Monday, September 21, 2009

Bonus weekend outfit

This outfit is from last weekend. I just got the pictures dave had taken with the DSLR that were on his work computer. Nothing exciting but kinda funny.

Shirt Target
Tank Old Navy
Sandals Born
Jeans Banana Republic (they are the ones with the sew in seam)
Earrings Gift
Heart sunglasses Newbury Comic
Victory Gardens 006
suede flower born sandals dsw
For makeup I had done a teal blue eyewing.
at burtons
Very hot day where I was following dave around as he did a site visit for his homework of some community gardens. As it is almost fall everything was dying off and kinda icky. The picture where I am making the face I had just said "Nature is stinky"
nature is stinky


Lisa said...

Nice weekend outfit! I'm either dressed up on weekends or wayyy dressed down.
I also love that blazer you had on today.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Haha, Hillary, thank you so much! Your comment was so sweet and made me laugh out loud.

A xx

Lorena said...

Your sandals are soo cuteee and my nosy self has to say that your pedicure is spotless!!!