Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend wrap up

I had a nice weekend. It involved cupcakes of some sort everyday (oh man) some we drove to buy, (IN OUR NEW CAR) and my gram made dave some gluten free cupcakes just for hm.
everyone had one
We had our first company over since waffle moved in. (read more about it on the girl's blog) And there was lots of kitten snuggling.

We visited family in NH also in OUR NEW CAR (well its new to us. It may smell slightly of dog and it maybe a grandma car but its all ours!)
I looked cute on Saturday but I never got an outfit shot.
First gratuitous car photo. If you have followed me over a year you might know my best self portraits were always in our old car. We have been without a year

and we visited my grandparents and my dad stopped by to say hi and check out our new car.

How adorable are we? Gram is 80, Pop is 82! That's Hopi and Chico my "siblings" according to my dad. People ask what my "causal" style is. You are looking at it. This is bummy to me. I wouldn't wear this dress to work anymore.
I look just like my dad

I have had strangers come up to me and say "You must be xxx's kid" I may look like my mom too but my facial expressions and squinty smile is all dad.


BAM said...

Those cupcakes look divine. I can't believe that is bummy!

hillary said...

you know why I call it bummy? Its polyester and I have moved to natural fabrics. It also doesn't match.