Thursday, September 24, 2009

grey, gray, OK

I couldn't get hair, makeup and accessories in one shot today. I guess when I think about it the hair do is on the side of my head and makeup is and necklace on front.

Grey dress Target
Shoes Clarks
Tights Trina Turk
Bag Cole Haan
Necklace I made it
Glass earrings Aht fair (I am sure people assume I am talking with an accent when I say that but it was really called the Aht fair)

For makeup I took a smudge brush and smudge forest green on lower and upper lash line. I used eye brightener and YSL touche eclat on nose and corer of eyes and on brow bone. I use coral blush and i had a pink shimmer gloss but my coffee cup is wearing it now. I always forget to reapply before pics.
IMG_4799cameoclarks red mens oxford shoes shiny
For hair I just did a smaller braid today and a side pony. I was running late. I had no idea what to wear and my hair was still damp from the night before. I did take the time to flat iron my bangs though!
Some previous wearings of this dress. I love my hair that color but it was a NIGHTMARE to maintain. I just couldn't do it anymore. So technically my hair is still dyed that color but its faded like mad and I am growing it out.
I was once misinformed about your intentions.

I like to ask you things because I like creating the dialog.
Oh I got a funny one.

What would you like to see me in?

Maybe I will pick a couple at random and try the outfit ideas out. I know there are bloggers where I have thought "Damn I would love to see her in heels". hee


Work With What You've Got said...

Something very old school rock and roll. It is possible you have done that before and I missed it, but I think it would be a fun thing.

And I hear you on the hair. I have a hard enough time keeping mine dark brown and red, I just didn NOT have it in me, so much work!~

C Lo said...

I just gave up on my hair for the year, too. I do mine the same color but by Fall I get sick of it. Now it's "soft black" but there are still hints of that red in it. I'm sure by the end of winter I'll go back, but every year I SWEAR "THIS is the year I stop dying it!"

I think I just need to accept I'm going to be THAT old lady who's 88 with bright red hair.

I want to see you with your hair in some sort of up-do.

Becky said...

I agree with C Lo! Updo! Annnd, I'm curious to see what you'd look like with your bangs pulled back. Btw, I'm addicted to grey career dresses like this's a problem. Also, I went through a "must have every cameo ever made" phase when I was in high school, but your necklace is the best one I've seen. I'm especially fond of black and white ones.

hillary said...

I have done up dos way more recently than this but this is a nice one

I don't do them often because I get migraines really bad. But I will attempt one. Ahem I mean if you are randomly selected.

Here is me without bangs. I DESPISE it and feel buck naked. I have had bangs my entire life.

Becky said...

I had bangs until I was 17...they weren't nice and thick like yours though (I have very fine hair) and I remember feeling the same way if I pulled them back (nekkid). Scroll to the end of that post to see me with bangs! (hm, I might have to do a hair evolution post) It's not so much an issue anymore, but I'm on year 5 of bang recovery. :)
I like your side-swept bangs in the up-do pic!

D'Rae said...

I love that dress, but I am guessing it isn't a recent find....

Am I one whom you would like to see in heels? lol. ( I do wear them occasionaly)

I would like to see you in something feminine but funky.

hillary said...

D'rae you don't think I do feminine and funky now? hrm. I might have to think on that one.
Maybe an example?
I am loving these ideas.

here is one I thought was fem and funky

Sal said...

Let's see a short skirt. It's tights season, after all!

D'Rae said...

good point... hmmm... maybe funky wasn't the right word.

Don't quite know how to describe it... Let me see if I can find a photo for inspiration.

Kelly said...

Oh this outfit is just awesome. I want to steal everything off of you and wear it myself.

Marianne said...

Hillary, I just adoooore your necklace, it's just gorgeous. Just my style... Plus I saw a whole editorial with cameos in French Vogue (September I think), so you are staying true to your fashionista self!

BAM said...

Am distracted by the black heels/booties/whatever they're called in the bottom pics. Love them.

I have a pair, but don't wear them enough and I think those pics just reminded me how awesome that style is.

Randomish, but thats all I got today.

Lorena said...

Oh that cameo is awesome, just got one for myself that I am turning into a brooch (but, i just don´t know how to ..)
I have to say that I think you look good without bangs (also with) but, this not something that you can say to a lot of people. I have seen people put their bangs back and completely transform into something not-that-pretty ...;)
Anyways I would like to see you in a party gown Oscarish like or maybe pig tails girly like... ?

Clare said...

Love the gray, love the cameo, love the braid!

ShopKim said...

Love the necklace!

laniza said...

Let's see... I'd like to see your take on the plaid trend or an outfit incorporating your LEAST favorite items