Monday, September 14, 2009

A formal apology

Dear residents of Gainesville circa 1997,
I would like to formally apologize for my behavior as a 18-19 year old who had just moved away from home a week after I graduated high school. I am sorry for the inane banter while I stood in line for photocopied course packets that I then complained were over priced. I would like to apologize for being loud when an indoor voice was more appropriate. I apologize for harassing the university staff when I was frustrated with university bureaucracy. I apologize for not dressing appropriately and wearing proper footwear. I apologize for any inappropriate behavior when in the company of friends at inappropriate hours. I also would like to I apologize for my bad eating habits at bizarre hours.
Honestly I don't think I was that bad, well except that one time at Gator Growl but that is a whole other post for a whole other blog. (One my grandmother doesn't read)

30 and sorry
1996 graduation


david said...

Bwahaha I busted 3 stitches reading that.
Then I thought about how my post would read. Then I decided some things are better left unposted.

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

Hahahahaha. I should probably apologize to my school's town too. And that's all I'll say about that.

hillary said...

I was and am always the good one. But tHe kids are all back this week and campus is a nightmare and I feel like an old curmudgeon.
So I want to apologize for the behavior I don't remember. :)

anna said...

you sound JUST like my sister (she's a program asst for a chem prof at Northwestern).

The kids these days......

Becky said...

::GASP:: You went to UF? That was my rival school! How did I not know this before? I won't hold it against roommate/best friend and the majority of my friends in NYC graduated from there...and so did my mom, but for my purposes I only count her going to FSU for her Masters :)