Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wednesday sweltering Wednesday

Dress Target
Shoes Ann Taylor (4 years ago?? when did goobie get married? 05?)
Ring High Gear
Earrings Avon

It is supposed to 90 here today. 90 in a city is like 100 elsewhere. It settles and sticks. GAG. So soft cotton thin dress was in order. My makeup came out well today too but the photos made me look stoned so you have to TRUST me its nice.
ann taylor straw wedged green flower pink orangepink gold avon earrings
Dave caught a pic of me putting my shoes on and buckling them. I wear other shoes to commute in. (not sneakers gasp. Usually cute flats) So I put them before photos
behind the scenes
Yesterday I treated myself to a manicure. My nails were DESTROYED from kitten cleaning. I used too many chemicals and my hands were unhappy. So a little hand rubbing and hangnail cutting was deserved. I asked her if she could do a design on one nail. I always like those boards with the fake nails on them with all the designs. The middle of the flower was sparkly silver. I am in mad love with the color. Do you Lilac it? by OPI I always do a color I don't own when I get my nails done. If I really like a color I end up going and buying it later. But my goal is to always get something different. That way I can't say "well I could of done that myself." Nope I don't own it. :P
orange plastic ring high gear
I don't get manicures and pedicures THAT often. (well I didn't before this summer but I have been more lately, admittedly) I see it as a nice treat. I spend my lunch allowance on it by bringing more lunches during week. See its win win really. You buying it? Doesn't matter quite frankly cause me and Dave do :)

Any beauty treats you like to indulge in from time to time?

So I told you about nails (once every two weeks and I switch mani or pedi) I get my eyebrows done. (once a month sometimes longer) BUT I cut and color my own hair. eh? yeah.


Farmgirl said...

love this dress!

anna said...

I really love this dress on you- the color and print schemes are so summery and ladylike! Very attractive cut, too.

I have a few beauty indulgences- waxing every 3 weeks and a pricey haircut every 12 weeks ( I should go more often but can only afford such). And i get a manicure/pedicure every 2 weeks. I realize this makes me sound like a spendthrift or high maintenance, but it's just me- no kids, low rent, no debt- very About A Boy. Plus, I am more overweight than i carr to be, and while I'm working on that, being well groomed helps me to not get too down on myself.

hillary said...

farmgirl. I brought this when we were in florida and showed you at target. I got it for 15 off the clearance rack.

anna I feel the same way. I think if people look at my nails or such they won't notice my body. :{

mamichan said...

the skin on your hands is so smooth! i took a similar photo yesterday to show my ring but my hands were all leathery looking so i didn't post it.

i get my legs waxed. i've shaved them once in the last 6 years. and lately, facials. i think it's really helped with my terrible skin.

hillary said...

ok brain picking time.

I never had a facial will it help my HORRIFIC acne. (notice no upclose often shots, also heavy hand of makeup)

and leg waxing how long does it last. does it hurt like a mofo?

hillary said...

and this just shows how broken my brain is. Dave can attest to this. I OBSESS that my hands look like madonnas.

hillary said...

hey farm girl you see I am STILL Wearing the ring you gave me. I havent taken it off. I am not sure what to do with it yet.

Sal said...

I NEVER see dresses that cute when I'm at Target. Or maybe they just look better on you ...

LOVE the nails! I'm pretty timid when I get mine done, and usually just go for a standard pink or red.

julie mack said...

Really love that dress on you!

Beauty indulgences: pedicure every two weeks while I'm wearing sandals & then once a month when it's cold. I despise feet in general and it makes me hate them less. I don't usually do manicures because I constantly trash my hands (I think i use them too much or something?) and I always think chipped looks way worse than a little ragged/naked. I get my hair cut/colored every 4 to 5 weeks—but that's free since I do all her design stuff. I have always done my own eyebrows; i don't trust others with that. I've had a facial or two but wasn't overly keen on them? I usually broke out more AFTER them.

Jess said...

I *love* getting manicures and pedicuress...I used to do it religiously every 2 weeks, but now I hardly ever go. One of my goals is to get a regular pedi, because my feet have a tendency to get dry and cracked and the pedis really help with that. I got one this weekend because I was in a wedding and wearing open-toed shoes and it was BLISS.

I also started getting my hair cut and colored professionally, which runs me about $125 every 8-12 weeks. I balked at the price originally because I was having a friend who used to own a salon doing my hair, and she was super cheap...but I finally realized that if I want salon results with MY hair, I have to go to a decent salon. I hate spending that much but I love the way my hair looks.

hillary said...

sal I frequent 3 of them. ha. Husband helps scour. I say "size 8 now go" and he takes one end and me the other.

