Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thursday now with more leg!

I am out of creative stacks poses. I used my Price is Right model pose today. In reality I was casually grabbing a book but who grabs a book with their hand on their hip really?
The price is wrong bitch.

*warning talking about sizes to follow. I hope I don't sound vapid*

Skirt (circa 2004? 05?) Ann Taylor Loft. Its hard to tell here but its sweet cream yellow. I have not worn it since at least 05. I pulled it out tried it on and went huh why didn't I wear this? OH because its a size too small. But wait I fit into it? And I haven't gone to the gym in a month? Take that gym! I only GAINED when I went. This only supports the I wasn't meant for gyms idea.
Shoes Marc Jacobs 80% off DSW
Shirt Target Its a nice dress shirt I should of worn it alone. it has lots of nice nips and tucks that are lost open like this
lace tank Forever 21
Ring moon stone I got it in a small crunchy store in Yarmouth Nova Scotia
Earrings Dave made. They are supposed to be moon and stars. The glass is an aurora bead. Its so opaly in person. I thought paired with a moon stone ring it was kismet
Pandora bracelet
Tiffany bracelet
tiffany heart braceletpandora braceletIMG_2981marc jacobs black sandals
another odd pose but better skirt shot
IMG_2962 mebe
So when I look down at my legs I think they are large. Well my thighs are, (its just fact. Pants are always WAY too tight in the thigh sadly.Even "wide leg" But today from the knees down in this below photo I thought WOW they look great.
ok ready for this?
Heel makes a very big difference on my perception of my legs. When I wear flats they widen to me in photos. I mean isn't that why people wear them? To make their legs look long and slim?

What body part do you think photographs better than when you see it in the mirror?
(that is a horribly shallow question isn't it? I am going to go with it. I don't want to be a body image blog but its hard to separate your body and clothing somedays)

Well mine is my legs, today at least. I think my feet photograph smaller than they look in the mirror. I don't think I have large feet or feet dismorphia but I always am surprised how twee they can look in pics.

Edited to add I average a MINIMUM of 5 miles of walking a day. I do get some exercise.


Kasmira said...

I also like my legs better from the knee down. I don't think many people like their thighs!

I wouldn't say any part of me looks better in pictures. I think I look the same in pics as in the mirror.

hillary said...

You know what I just realized? We don't allow shoes to be worn in our house so everytime I look in the full length mirror? Barefoot!!! No wonder I think my legs look smaller!!!!

Sal said...

Not a shallow question, lady! I think my arms look a lot better in photos than in person. But maybe that's cuz I flex a lot in my photos. ;)

Those shoes are GLORIOUS.

BAM said...

I'm the reverse, I think look fine in the mirror - but then a photograph will tell me that an outfit just kinda didn't work.

Now that I typed that out - I think it's more to do with the lighting. My home bathroom & bedroom lighting is friendly, photos can happen anywhere in any crazy light!