Tuesday, September 01, 2009

And the tights are back

Bit of a cheesecakey pose but I know the daves will appreciate it. I wish it wasn't blurry. I couldn't tell until I got downstairs and uploaded.

As you may know I don't bare my arms but that doesn't stop me from buying strappy things. Today its a TISH cool so I was excited to wear my mr. rogers ribbed sweater and ribbed tights

Tights brown ribbed Vera Wang
Shoes Target (chocolate suede)
Dress Nanette Leopre
Hot pink lace cami Forever 21
Mr.Rogers cardigan gap
Earrings and bracelet gifts from husband. Hand dyed and made in Thailand.
D pin Gap
IMG_4338IMG_4368IMG_4363used this oen
Yesterday on flickr I was talking about how I just read in one of the September magazines (I can't remember which one for the life of me) that you should invest in classic well made pieces when you can afford it so for times when you are a bit more down on your luck you don't look at your closet and wish you had something nice to wear but don't have the money. This is one of those weeks for me. In an attempt to not touch the house fund we are working on a very strict budget this week and it has worked out nicely I have all these lovely frocks hanging in my closets. I may be sad I can't go to lunch but I can look nice while eating my homemade lunch. Know what i mean? (I prefer dave's cooking to buying lunch but its used for an example)I also bought a bunch of tights this summer on sale even though it was months until I could wear them again. And this morning after the tiny terror ripped a hole in one pair of older stockings I had nice new pair waiting for me! And they were only $2.00 for two pair! My first wearing this fall. I feel much more pulled together with a pair of dark tights on. I like they hide all my dozens of cuts and bruises (Bella in Twilight ain't got nothing on me in the klutzy department) I have right now FOUR cuts and bruises one on top of another on my leg from hitting the same hope chest four days in a row. They are all a little off depending on if I was barefoot or what angle I hit it at.

Today I want to know what are your favorite brand of tights? Any opinions on we love colors? I want to order some but they are a bit spendy if they aren't nice quality and I am dying to try them. What about Hue super opaques? ( I told you I WILL become zooey)


Lorena said...

In case you didn´t notice you are having a fabulous hair day.... :o) love it !

I am not supposed to wear tights, since well, it´s pretty much hellish hot all year round.
But, I decided this weekend that I would anyways.
If anybody´s butt´s going to boil is my own, so who cares what anybody says.
Bought 2 pairs of dark tights, they are brand named Circus (?) - so I´ll see how they turn out.
Have you tried this brand ? It was the only one they had and it was on sale !

hillary said...

Thanks I sponge rollered it last night but I put a lot more hair on each roller and only used the big ones.

Kasmira said...

...and the hair is back!

I also see you wore a cami in a face-flattering color with this dress. Love it!

hillary said...

hair back? This is not my natural hair but roller hair.

I am sure you didn't mean that as the backhanded comment as it came out as.

Becky said...

You look SO lovely! Looks like you changed up your roller technique-I like the bigger curls!
I have several pairs of Hue super opaque tights that I got on sale at Daffy's and I LIVED in them through fall and winter. Actually, I did a post about them here before I started Gilding the Frilly: http://bisforbecky.blogspot.com/2009/03/style-tid-bit.html

Sal said...

Tights are a total crap shoot, I've found. For quality, durability, AND fit. But We Love Colors sent me a review pair and I was impressed!

Oranges And Apples said...

I love your hair here!
I have a few pairs of we love colors and they are good quality thickness-wise (had them for ages and they don't rip/ladder at all) BUT (and its a big one) they are handwash only and the colour bleeds something ridiculous. I have little colour drips all under my radiator from where I hung them up to dry - and that was after wringing them out as much as possible. I always dry them over the shower now.

I'd recommend topshop ones - great range of colours, good quality and way cheaper than WLC.

Clare said...

Gorgeous hair!! Oh, and I, too, love me some tights. Honestly, I usually just go for the Target brand, but they do rip and pill easily, so who am I to say? Love the pattern on that dress!

Stripped Bare said...

I love the big curls! And the dress is just gorgeous!!

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love the dark tights with the florals! Pretty! I buy whatever tights I come across in short girl size - if they're reasonable. I am a bit klutzy too so I don't want to spend on something I will inevitably rip. Though I do really love the cute prints and textures so many had last fall. I am off to look at the suggestions!

C Lo said...

I have tried We Love Color and have been solidly impressed with the four or five things I've gotten from them. The only thing that's let me down are their socks.

You're hair looks rad.

Eyeliah said...

McGregor first, American Aparrel second.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I love the shoe on the bookshelf idea!!!

Work With What You've Got said...

Old Navy tights are very sturdy as are the Merona from Target. The Xhileration ones are CRAP though. Utter waste of money.

hillary said...

Thanks so much everyone. I have taken all your recommendations and saved them!

I ended up buying Hue Super Opaque and I will report back! They feel fantastic in the package!