On my nails. Farmgirl (above in comments) had me with painted nails since I was god 3? She kept the house well stocked with every color under the sun and we both always had our nails painted.
she blogged about it last week

julie. I WISH I could do that with my hair, wonder what I could barter for? because I don't know when I can do it again with a tiny kitten running around. I fear she will be one before i feel safe doing it in the tiny apt. My hair is SO thick hair dressers need 3 bowl and charge me way more. I never even considered a winter manicure! oh my! I HATE feet as well and did a blog post /rant on it and gave away foot stuff in hopes to save someone! haa. the winner though I happen to know has cute feet ;)

hillary said...

Jess you could do one of those here for that price. Color or cut. gah. I need to find a salon out of state. I got my husband to cut my hair in april? (blogged about it) and he gave me a better hair cut than any hairdresser in past decade so he is on hair duty from here on out. Color though, sad to say he sucks at it. One of the only things he doesn't do well.

Kelly said...

Normally I really detest nail designs, but I am totally in love with the design you chose, and putting it on one finger. Now I want one!

I get massages from time to time. I always LOVE them but they feel so self-indulgent that I don't do them often. BF is going away for the weekend and I'm thinking of getting one. It's so ridiculous - no one who knows has ever criticized my spending money on that, but I never want to do it when anyone will be able to find out because I feel so silly and a bit wasteful.

Becky said...

1. You look lovely in that summer dress!
2. We've discussed my manicure habit. My nail salon is right downstairs from my apartment. Seriously. I walk out my front door and go left 4 store fronts. I used to go once a week during the winter (my nails FREAKED out during their first yankee winter) but now I go as-needed, which is usually every 2 weeks.
3. I do brow waxing about once a month-you wouldn't think I would need it since my eyebrows are so light, but that's precisely why I have to get them done. I can't really see to get the strays, that turn up in natural light and generally make me look a little scragglier (so I think).
4. I just got my first air brush tan last week for $35 and I kinda HATE it. I didn't even mention it on my blog because it's embarrassing (ugh I should probably mention SOMETHING about it), but go look right now, it's pretty hilarious (to me anyway). My mom talked me into it, but I prefer my fair skin to that nonsense. That's one beauty splurge I don't think I'll do again!

The Thrifty Stylist said...

very cute dress and great ring- love how you picked up the colors from the print in the accessories. i also put my heels on once i get to work and am also suffering 90 degree weather in the city :) so much in common! heh. however, i never, ever go to the salon for anything. no manicures, no eyebrows, no waxings, no haircuts. i'm too cheap, and frankly the one or two times i got a manicure they were so rough and it hurt like hell! no thanks :) i do, however, shop ALL of the time ;) i guess that's my indulgence!

BAM said...

I'm not a huge fan of manicures, they always seem like a good thing, but then I get disappointed when there is a chip in 2 days.

Love the lilac on you, very pretty.

Threading is my latest indulgence, though I'm bummed about breaking out this time - I will do it again.

I've never waxed my legs or had a facial. I've heard mixed reviews about facials.


hillary said...

Thtifty. Same city apparently. I myself don't ship often. No extra moola. Manicures 12 every two weeks isn't enough to buy much with. ;) I save up for the big things instead.

Bam mine chip too and I repaint. The manicure is more a 45 min arm and hand massage to me. Also the dead skin she gets off.

mamichan said...

the leg waxing might hurt a bit the first time, but it's not terrible horrendous pain. take an advil about 30 minutes before you go. i've gotten used to it so now i find it soothing and calming.

my skin's been a lot calmer and smoother since i went for the facial! my adult acne has gotten a lot better in the last 2 years. mixture of acupuncture and a consistent skin care regimen. also i started using dermalogica stuff.

Bianca said...

I really love those shoes. Sorry I don't have anything else to bring to the discussion LOL!

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

Your shoes and your ring are great! I love the green embroidery on the wedge.

To save money, I've basically been doing my own pedicures and manicures. I do miss the pampering of going to the salon, but it is okay. Now that my daughters are a little bit bigger, I can paint their toenails. It's almost like a girls night in. (They're 2 and 4 years old.)

My eyebrows are in need of some serious shaping. I usually try to go every 8 weeks, and I pay with the spare change thrown into a jar on the kitchen counter. (I just get a cheap waxing--it's $5.)