Friday, September 18, 2009

Another person gabbing about fashion week

I am ready for people to talk about something other than fashion week. That said here are a couple things I am digging so far. (I am way behind in the shows. )

Cynthia Rowley
Obviously not in white but I LOVE this look. Maybe a lovely olive green?

Cynthia Rowley. I am So digging the grey full skirt with intricate cardigan. I may have to make one.

Oscar de la Renta (below 4 looks are his)

The rich brown satin with orange hat. Omgah this is gorgeous. I think I could actually wear something like this. Brown likes me.

I love everything about this. The color, the sleeves, the crisscross front. And the POCKETS! Her hair too.

I love the ladies who lunch feel. I'd wear red heels. So obviously but it's my fave combo.

Oh Heidi hello. I can predict Dave falling in love with this.

Megan you wear this orange one while I wear the brown one. We'd be killah.

Marc Jacobs Resort. Love. This fit dress is one of my faves for my body type. I am a sucker for a princess sleeve.

I see this as a weekend or 31st birthday outfit. With Ray-Bans. Just saying.

I will probably have more as I catch up with the shows on my iPhone app that is so insanely awesome. Dave actually read about it last year and snuck it on my phone. It's so fun picking a designer and flipping through the outfits on the T.

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Sherry said...

Absolutely LOVE looks 2 and 3!!


Lorena said...

I am loving every single one of your picks.
They are all wearable.... !!! But, I have to say the Oscar DLR was my fave.