Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hillary who?

Skirt Had quite awhile. Husband picked out. Target
Vest H&M
Shirt H&M
Shoes Target
Haircut Husband
Pocketwatch broken. I bought it for husband when we were "dating" (we never really dated sadly. We were long distance. I make him date me now 13 years on)
Earrings husband made

My husband picks out clothes at stores often. He flip flops from picking things that make me look FLDS or fran dresher on the nanny (see shorts and tight) This skirt leaned more Nikki. I had a hard time dressing it so it kinda got shoved to the back. I was thinking of a zooey outfit and this came to mind. I didn't realize I hadn't worn this vest since I lost weight. It was nice having to pull the tab in the back as much as I could. I think I need a new very fitted brown vest if I am going to assume Zooey's personality totally.
I got the bangs now! I showed dave a dozen pics last night. We need to let them grow to get the angles we really want but I am working towards it a little at a time. They all would of had to of been down my nose to really get them how I wanted them on sides.
IMG_4394 likebrown patchwork heelsmee - maybemoon stone ring moon star earring dave made
I took this one because someone didn't believe me that my bangs do not start in the middle of my head.
I just have a LOT of hair.

What would you look like if you let your significant other dress you?
We have seen what a week of Dave dressing me looks like. (in middle of winter at least)


Anonymous said...

I sort of *am* letting my boyfriend dress me -- he pointed out that my bra straps were stretched out and slipping down my shoulders, which resulted in a long overdue new bra wardrobe. I have a horror of anything looking too tight on me and tend to overreact with baggy clothes, but he cajoles me into things that actually fit. He picked out the vintage dress I wore to his brother's graduation, which I thought was too small, but he was right, it fit perfectly. And he loves green, which I think is probably one of my better colors. Wise man!

Anonymous said...

hair looks A-MAZE-ING

Becky said...

I've actually been toying with getting my bangs cut again (I had straight across bangs until I was 18, then grew them out). I have "swoopy" bangs right now, which I think are right for my current hair length. If I got bangs cut again, it would be once my hair grows out more. I'm lovin' the angled look on yours!

I actually had a train of thought last night that goes along with your question. I have no input on what I wear every day, which is a recent development (within the past year). My roommate and I don't have coordinating schedules, so she's never around in the mornings when I'm picking out an outfit. I grew up with constant input from my mom and sister, "that's too tight...that shape isn't flattering...perhaps that shirt but with those other pants, etc..." and in college, I had two roommates who I shared similar schedules with, so we'd ask each other for input if we were trying to decide between one thing or another. While I've dated guys casually over the past 3 years, I've never been close enough with one to ask opinions. Of course, there's always some article of clothing that gets repeat requests, like, "I really liked that dress you wore when we first met." But to actually have a guy pick out my clothes? That would be interesting. It makes me wonder what they would pick!

Tina said...

I don't have much to say except that I love every single piece in this outfit.

Lorena said...

W o W !
Your bangs are perfect - I am envious - (good envy)
if I wanted my bangs to look like that I would have to start at the back of my head... I have thin hair !
So I continue to struggle with my bangs....

D'Rae said...

I love Zooey!
Love those shoes too and I am still kicking myself for not getting them last year.....

I have that skirt too but in the black and cream. I am thinking of dying mine and just haven't decided yet....

Lisa said...

My fiance has a very strong aversion to any neutral colored undergarments, so I'd probably have to only wear dark clothing so they won't show through . . . I think he'd also pick impractical shoes for me.

Having curly hair I don't have bangs, nor do I plan on it, but in the event I did I'd want them to look like yours!

Ms. B said...

I also have a brown skirt that my husband picked out from the Gap that while it's cute, it's kinda hard to wear for some reason. Wow, I wish I had as much hair as you, the bangs look great!

BAM said...

My husband goes to extremes on pieces he thinks would look on good on me. There is of course, the hootchie look.

But more recently if we're at the mall together, he really wants me to try on stuff at Brooks Brothers. I think it's a hoot b/c it's all so stuffy, but I'll admit that if I could afford them, there are couple things there that he picked that fit me to a T.

The bangs look like a lot of fun!

Kasmira said...

The bangs are super cute and very Zooey-esque.

The amount of hair in your bangs is probably as much as I have on my entire head. *jealous*

Work With What You've Got said...

The bangs look really really great. Well done.

If my husband dressed me he would put my in tight pencil skirt business suits and heels for work and distressed jeans and tee shirts for play. We disagree about that, but I indulge him once in a while.

hillary said...

spygrl I admit to having that issue myself at times and the man pointing at vickies saying "you need a new bra?"

clo thanks!

becky i am a BIG bangs person. I have had them my entire life. I say DO IT. You can always pin them or grow them back out. :)Come Tuesday I will only see dave for about 5 minutes a day until about May so I feel ya. You will tell the longer I have been left on my own as my clothes get more and more wrinkled and more and more repeats.

tina thanks.

Lorena I have a flickr friend who has a bangs piece that is so cool. They just clip in under your bangs and make them look full.

d'rae I have SUCH a crush on her!! I have pics on my iphone for reference and to show people how cute she is.

lisa ha. My husband loves them all. No matter the color. :) I am sure he prefers the colors though.

ms.b They do that don't they? They are so cute picking it out so you buy it then go damn now what?! ha.

bam I can see you looking great in uberprep look!

Kasmira see I am jealous of your hair because when mine was that short it was a big giant mushroom and I just can't pull off the french gamine look.

work with what you got
yeah they tend to like that Maggie in secretary look. I indulge him as well. :)

thanks so much everyone! I appreciate all your comments!