Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Daft punk is playing at my library, my library

You know the day where its about to rain and you tell yourself "I will just take pics when I get to work?" Then you get to work and there are people EVERYWHERE and in all the good aisles by the window so you can't sneak attack pics. So the ones you get are muddy and no amount of photo shopping makes them look RIGHT? yeah.

Corduroy BROWN (don't invite me to a black dress group) Ann Taylor loft. It has a ruffle down front. I added old pic so you can see it better
Necklace Banana Republic
Shoes Gap
Hoodie Target in LA (I got to LA and shop in target and call it my souvenir) I like how its longer than normal ones. I have a long torso and they are always too short on me.
Earrings Avon
now in bow detail
I always get so frustrated on rainy days if I spent time flat ironing my hair and I am not really a ponytail person. I obsess over how smooth it is. I can't do that "messy" pony. I try but my OCD kicks in and I redo it 48392439 times during the day. So instead I went for what Megan calls a "overly complicated look" which was just two french braids, one on either side of my head and then a small braid that I wrapped around my hair tie. Taking a picture of the back of your head is HARD. I set the camera focused on what I thought would be my head and set the timer. I got in front of it and took my three shots. Some in focus some not. Its so much easier if you have a stand in to set the focus on.
I spent hours online last night looking at makeup videos by this girl Risa. She said she matches her makeup to her clothes. I usually do makeup first but today I had a plan so I did all soft browns and peaches to match.

I used a champagne on entire lid up to brow then peach on just lid, then brown in corner and under my eye. Then I took a brown liner and shoved it up under my top lashes (think almost touching your eye) I learned that trick from Kevin Aucoin (did anyone else love him as much as I did? He got me into makeup) Then a peach blush and peach nonshimmer gloss.
used this oenorange suede shoes gap
I don't think of myself as short. I am the "average American height" but the last photo I included made me think otherwise for a moment. I know its just angle but its funny.
now in bitesize.
What do I want to know today? Hrm.

What would you like to see more of here? I have been meaning to ask this but I didn't know if I wanted to know the answer. :P


Heather said...

I like this sort of thing - you know fashion and makeup so I enjoy reading what you have to say. Maybe add in more stuff about your future outfit plans and/or inspirations (you did a post recently about stuff you liked on the runway - it was good).

C Lo said...

You look sooo adorable today!

What I'd want to see more of:

Shopping tips

Tutorials on how you do your make up

hillary said...

here is one

hillary said...

oh on the shopping. I haven't been shopping really in months. ( I mean a thing here and there) We took a giant pay cut this summer so that has really been put on hold.

Becky said...

Your hair looks killer! I need to incorporate more braids into by hairdos, they're just fun!

I, personally, would like to see more tap dancing. :)

Ally said...

I know this goes against the grain of our soul, but if you wore this make up every day, it'd be totally okay. It's so perfect on you. xo

Kelly said...

1. Brown corduroy is the shit
2. Those flats are fantastic
3. The length of your hoodie made me take a double-take - a good thing!
4. Your hair is so full and luscious. I want it. My hair is so fine and puny.

Sal said...

Orange and brown is my FAVORITE autumnal combo. And the hairdo is magnifico. Makes me wish mine were longer. But I'd be too lazy to create anything so thoughtful ...

BAM said...

I love the hair. I can't believe that (1)people can frenchbraid thier own hair and (2) that you put that much into your hair this morning. It's look fabulous. It was raining here too and I literally have a scrunchie in my hair. I have a cute headband in front, but then a bun made with scrunchie! ick.

hillary said...

Bam it was seriously one of the fastest hairdos I have ever done. Under 5 minutes. I usually spent 15-20 flat ironing it.
It was simple
pin bangs out of way.
braid right side
braid left side
undo half of right side and redo
drop brush on cat
put rest in pony
take cat off sink
braid tiny piece on underside and wrap around pony
get barrette out of cats mouth and pin braid under pony
spray the crap out of it with touchable hairspray

French braiding is VERY simple. There are videos on youtube. If you know how to braid you can french braid.

Lorena said...

Those colors look great on you ! Love the dress!!
I could not do my hair like you if I had an entire hour...

Gienah Ghurab said...

LOVE the dress, especially with the orange accents.

Tina said...

I'm loving the hair. I'll have to try that out soon, b/c Rand loves it when I wear braids of any type.

Boutique Girl said...

I love the flats and the hoodie! Orange and brown together are just lovely!

Rachael said...

Your hair looks magnificent. You were born to have that fringe!