

Becky the only time he has to make anything now is to make a mess. He works about 50 hours a week and goes to school 4 nights at week until 11!

C Lo ask my husband! bwaahahaaa see mine piped in up top!

Becky said...

And I just realized I left out words...so much for self-editing on the fly. I know he has no time...I'm just jealous and being silly :). What a treat to have a husband who does such nice things for you!

hillary said...

I am not one to brag but he has it pretty sweet himself. :)


Lorena said...

I love the color and the pattern on the fabric.... I don´t want to be nosey but, do you have pic without the sweater :) ?
I think not only is is sweet but amazing that he can sew! My H would probably drop dead before sewing anything for me.

hillary said...

Lorena I would never wear it alone. I don't wear sleeveless things but check here without cardigan


Lisa said...

Your outfit is great, I especially love the belt. I also adore your twirling pictures, I tried to do one with my dress yesterday but it just came out blurry. I suppose I don't have the touch.
I'm a cancer, I suppose some aspects of it describe me. I'm not a big believer in horoscopes. However, I firmly believe in the birth order theories. I'm an oldest child and fit the description to a T. It's actually so accurate I'm convinced someone was watching me and taking notes.

mamichan said...

Aaron is a Libra.
He is not a planner nor perfectionist and he does not pay attention to detail.

Narcisstic, dresses for the occasion, desires popularity, yes. And he LOVES credit cards. So much so that we had to cut his up!

I thought the Virgo characteristics on that site were pretty spot-on for me. But I do like to nag people. I can't help it.

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

Hillary, your Dave is very cool, making you clothes in such. My Dave (I'm not trying to be creepy but my significanr other just happens to be named David as well) would just give me a gift card to buy the dress and that's kewl too.

I'm a Virgo, bday was yesterday. (Go me!)

Traits of a Virgo:
Plays safe --TRUE
Worrier -- TRUE
Has mood swings --TRUE
Perfectionist --MOST TIMES
Easily learns mastery
Demands respect
Fair judgement --TRUE
Pessimistic --VERY MUCH NOT TRUE
Frequently depressed--TRUE (I take meds though)
Destructive at times


Pursuit of 'trueness'--ABSOLUTELY TRUE. I used to be a fact checker.
Standards --TRUE
Proper methodology --TRUE
Practicality --TRUE
Neat & tidy --TRUE
Friendliness-- TRUE


Chaos --TRUE
Noise --TRUE
Asymetry-- TRUE
Change-- TRUE
Risk --TRUE
Nagging-- TRUE

Megan said...

Oooh love the bag and coat! I remember this dress from the first time you wore it and I love the way you remixed it today.

I am a Sagittarius and always thought their descriptions was a good portrayal of me (traveler, free spirit, hates confinement, brutally honest).

Clare said...

Great post. I love that your posts always give such a great glimpse into who you are, which can be hard with the internet sometimes. Gorgeous dress, too! We should have Dave give Joe sewing lessons! :)

Sal said...

SO impressed that Dave sews. No pun intended. And the dress is astonishingly beautiful.

Tiffani said...

Reeeally love those shoes!

BAM said...

Thanks for the shout out. You took a great photograph of the necklace. If I ever go to Etsy, I'll need some photo lessons.

Impressed by the dress-making. That is love!

BAM said...

Oh yeah.

I'm a virgo and mostly follow my sign. I can be a worrier, but I try really really hard to be optimistic! I force it on myself and others, sounds silly, but I swear it works to think positively!

oh, I just saw that one trait is liking proper methodology. I really do, i think that is why I was drawn to science. I can get overwhelmed without a method and find myself creating them at the office (I was about to write a how-to doc right after checking a couple blogs).