Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Friday Friday

People asked for more explanation on inspirations. This outfit was designed by Megan of See Meg Shop. I asked her what to wear with the booties and she said "full skirt, princess sleeve shirt with a vest" and that leads to how I also asked what people would like to see me in.
Today I tried to do a few at a time. None completely though. I promise to do a real all out one for the ones I pick but I give you,
Rocker, Girlie but Funky and my hair up.
use this
I was trying to look disaffected but I look more like I am going to fall over from no coffee.
Skirt and boots or as dave calls me Shooties Target
Tights Hue Super Opaque I am not convinced they are black. My apartment is dark. I won't know they aren't navy until I read the package in the trash at home tonight.
Leather Hoodie Nine West via Wilson's Leather
Tomato borderline orange/red shirt H&M
Vest H&M
Ring Art fair
Earrings gift
Sunglasses Ray-Bans
makeup details
Makeup. I smudged a plum on top and bottom lashes. I put dark purple up under top lash line (inside eyelid kinda) Lustre drops on cheeks and hot pink blush. Oyster pink in inner corners, auburn brow powder and a pink non shimmer gloss.
makeup detail
I did a sideways braid on one side to add interest to a boring pony. My hair was damp this morning and a snarl ball. I bought bright hair ties. I thought they'd be more fun. Remember how I said I was growing my color in and my colorist was helping disguise it. Well she only dyes the very tippy top of my head red and adds highlights to disguise so I can grow it in underneath and it not look icky. You can only tell when I put it up like this. While it appears dark compared to red in the sun its VERY light. I use to have much darker hair but its growing in very light.
this one?
Before. A couple months ago.

What are you plans this weekend?
Waffle has a vet appointment tomorrow morning. My friend Caroline, Dave and I are going old skool bowling then getting organic GF pizza and GF cupcakes tomorrow night. The rest of the weekend is HOMEWORKHOMEWORKHOMEWORK for the mister. I will catch up on magazines and read trashy teenage vampire novels.

Oh and I shall leave you with kitten toes. Nature's anti-depressant


Heather said...

so true about the toes. Kelley Armstrong - good author in the supernatural vein.

Lorena said...

Houndstooth !! I can't get enough of it!
Lovely skirt.... OMG those kitten toes.... soo cute I can picture myself smelling them (I do that with my dogs, they smell like Cheetos :o)

Lisa said...

I love the houndstooth, and I continue to be jealous of your hair.

Have fun bowling! Are you doing big pin or little pin?

hillary said...

You mean big ball or little ball?

candle pin
The pins arent smaller but a different shape *they might be a tish bigger* and the balls are small.

Lisa said...

Yeah, that's what I meant. I didn't know there was any other kind of bowling besides big ball until I moved here last year. The little ball bowling makes me feel more like I'm playing ski ball than bowling.

hillary said...

It was invented in Mass! I am from New England originally so I was the opposite. I moved to Florida for highschool and saw the big ball and went WHAT IS THAT??

Clare said...

Love the houndstooth skirt!!

Work With What You've Got said...

Ha!~ knew you were doing the rocker look before you said so!~ Looks great. :D

R2 said...

Your skirt is lovely! Houndstooth is one of my favorite prints, I'm so glad it's "in" for Fall.
P.s. I've been reading your blog for a bit but this is the first time I worked up the nerve to leave you a comment :)

hillary said...

r2 well thank you for stopping by! I don't care about trends. If I like it I wear it. If it's in style then great if not who cares! I have had the skirt a few years. I am a SUCKER for houndstooth!

work with what you got. Imagine it with black tights I was so mad when I got to work and realized they were navy! Rocker is kinda hard when your short and zaftig. I can't pull off skinny jeans no matter how much I wish I could.

clare. me too thanks!

thanks so much everyone!

R2 said...

I'm with you - I don't try to be trendy, but when I see something I have is "now" it still makes me a little giddy that I'd been doing it already. Plus, now I'll get to add to my collection, since it was kinda sparce before.
Thanks for all the great inspiration.