Monday, August 31, 2009

Two truths and a lie

Silk dress Marc Jacobs dahling
Silk sweater Ann Taylor 2002 (husband used to work there)
YSL wedges

Again another over $1000 outfit but I spent even less than $200 on this one. The dress was 80% off and the shoes are from a second hand store. And the sweater we used to have a 40% off discount.

I have NO IDEA why but I was singing "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta" this morning. Because of that my photos came out really well. By really well it means I liked how I looked in them and for once had a hard time picking just one. Usually I have to pick one to use and dislike most. Today the opposite. So maybe I should sing it every morning?

Oh and if you wonder how I get around in 5 inch wedges. Usually fine. I was taking one off while I was putting on my commuting flats and with one shoe on and one shoes off I toppled over. Dave and I burst out laughing. I told him it was the one iceskate effect.
used this onetjis one
I tired sponge rolling my hair again last night after how great it turned out this weekend. I did it with my hair way too wet. I woke up this morning with still soping wet hair and as we took the rollers out it just went blaaaaaaah. I didn't know what to do with such wet hair so I just threw up which I am not a huge fan of. I only like ponytails if I can get them slick and smooth. I can't do that messy sexy thing lots of girls can. I blame my thick hair and my utter libra-ness.

Ok so today we are mixing it up! I want to play a game with you. Anyone who is a flickr friend knows about my quizzes and games. So lets play two truths and a lie.

As a child I was:
A really good ice skater.
A really good skier.
A really good swimmer.

Sue, Dave and E.V. you are not allowed to play. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the lie is skier.

Becky said...

Pretty outfit! I'm gonna go with what C Lo guessed, and say skier, too. Meanwhile, I'm only good at one of those things, and that would be swimming. I was on swim team throughout middle school and half of high school. I quit when it interfered with rehearsals. Yep, I was a theatre nerd.

D'Et said...

I also vote for skier. :)

hillary said...

What you think I wait until after work to tell you all?

Sal said...

Just to mix it up, I'm gonna say you're a sucky swimmer.

Also, I am in AWE of those wedges.

hillary said...

Keep in mind it says

"as I child I was...."

so no judging me on what you think I can and can't do now.

Lemondrop Marie said...

I am not really good at any of those things... so it's tough for me. I will say not a good swimmer? LOVE LOVE those shoes, you gansta.

Lorena said...

You look very pretty today.
I love that dress, the color is amazing and your commuting shoes are the cutest.
I will go with.... you were a damn good skier !

hillary said...

Lorena its two truths and a lie. SO you are guessing which one is the lie. It looks like you are guessing which one is true?

Lorena said...

OMG .. where is my head today ?
mmm indeed I did it backwards... let me try again:
you were never a swimmer :)

BAM said...

I know you spent large chunks of your life in Florida, but I'm thinking that you were a rebel and didn't turn into much of a swimmer.

That's my guess!

hillary said...

Drumroll please

As a child I wasn't "a really good swimmer"

Now I classify child as under 10.

But I wasn't sucky as Sal guessed. Lemondrop was more technically correct. I was just ok. Competent, I could swim in the deep end and tread water but the word "good" wouldn't be used to describe it more like "just got by". We got a pool when I was 9 though and I went on to be a good one eventually.

BUT as a child I was a really good ice skater and I was a fantastic skier. I haven't done either in 15 years though. When I was 14 I even did a double black diamond.

Now today I would say I am a good swimmer and doubtful good skier or skater.

hillary said...

Bam I only lived in Florida 9 years. The other 22 were here.

Clare said...

Girl you look amazing. And honestly, I think you're rocking that ponytail.

anna said...

Dang, stupid work made me miss the game.

Anyhoo, this dress is incredible, and it is beautiful on you, and I can see why you'd be rocking that jam all morning cause your pics came out wonderfully!